: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dreadnova Darius!
My only critique is that it feels like his legs are skinny. This could be due to how bulky his upper body is from the sweet shoulder pads. Not sure if it's really an issue but that's the only thing that stood out to me. Other than that I love it and my Darius main friend gave it his seal of approval.
: It might be a detail, but I think it could be cool if he had footsteps VFX when he walks, in a similar manner to Kled. A thing that seems to be very important with Galio thematic wise is that he is a colossus, and therefore he is MASSIVE. Having some (colossal) footstep sound resonating whenever he walks would really help us remember that at all points of the game, IMO.
And he even has the quote about his footsteps sounding like thunder. Then he walks silently.
: Galio Feedback Thread
As a player who only ever use Galio in the odd ARAM, I can say that I really like the new Galio. His kit is interesting and works well together although his w is his weakest skill thematically I'd say. I do see what others are saying about how different he is, but I'm okay with it. He fits a cool niche as an AP bruiser rather than a true tank and I really enjoy it. My only criticism would be that I don't feel like the idea of magic powering him is shown in his kit, and his anti-mage nature is not very prominent. Also while his ult is hard to use, it will get better as people learn how it works and go in to give their Galio a target.
: Galio knocked Quinn into the sky
There's a bird pun in here somewhere but I can't find it. Weird interaction though!
: Why is PBE patching so slow?
I had a similar issue with the client patching between 80-250 kbps but eventually it bumped up to 1,000 kbps and finished. Took about 20 hours total.


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