: Comprehensive Bug List
Rakan did not seem to have any issues, in the short game I was just in
: >ARAM has an expanded FTP roster interesting. ive come to the conclusion due to my my second account which was primarly made for aram only, which has only about 25 champs in total, and i mostly end up with a champ thats not owned. alrighty, thanks for the clearup. they should even expand the aram ftp roster even more. especially in arurf.
FTP champs also are weighted heavier in the rng, from what I remember. So if you have a smaller pool, yeah, you're chances of getting a rotation champs goes up.
: the new arurf? what do you mean by that? the only change so far to the all random custom game modes is, that you can get any champ from the whole champion pool. not only the ones you own, but literally from all champs available. that change has made it to live servers for quite some time and is used in "aram" game mode. i like it alot. but i agree, that bans should be implemented for arurf. 10 bans each. same as with draft or ranked games.
The AR modes do not give you 100% champion access. The snowball one gave access to the specific champs, ARAM has an expanded FTP roster,and if you're going by PBE's ARURF, well, all champs are in free rotation on PBE, so there of course you'd have all. But live random pool does NOT give you complete champion access
: Sona and Ryze are perma banned. We did figure out recently some champs were disabled on PBE from the last time we ran it for the Clash weekend, so we're fixing that now! (We didn't notice because we test them differently internally :P ... oops)
Honestly, you have Jax, Karthus, Yi, Garen, Vladimir, all utterly broken in this mode (which is the point, I'm not complaining about that). but since it IS an AR mode, why even have the bans? If someone gets them, let them use them?
: I Had a problem with my conection or not? IDK what happen
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/WwW6FKPR-game-client-security-changes-now-live-on-pbe Just sayin
: I think you can get the overpriced Icons with mystery icons.
Well, I got the fist bump ward via mystery ward, so it should work with icons

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