: New Draft- Bot or ADC
I think a change to ADC could make it less confusing though. If you want to go Morde bot then just take ADC. It is confusing for supports (albeit the confusion passes quickly at a better glance). In team builder you just substitute the chosen champ in the desired position, so why not do that here? Also, although the support can go anywhere, it is labeled as being in the bottom lane. If Riot does not want a fixed meta then I don't understand why they make it seem like going bot lane as a support is "highly suggested" (even if that is not their intent). What if you want to go double jungle? Or 2/1/2? Sometimes games just work better in specific ways. Besides customs are always there for those who want to try strange things. That's how ARAM got started.
: The rune pack does *not* give all the runes. What's more, you can spend that whole 10k *incredibly* fast and still have only half the runes, if that.
Although that is true, basic rune pages do not need all the runes. You can easily make 2-4 basic rune pages and use only half. For testing, that is pretty much all you need. But I was started with 40k of RP and 100k of IP. is this not normal?
: I like this sort of thinking you have, but the mentality of reporting issues on PBE / boards should every PBE player bring along. And if you dont have this mentality then you're not useful for Riot on PBE and I think the "motivation" in form of sticky notes does not affect the persons mentality of reporting bugs. For me I would like to play normals and if I see an error I would like to reproduce it in a custom game but with the 2 player restriction this is quite hard to do unless you have a mate which checks stuff with you (which I unfortunately not have).
Although I agree with you on mentality, at my college, it is popular to have a PBE account to "get ahead of the crowd," that is to play new champions in order to be better than your competition once the champ comes out live. I think players with the mentality of reporting issues would be happy to have such a feature. Ultimately this is not about suggestion or motivation, but about bettering the quality of reports brought to Riot. I'm sure you could easily find a PBE tester to check with you, just use the system already established for custom games that allows anyone to join. I think a huge reason Riot does not let people make custom games is because the PBE server is a lot smaller than the main servers. Right now they just gained a huge influx of testers. Additionally, think about what would happen during the release of a new champ. Everyone wants to play said champ, however they cannot get the champ due to instalockers. So they all make custom games. This would overwhelm the server, people would have lag and get kicked out of games resulting in complaints and moaning and groaning on the PBE boards, not useful things for Riot.
: You could try the old fashioned way by using pen and paper to make notes. Or if your memory isnt that bad you just can make screenshots via F12 ingame and if you are finished playing you can remember with the screenshots which kind of bug you recently discovered.
As I said, I usually do this the old fashion way. Nevertheless, I also think this would get less motivated or newer people to make posts about what they found. The art of suggestion can do a lot. For example, someone who wasn't going to report a small bug (say MF's hearts turned black on her classic skin), sees the "sticky note" pop up on their end game screen. They ignore it and move on. Later, they think about why the sticky was there, make their way to the boards, find the topic about MF's skin and upvote it. Even this small change in behaviour can result in an exponential growth in feedback for Riot. On the other hand, if Riot is not having a problem with quality (Important: not quantity) feedback, then I agree. Let's just have us use pen and paper and screenshots.
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: [Nautilus] Pressing tab disconnects me from the game
I have not had this happen to me and a day ago I loaded into a game the exact same way as you: Nautilus with Exhaust, Flash and Warden skin. I don't know if that is helpful or not.
: Match History Not Recording All Games
This has also happened to me. Granted, I have only played one game in the new game type; however I do not see it in my match history (and I did so well too T.T)

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