: [Planned 4.5 or 4.6] Summoner Spell and Enchantment Changes
I'm not into the exact details of this stuff, but does that bonus 80 units on the flash change walls that you can get over? I know there are some "If you get it right" walls..but does it add to any?
: [BUG] [MINOR] Grafic error. Firing objects of minions look weird (see attached file)
: Ranked Placements
I got placed after 3 matches (3w). Back when I did my matches, three was the normal for placement...or that's what everyone got placed after that I talked to
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: Are you refering to the particle that plays when his shield is hit?
I'm assuming he is. I agree with him on the enjoyment aspect of it, no matter how little it is. I remember blocking a Graves ult with the shield, and feeling happy! Feeling like I accomplished something, instead of it just not doing the damage etc
: It takes time to adjust the masteries for the ones that didn't expect for the champion chosen. It is also the time when ppl will discuss strategy for the game.
Well, I'm glad you have been getting teams like that! Usually we just sit in awkward silence or the tension and anger grows...I guess I just don't like sitting for that long, just want to ride they hype and get right in. I can understand adjusting your masteries though, I'm a person who uses pre-set masteries and I don't change them every match, cause lazy.
: Regarding One For All on Howling Abyss Feedback
I don't know if it was just not changed when the game mode was created, but the time in champ select is too long, once each team has picked their champion, I don't see a reason to wait (what was it 60 sec?) I have never liked that, even in ARAM, just seems like more time for toxic things to happen..and more time to for toxic players to wait to dodge, therefore wasting that of actual players. Other than that, I agree with it being on SR ( I do like HA a lot, but it's a differen't mode), and hope to see the expansions on this!
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
I don't think SR is the proper map for this, there are no real..laning, or having a laning phase..it's more of a Free for all. Although, in the game I played..We were Renekton versus Gragas, we were able to split push etc, but it was a quick 20 minute match with us winning (we only had 4 people, although I went 5-0..) I just feel that the map is too big for an event/fun game mode. Using the maps we have, only HA seems proper. But, I do feel it should have a bit bigger map, with a few objectives, maybe used for all of the event modes
: Once people realized that they could no longer be reported, all hell broke loose. Had one guy who ran straight down mid lane and suicided for 40 minutes straight. It's anarchy.
You know, I don't get how any person could do that. Like, how can you spend 40 minutes of your time like that, doing nothing. At least if you're playing, you are actively thinking about what you have to do, not just..being dumb.
: I love the new healthbars and they really do help me keep track of myself in teamfights and skirmishes. However, I still miss being able to see my xp where my level is. It's a very small but useful feature that has saved me multiple times.
Yes, I miss the XP "bar" too. I never noticed how much I used it until it was gone xD
: [10/31/13 Patch] Current list of bugs so far found on this patch
Not sure if this has been reported, or if it is a "bug"...or maybe I've been oblivious too it! But, I played ashe yesterday, on SR vs Bots...But the graphics of her bow..The glow on her bow, seemed to be duplicated a few pixels out. So, not only does the bow have the glow, but outside of the bow has the same glow. I think I saw another champ that gets similar particles that did the same..can't remember which though
: Combat Text, Ceremony, and Particle Changes!
I'm enjoying all the new particles and changes to the sound! Last hitting sounds more rewarding and all of the other changes are subtle, but pleasing.


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