: hello there, i love these skins beautiful. but for some reason im incapable of getting both skins on PBE, i had recently purchased Nightbringer and im now unable to get Dawnbringer. im a bit confused and would like to know why, thank youuu
You need someone else to gift you the other one
: Soraka skin
I was wondering why i couldnt buy the dawnbringer soraka skin :( I still need itttttt if anyone needs it aswell I can gift you the skin
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Evelynn
https://imgur.com/a/0CbuVrL With the new sugar rush evelynn skin coming I feel like her border is not fitting right with her splash art, as if it's too big and covers more of the splash itself than show it. If the border gets lowered just a bit it wont cover her whole hand/nails and upper body. Such a shame because without the border you can see her splash way better and fully I feel like the border right now ruins this a bit


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