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: NO. Well I know that Rito has some spaghetti code, but a skin does not cause such issues.
It has definitely happened before, that a certain skin causes issues on this scale. But since the ping issue is happening to tonnes of people who aren't using that skin/chroma, it likely isn't the issue this time
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: TFT Item Meta
1: Some people getting lots of items and some getting none is pure luck. They can't change that too much without seriously affecting the balance of the game. But when they did add to the system. When they did add to it, they made it so if if you _don't_ get an item, you get either XP or Gold as a consolation prize. Yeah it feels bad that XP gains that early can seriously change which champs you see in rerolls, but that in no way breaks the game. That early you don't have any set strategy beyond seeing what you get, so comps starting with Tier 2 units are becoming more common. see: Scarra's Brawler team. But the system isn't bugged, it's just random which leaves lots of variance. 2: Gunslinger with Static Shiv was fixed very fast, both were nerfed heavily. Gunslingers now only attack 2 units when you have four of them instead of everyone in range, and Shiv is locked to 3 additional targets instead of everyone. The reason gunslingers are still so popular is because the extra on-hits do a lot of damage rather quickly, even without items. But if you have items that help your on-hits, it just makes it faster. The counter to that is to build tankier teams. Instead of going for offensive items like your opponents, go defence. Knights work wonders against onhits, since their bonus is a flat reduction. Thornmail gives armor to lessen the damage, while also doing damage back. Ionic Spark punishes 2/5 of the gunslingers _hard_. And one of the best is Sword Breaker to simply stop them from attacking at all.
: [TFT] Bug with bloodthirster?
Red buff and Morellos are commonly made items that completely stop healing
: [Siege Mode]-Champion Visual Shadows
This used to happen on live servers. I assume it's because your client noticed the champ you saw flicker show up somewhere else, so it flickers that split second frame of where you last saw them.
: Yi's a major problem, expecially if he goes bruiser. Way to much damage for how hard he is to kill + untargetability constantly. Kayle is a good point though.
The problem most people have with him I think is that he has an untargetable engage tool. You can't stop him from going in without long range, because he'll just Q through anything. I know this isn't a Yi thread, but why not make it so he has to auto or hit someone with Alpha Strike before he can target them with it. Maybe a 5 second cd on the (can target this person)?
: New HUD Feedback
One thing I noticed immediately while trying out a 3v3 Custom to try out the new TT, the button I've always used to lock the camera right above the minimap is gone. Now, I DON'T CARE if you think it's "better" for me to learn to play without it; that it's going to help me improve. I've tried. I hate unlocked camera. Even with coloured resource bars, If I'm watching a battle while running to it off-screen, I rarely notice the that I'm there until I die cause I just ran right into a team of 5. And constantly moving my mouse to the edge of the screen to move it is tiresome and difficult in fights, especially with my large monitor. I tried using my OrbWeaver's D-pad, and while it was cool for a bit, it really didn't help in teamfights. The options menu didn't have anything for an actual locked camera, only the three options "Perside Offset, Fixed Offset, and semi-Locked". (None of which seem to be working on the PBE, btw. Just tried it on SR too.)


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