: Bug while buying skins
Thanks for the heads up, we'll investigate this. It should be showing you the name of the content you've unlocked.
: same issue for me screenshot: [link here](http://i.imgur.com/zBp2KET.png)
Was the issue ONLY with Championship Shyvanna or others as well?
: VIdeo preview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOoJOi_J5j0&feature=youtu.be Screen shot attached below
Thanks for sharing the video @Moobeat!
: Well that's good to hear, thanks for alerting him too! I appreciate all the explanations and responses. Looking forward to the splashes for these skins so much. Thanks again.
@Pork Loin - Please don't ever feel like your comments are harsh or "stuck-up", you bring up valid concerns - it's not like you reached out and said "Irelia OP, Rito Plz nerf Irelia & respond!" It may not always be evident, but well thought out concerns are often read by Rioters and the topic of conversation. I really appreciate you bringing your concern to us in such an eloquent matter. We're aware of many of the issues you bring up regarding price tiers and hopefully we'll have a solution in the near future. Regarding your alternative solution - i think it's a solid example and DEFINITELY appreciate the puns. they're solid. We're actively looking into multiple ways to provide players opportunities to engage with their favorite champions at a price they're able to afford. Who would have though Udyr would have gotten an Ultimate skin?! While I realize that caters to players that have the RP available - Udyr hadn't received a skin in quite some time. Alternatively, we haven't offered a lower price point for him in awhile - however, with the inclusion of Black Belt Udyr, he does have low, mid, and high RP value skins. Thanks again for taking the time to share your concerns with us, we really do appreciate it.
: Okay, just asking an innocent question here: why is Udyr's skin 975 instead of 750? I get that he has 4 stances and ergo 4 new models, but the fact that he was *designed* with 4 forms from the start seems like a poor excuse to never charge under 975 for a new skin outside of a recolor (which Blackbelt essentially is). Don't get me wrong, this new skin looks great but I'd have a hard time justifying that price when it goes live, especially considering there's nothing inherently new besides the base look. Sorry if this seems miserly.
When considering the pricing of the skin we look at a lot of variables. In this case, we felt strongly that this is a 975 skin. When you compare it to his other skins, you can see there is a distinct departure from where we were before. While this isn't Spirit Guard Udyr, the skin offers a very different feel than all his other skins (notice the lack of skirt!) I empathize with you on your concern around "never charge under 975 for Udyr skins", however, part of this - as you called out - is around the amount of work that goes into an Udyr skin. You mentioned it above, this is essentially 4 new skins due to the different models. And when think about some of the other complicated champs (in regards to modeling) take Zyra for example, the amount of work required starts to set the floor on what we should be charging. But aside from the amount of work that goes into the skin, try and take a moment and compare Definitely Not Udyr to the other Udyr skins: * Black Belt Udyr (520 no particles, animations, etc) * Primal Udyr (975 no particles, animations, etc) * Spirit Guard Udyr (tonnes of awesomeness) Where does this skin falls in the spectrum? Is it closer to Black Belt Udyr (which you referred to as a recolor) or is it past Primal Udyr with drastically different models. II hope this sheds some light onto the matter. Let me know if you have any more questions (you can also hunt me down as DontHassleDaHoff


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