: Remove the restriction
This is the problem with the PBE. Most of the 'testers' but want to play stuff early without actually looking for bugs and other issues. Everyone just sees "Oh boy a new champ! Better go play it before anyone else!"
: Hey! Currently Wolf stops hunting monsters once you reach 6 stacks. The passive is meant to reward you for doing risky things and invading the enemy jungle to poach specific camps. Past a certain point in the game the jungle really opens up and becomes a lot less dangerous to invade, especially as you being tearing through camps super quickly. I will update the tooltip to reflect this, it will be at the bottom. Thank you and please keep the feedback coming!
Thank you for the response to this. Your answer makes sense but I have a concern. As it is Kindred only gettings hunt stacks from enemy camps and limiting those to the first 6 stacks you get is far to risky for the reward as Kindred is squishy, you are going into territory that an enemy is likely be patrolling and your ability to clear camps quickly is tied to your only skill used for escape. By my numbers, which are admittedly fast clears as it was a solo custom and I was grinding camps, Kindred is likely to have no big items by the time they hit their 6 stacks. Kindred will not have much damage or survivability at this point making getting these stacks very risky. Not to mention the enemy team can see Kindred's marked camps on their minimap making it even easier to ward and ambush her early on. If you want to keep her limited to only the first 6 stacks via enemy jungle camps can you at least remove the enemies ability to see the marked camps?
: i think its intended caus if wolf does all the time ppl could easy farm passive up in jungle and wreck in late
Nowhere does it say Wolf will stop hunting camps after a certain point. Just that he periodically hunts camps.
: Kindred: Wolf stops Hunting
Bump for edit purposes. Starting second test once match starts.
: Kindred's E is Broken as HECK!
That is odd because at max rank mine was barely doing more than an auto attack against a target with only Frozen Heart. The damage was incredibly underwhelming.
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: [Suggestion] Nemesis Draft - Choosing champions for both teams
Isn't the point of this mode to play whatever the opposing team chooses for you and to pick unpopular/unfavored champions for the opposing team? Your proposed change will completely change the game mode. People need to realize that winning is not the point of these modes. You should not care if you get good or bad champions. You should focus on having fun with what you get.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battlecast Alpha Skarner!
I have been looking forward to this skin since it was teased in the Chogath skin. But I will not buy this skin. To me, it is very very ugly and nowhere near worth that price. Nothing about it looks good to me. I know Riot will not be changing the skin and my opinion means very little but I have been a huge fan of skarner and am more than disappointed with this skin.
: [Galio] Random Taunt Fields Don't Taunt
They only taunt if you are in them when the field ends. Is this intentional? I have no idea.
: It's doom bots, why do you want them to be easier? You should have a low win rate against them. Also, if you pick galio you win. We need some better ad doom bots.
I don't want them to be easier exactly. I just want Lux to not suck all of the fun out of it. Like I said, I don't have an issue with losing.
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: (Doom bots) Viktor Passive
"it is very annoying" Don't sugar coat it hun. It makes the game almost unplayable unless you mute it. It makes your ears bleed.
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: Dragon and Baron bug
Playing as Vlad SS. Dragon just stood there. I was thinking it was maybe because I engaged with my pool but maybe they just don't fight back at the moment.
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: Sorry but i can't really aggree: Of course Riot could add a summoners rift option, but to be honest your arguments did not convince me. In my opinion OFA:MM works fine the way it is at the moment: a fun mode with an mindblasting amount of same-looking abilities. It's not about counter-playing or learning to play a champ - that's what normals and rankeds are good for. So all in all you could add Summoners Rift but I would still like to play it on Howling Abyss.
It works fine but it gets boring so fast. I played the fuck out of One for All but I am bored after like 5 matches of this one. Mainly because Howling Abyss is just a button mashing map and we have no bans so you get stuck with the same champions over and over. Allow a Summoner's Rift option and bans and the game will be better.
: One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!
This game mode is not near as fun as the original One for All. * Howling Abyss was a bad map pick. Button mashing is only fun for so long. * Champion selection is bland. Same champions over and over. * Player dodging is ridiculous. Step up the time punishment. * RP boost is not worth it. 150 RP for one match of skins and 100 IP is not worth it. At all. * No bans is a bad call. Allow bans = greater variety. All in all, this game mode just gets boring really fast. I played the hell out of URF and OFA but after just 5 matches I have found that I do not enjoy playing this one. You say game modes only come back if they are well received and players enjoyed them. I can honestly say that this game mode will not be coming back if released in the current state. Just my two cents.


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