: URF Garen
It’s a trap pick now. Don’t want your team playing it? Hold garen hostage and switch to a different champion at the last second. Even nerfed Evelynn does more damage than nerfed garen. The only thing garen is good for now is proxy farming and running away. Same as proxy farming ap trynd.
: i think that's normal... if you have unlimited mana, why whould you buy an item that gives you mana?
It's less about the mana, and more about getting Archangel's Staff, which you can't get because tear doesn't stack. It's also not normal. I can definitely remember able to get Archangel's staff on the last ARURF a few months ago.
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: It's simply not a snowday skin, no Christmas or snow relation at all.
There's literally snow in the artwork. > all the champions who can bear the chill are still around to do battle. Obviously, he can bear the chill.
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
: Future's Market desc unclear or functionality is not working?
Ah, but you are (at -175 Gold). Try testing again using the practice tool.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Wish you include a 2% exp rune. 2% exp is the exact amount of additional exp you need, to go from level 1 to level 2, when taking wolves. Kinda bummed out I can't start wolves, simply because you removed the 2% exp rune. Taking wolves is the fastest and easiest way to reach level 2, and certain jungle champions do better if they start wolves. Example: Fiddlesticks.
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: Ornn unavailable in the store!?
League of Legends Client -> Collection -> Champions -> Ornn -> Unlock.
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: Seems good imo, strong at dueling.
But weaker in the jungle, compared to pre rework. Less health gain, less attack speed, means lower clear speed.
: Teleport Tweaks on PBE!
Rek'Sai needs this as well. So hard to click on those tiny tunnels in the minimap.
: Random Urf
You're supposed to trade with your teammates. I only get a shitty champion only once in 4/5 games. Most of the time, I get a decent champion from trading or from rerolls. Everyone gets 1 reroll per game, which means people are more willing to trade champions in hopes of rerolling a better one.
: Inmunity at the fountain - URF mode
If you build glasscannon, you deserve to die.
: Remove Garen from URF or fix him
Yep. You just suck. Learn to play against him. If all you do is take flash tp every game and no one on your team have exhaust. Well, what did you expect to happen?
: Zyra Q mana cost going up???!! ARE YOU JOKING?
> [{quoted}](name=LadyVash,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dTRNpcEN,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-27T23:11:50.129+0000) > She is JUST barley over 50% win rate this month but can only kill someone with help or full burst after auto attack poking down her laner Well there you go. Barely over 50% is still not 50%. The nerfs will make sure she's at 50%. Because champions like Zyra be barely over 50% win rate. Other champions have to suffer by being barely under 50% win rate.
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Teemo is an assassin. Let him in. Unlike other champions who think they're assassins but they're actually not. What kind of assassins let themselves get discovered? Teemo can actually stealth forever and wait for the pefect moment to assassinate his target. Even better in this game mode, since there's no minions and everyone will be in the jungle most of the time. {{champion:17}}{{item:3151}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3135}}
: Even if it is there is a bug with the hooks because they disappear.
Animation cancelling means it's supposed to disappear. It's hard to see since the hook have a short animation. If you take a long animation skill like fiddlestick's ult, if you ult twice, the first ult animation disappear. It's still there, the effect still occurs, you just can't see the animation.
: Tristana feedback, she needs buff more.
Your win rate is over 50% each season. Obviously,she needs nerfs more.
: Thresh Bug in Sandbox mode
It's called animation cancelling.
: win rate 48.5%...so op Try to 1v1 vs Darius and tell me who is stronger and who needs nerfs to damage. They could nerf mana and maybe range of E but not damage of Q and stun (second hit...the true damage..her most important ability). It's like to cut 30% of the damage of Noxian Guillotine. After these changes noone will ban her because there is no reason to doi. Of course she can win games and do good,every champion can do. Her second hit with Q is so predictable that can be countered by champions like Fiora,Jax,Shen and even Teemo. They can all block auto attacks. Fiora can revert her stun. Darius doesn't need to do anything. just Spin W and dunk
If you cant even get a 50% win rate on Camille, that just means you suck. Experienced players can easily achieve 60%+ win rate.
: Yes but once it goes live then does that mean you want The bugs in game when it hits Live servers? PBE is for this, to Discover bugs and test new features, IF you disagree then leave PBE.
Once it goes live, it will still occur only in practice mode. Which is still single player and wont affect me in anyway. And probably not a bug at all considering Aatrox long Q cast time and the nearly instatenous cooldown refresh allows you to keep Q-ing before the previous Q animation finishes. I dont know what you want Riot to do. Nerf Aatrox by having his Q cooldown start at the end of the cast because of a bug that only occurs when you have 100% CDR which is only possible in practice mode?
: Please report bugs in the "Bugs" section of the Boards and not "Champions & Gameplay Feedback."
This "bug" is only possible in practice mode. Its ridiculous how people are reporting cooldown bugs when its only possible because of the 100% CDR in Practice Mode.
: Practice Tool Miss Fortune ultimate bug: Can stack ultimates
There are plenty of champions whose skills that have a long cast time or duration which can be stacked. Not a bug or you'll see a hundred thread reporting something that occurs as a result of 100%CDR. Aatrox is one such champion with a long Q channel. If he spam Q(next to dragon), he can actually ascend into the sky.
: The Ghost nerf is not the way to go about it
Indeed. You have to consider that Melee Champions usually rely on Ghost to go on the offensive, while ranged champions almost always use ghost to run away.
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: GangPlank barrels can be attacked by allied Champions
Try to see if Aatrox can lifesteal off it. His life steal is a 3 hit passive.
: Minion Bug
Seems like he pulled this from some youtube video instead of testing the bug himself.
: you bring up a good point but i believe it was to negate counter jungling or botlane stealing one. the camp is also more of a 'bonus' camp for farming junglers, like gromp. riot was clear they wanted longer camp downtime but more xp so youd have more risk reward per style. it may also be to keep in line with speed to xp ratio. do the big ones and bail on the little ones might be meta otherwise.
The exp nerf applies only to the first clear, so counter junglers don't matter. Also only applies to the large krug so bot lane can still take the medium krug. Issue was meant to fix Krugs + Red giving junglers level 3 while laners are still level 2. Now it's hurting everyone who do krugs at lv 1. Now, if you want to start krugs, you have to kill 1 big krug and 3 medium krug to reach lv 2. > Krugs LESSER KRUG EXPERIENCE 5 ⇒ 15 (Ancient Krug and Krug unchanged) . > Krugs Large Krug XP now HALF (50%) on first clear. Later spawns unchanged. NOTE: This means Krugs + Red will no longer give level 3
Rioter Comments
If there's 2 bot, why can't there be 2 top or 2 mid? Make bot lane have the solo lane. Make top lane have the duo lane. Nothing wrong with that. Stop being ridiculous.
: He gets half the gold because he needs to give half the effort. There was a Riot post on it somewhere.
Half the gold and half the exp. It's actually a huge nerf because late game, most junglers can kill a camp within seconds. The only extra effort this jungle camp requires for other junglers is to wait an extra 4 seconds for the mini-krugs to respawn.
: No, that is not what Ivern does, get over it.
Stop being so defensive. That's exactly what Ivern did when Doom Bots came out when facing against Udyr's jungle monster. He's not the pacifist you think he is.
: Ivern only gets 80 Gold for "killing" Kruggs. He should get the full 160 G (and full XP too)
: Plant Spawn Full System Design
You remove 4 smite buffs that's always useful, and you replaced it with 3 plants, where only 1 out of 3 is useful and the other 2 is useful in certain conditions. Make a 4th plant type give a 25 movement speed for 30 seconds or so. Makes ganking easier and clearing jungle faster. Would also encouraging roaming mid to top. That would be amazing. I hope there will be more plant types in the future.
: [PBE - Jungle Notes] Notes on updated Jungle for 6.22
RIP Fiddlesticks. It now takes 4 drains (30+ second) to kill Blue/Red. > **Blue Sentinel** No longer has mini guardians > **Red Brambleback** No longer has mini guardians
: What about champion who NEED to hit six fast to gank? (Noc,WW,Diana,yi,shyv) because at the moment it looks like s7 jg will be mostly Lee, Nid, elise,Nunu,Ivern.
You need to stop applying season 6 logic to season 7. Just for a comparison, you can get to lv 3 just by killing 2 camps. Raptors and Krugs.
: Not worth at all. I mean, youre gonna deny tp/ignite/ghost for smite IN LANE? For a heal? thats a nono
I won't talk about mid since I'm a top laner. In live, I usually go either ignite/tp against a winning matchup or smite/tp against a losing matchup (lane bullies like teemo, pantheon). Rushing challenger smite cinderhulk allows me to stay even in farm and exp (by taking gromp), survive all ins from the enemy, and sometimes kill the enemy before they kill me. It's less about the heal, and more about the ability to get a exp/gold lead for free. I'm not actually complaining because it's actually benefiting me. I'm just commenting. The only thing I hate is the 15s delay on gromp/krugs. I have to take wolves at lv 1 for the early game shenanigans. But the plus side is, I lose zero hp doing so. Usually, I go to lane ~100 hp less than full in live because I take damage from jungle camp. Now, I can go to lane at full hp and lv 2.
: Rengar Ult
The more you complain, the sooner they will buff him.
: Smite always heals you when used against Monsters, yes. Top, I'm not *too* worried about as you'll have to walk down to Scuttle in order to benefit off of that. Mid is more problematic with being able to sap health from Razorbeaks - which could pose a bit of a concern with the amount of healing. It amounts to a potion or two every 90 seconds which is a tremendous amount of recovery. The increased cooldown and increased ammo count is intended to curb a little bit of that - as well as the increased time between respawns.
It's not even about the heal. That's just wasting a perfectlly good smite. They can actually take the whole jungle camp, get extra farm, and return to lane with no health loss. A typical ap mid laner, with smite, can instantly clear the camp everytime it spawn. And most of the time, they will get more health back then they lose, on top of the extra exp/gold they get. Players can even buy the accompanying jungle item to get ever more exp, if they so choose to do so, bringing back the "~~Runic Echo Mid Meta~~." (Meant runeglaive. Never played mid.) Or even the top lane "Cinderhulk Meta." (They kill Gromp/Krugs, not scuttle). When you can take a jungle camp and not lose health over it, anything can happen.
: [PBE - Jungle Notes] Notes on updated Jungle for 6.22
Smite always heals you? That's just asking to be abused by mid/top laners.
: Normal Game Mode
it's fine to pretend ranked game as a normal game.
: Hey alt, Were you doing anything specific? (Form switching or etc?)
Nope. Nothing specific. You have to try playing Sona with a DJ Sona skin in a game for yourself.
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Playing DJ Sona on Doombots (Teemoing), with 5 minutes left, game just keep freezing up every 1 second. Happens both the 2 times I played DJ Sona. It's only with this champion. It's similar to when Ryze Warp cause hitching bug.
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
If you kill Udyr with blue buff, you don't get the blue buff.
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Just realized why homeguard doesn't always work. Because death timers are under 10 seconds, and homeguard require you to be out of combat for 10 seconds to work, it will only work if you weren't in combat during the 10 seconds before you "succesfully empowered recalled" or "revived."
: If we are dared to try and go as high as possible from Doom Bots Lv1 - Lv100, you would hope that Lvl 100 would have literally a 100% loss ratio.
You know lv 100 is really lv 70. > "O o p s! Gauntlet does not scale properly from level 70 upward. We are fixing this!"
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
~~We should have "homeguard" when we die and respawn in fountain, instead of only when after an "empowered recall".~~ Apparently. Homeguard only occasionally work. Sometimes when dying and reviving, homeguard doesn't activate so you have to walk back to lane.
: Doom bots lvl 100 is too easy to overcome.
If it's so easy, why do you have a 2win 8loss win ratio?
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