: That's because those aren't CC.
morgana e doesn't block only cc, as she can also block illaoi e, which is why she should also block kayn and others
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: https://imgur.com/a/PXsfSyj Okay so while I agree that the patch is technically still not live... the patch notes are already live and it's already being shipped to OCE x) Riot isn't going to change anything on 9.19 anymore (the cycle locked ~5 days ago), it's probably better to wait until it's fully out on live and then post it on the live boards :x That will net you more visibility. Edit: while writing this the server came back up in OCE yikes
i don't believe something like this can get attention on the live boards lol since live bugs have to go on the live boards, i wanted to report it here before it went live, since i bealive i can get more attention over here. and i'm not expecting it to be fixed for 9.19. There have been bugs that i reported the instant they appeared on pbe and they were still not fixed for years lol
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Caitlyn!
both arcade caitlyn and the prestige one are put in the pool party set is that intended?
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: Illaoi's slam AP ratio isn't increased by Q
that's only a description issue her damage increases
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: Conqueror bug: max damage per stack is 3.6 when it should be 6
: Yes, but i think they're saying it doesn't get the bonus crit dmg from IE.
well, last time i tested it it worked with it xD
: Miss Fortune Ult IE Interaction
what do you mean? last time i tested the ult could crit
: Kayle crit interactions (bug?)
"my perception was that Riot moved away from this kind of interaction with some other champs." nah, other abilities like master yi q and yasuo q(?) still crit independently
: His E also gives no stacks. It's just the one stack he'd get from autoing anyway.
electrocute also doesn't give two stacks upon hitting a target with Ekko's E, so that's fine
: It may not be a bug, but an unintended side effect of the damage conversion. Because it heals based on your magic damage, since part of the magic damage is converted into true damage, you are doing less magic damage and getting less healing as a result. A similar problem came up with Aatrox that he only heals from his E passive based on physical damage. Since Conqueror would convert part of his physical damage into true damage, he got less healing as a result (this is based on the old Conqueror with no healing just to clarify). I am unsure if this would be corrected since they didn't do so previously (the only case they fixed is with Death's Dance turning into omnivamp).
i checked the math and it still doesn't turn up. he should still heal more, even with less magic damage dealt
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: I dont. For the W how you trigger the bug is Activate W so you are walking around with the Empowered Auto attack buff and then leap at say Darius and have him Pull you in while you are in the air. The Attack is interrupted but the buff is not spent and you cant activate it again until the buff wares off. As for the E it does block it. You dont pull any spirit. It was really ez to show with the Old Swain Q (The Bird) you would E at Swain and he could drop his Q and it would block it even tho you can not attack the Bird (it cant take damage)
swain E is an odd example because it was actually coded as an unit. about w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdO6v3SCzTw as far as i can see it simply goes on cooldown
: There are more bugs W if blocked/Stuned/Blind can not use the empowered attack buff and lock you out of using W until the buff falls off (6s) E can be blocked by champion projectiles (Ekko Q, Jinx R Rock, etc)
the w thing never happened to me do you have a video? i've heard / seen the E one but i think it's just a visual bug, just like when you get knocked up and the E disappears, but it still goes invisible forward. Do you have other videos on it?
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: Thank you for raising this issue! It's certainly a bug and will be fixed soon.
can you fix it generally? i.e when clones expire you also get coup de grace and rage even if you didn't kill them
: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=kZ9W9b5p,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-09-30T20:06:19.937+0000) > > sorry for taking so long to say this but > > you can no longer see how much time it takes for your next free chest to be available, while you could before. Is this intended? Hey man, the new player profiles are already on live and this thread is no longer pinned, which means Riot isn't looking for bug reports/feedback a lot anymore through PBE. Your best bet at visibility/answers is live boards/reddit.
damn, do you get a notification each time someone writes something on the boards? xD
: New Player Profile Overview Bug Thread
sorry for taking so long to say this but you can no longer see how much time it takes for your next free chest to be available, while you could before. Is this intended?
: Whenever we're not sure, we'll generally fall back to assigned positions. Our algorithm requires one player for each position, so in the case you mentioned the Bard will probably be placed as Support just because everyone else is pretty obviously playing their position. We're generally assuming the vast majority of games will follow the standard meta since the modes we're using this in are modes where positions are assigned and there's one of each on every team. We'll assess and tune the algorithm if needed to accommodate edge cases and really weird stuff, but it should already handle all but the most crazy things.
that's currently not true. A team of full premades for example can queue in while everyone is placed as mid for example
: Philosopher's Medallion Bug
if they fix this let's hope they also fix ancient coin one on live
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: Akali W and Ultimate Bug
pbe or live? can you make a video on that R not dealing damage?
: Doesn't ashes Q count as some sort of auto attack? I don't know, i heard that somewhere, so wouldn't this interaction be justified?
only one on-hit applies per attack. On amumu however it applies 5 times his E passive.
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: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
can you check when Bardle Royale or other events should end when someone with a revival effect dies? Like sion, kogmaw, karthus. These champions may be more powerful while dead, and it sucks for the other team to win while these still have a chance to kill them all. This may also have some cool moments when one team think that they won then an undead person kills them all and wins
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
>Early game loot curve steepness what does this mean on kleptomancy? how does this change?
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: [Client Bug] Client size ultra compact after a game
did you change pc or something? this should happen every time on un-supported resolution or something. I also had the same problem and simply learned, to change the resolution. Mine broke at 1280x720 so i just learned to put it to 1280x768
: I think he didn't mean to "pass" the wall he wants to E the wolf to kill them, so the range of her E did not reach the wolfs.
you can always dash the wall with backwards E and then kill the wolves
: Akali Bug Thread
is akali supposed to be seen and attacked by nexus turrets?
: Akali Bug Thread
Is it normal that Akali can zhonya and tp during her E dash?
: Hell ya!
wait really, can we get some context from dev on why they made this? every ability that could help enemies removed their interactions (for example kindred ult with ardent)
: [Hextech Crafting] Rerolling 3 Skins into 1 permanent skin occasionally also gives non-skins items
> You can combine 3 cosmetic shards of the same type (champion skins, wards skins, and summoner icons) to obtain a permanent shard of the same type you do not own. The 3 selected shards are deleted in the process. > > * It's impossible to get a 390 RP permanent champion skin shard. > * When receiving a 520 RP permanent champion skin shard, you also gain an additional 100 Orange Essences. > * Permanent shards are automatically activated, other than when you gain a shard for a champion you don't own. > * You also have a 10% chance of getting an additional Hextech Chest and Hextech Key. > * Hextech exclusive skins have a 0.04% chance to drop. https://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Hextech_Crafting#Crafting_Material
: SSG Ezreal slides backward if you E forward and then try to move backward quickly
Rioter Comments
: Essence Reaver still bugged on Fiora maybe others?
100% because of refresh all cooldown. Don't test stuff with it about Fiora's q, yea, that's not nice. Don't know if it's intended or not tho
: Pyke's q tooltip
it pulls them a fixed distace towards pyke yea. Riot should add "fixed distance"
: Yasuo Nerf with Infinity Edge
the new infinity edge coverts to true damage the full q damage while the old infinity edge increased the damage only of the bonus ad so there's a buff here
: I definitely understand the take away from skill. I agree this is effectively providing players with a meritless ability to match others who've put in much more time and practice into kiting and microing character movements in teamfights. My only question was pertaining to Riot's point of view and response. You'd mentioned they said they didn't want this to occur. Do you happen to have a link to their post regarding the choice to not overlap the functions?
i don't. When did they add this? season 5? Some players asked them why this didn't work with attack move and riot IIRC said "We will probably not do it"
: Did they mention why they chose not to to make them overlap? I wasn't aware of a previous mention but I'm very curious as to the reasoning.
just adding attack move is already a big thing because that's what skill should do overlapping it with "target champ only" should be done only if you play in a tutorial
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