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: new nunu is strong af W is not and shouldn't be good up close. It's legitimately a level 1 semi-global ability and its synergy with Predator is astounding. It's a flank tool, and a damn good one at that, since with proper foresight you can set it up to be a solid zoning/block-off tool to force people to move how you want them to. E is not meant to be a high damage spell; his Q is his primary damage tool in his normal rotation, along with autos, but if you buy a Liandry's then E becomes a fairly respectable DPS source for a tank to have. It's also 5% AP, 3 times per volley, 3 times, so it's a 45% AP ratio if you hit one person with the entire attack, since IIRC it doesn't reduce the damage for multi-hitting the same guy. Granted, you want to hit 3 people so you can get as much CC off as possible. I agree on the passive; I don't find it particularly noticeable nor satisfying. But if you want W to feel powerful, try it with Predator and see how it feels.
But the q only gets a 50% ap scaling and has a 6 second at max rank cooldown IIRC. And the new E compared to the old one is a complete joke. The old E had a 90% ap ratio and at max rank had a 4 second cooldown and 60% slow for 2 seconds, you could throw 3 of those out before the new nunu's e would even come off cooldown so the 45% compared to 90%x3 and almost no cc in comparison (1.2 root duration after waiting for the e's duration thing to pop) is lack luster af. And the w is still just _ok_ to me since anywhere but jungle early it will mostly be used to get back to lane.
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