: New Keystone Conqueror
Riot is actually insane for letting this hit the PBE lol
Rioter Comments
: So ya Conquerer is out right broken
This rune is literally beyond broken, I have no idea how they even let this make it to the PBE. Yasuo is literally an unstoppable killer machine right now, not to mention illaoi and her tentacles and Master Yi with that insane attackspeed + Passive + the true damage he already has on the E Renekton his empowered W, procs it 3 times in one ability. Deals about 80% of an adc's health in just one attack + a stun. They wanted a bruiser keystone but they made bruisers basically assasins now.
: Vayne Nerf
The nerf seems too extreme for me too, Vayne, a champion which struggles alot in the early gamephase shouldn't get her ultimate nerfed to **20 AD.** This nerf will probaply make her drop under the 50% winrate again. I suggest riot changing this nerf from **20/30/40 to 30/40/50**. This way they will tune her down in the lategame, which is where she is the strongest at. This will balance her out with alot of the other ADCs that she destroys in the lategame.

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