: I certainly do know that red buff is usually given to the marksman and blue buff to the mage or support at some point of the game. The extra 15% duration still does not accomplish much. The normal duration of these buffs should be more than enough to give you an advatage in the lane. Elixir duration being increased can be nice but again, only situationally. You have to first buy an elixir to get any benefits from this mastery. Support players don't even necessarily get enough money to spend on such a luxury. Marksmen usually get the red one which has a built in duration increase mechanic. 10% increase to an already long duration buff is not something I would personally spend a mastery point on even though I know it could win me that next fight. It's just not a reliable mastery.
Red elixir's duration increase on kills was removed.
: Why would I pick a mastery just for the Baron buff when I can't even be sure we will get it? 15% increased duration isn't even that necessary (it adds 27 seconds to the duration).
I think you're missing a lot of the power in these masteries, and that's fine, because it's difficult to see exactly how much power there is in increased buff durations, especially if there's a lot of downtime between fights. The Secret Stash also increases elixir durations by 10%, so it's not totally useless past early game. You're also assuming that only junglers ever get jungle buffs, which absolutely isn't true. Yes, the masteries are situational, but I believe they fit well as a tier 1 choice.
: Runic Affinity & Secret Stash - mastery talk
Runic Affinity also works on baron buff. So the way I see it, Secret Stash gives you more early game sustain, while Runic Affinity gives more late game pushing power.
: Ranger's Trailblazer: Why removed ?
I could jungle just fine with Nautilus using the new tank masteries and a Hunter's Talisman. The new Tooth / Nail passive on all jungle items steals 30 health from each monster you damage, so they've basically moved Ranger's Trailblazer's functionality into every jungle item. It's just there as regen instead of a burst heal. And if you absolutely require a lot of sustain in the jungle, the new Hunter's Potion gives you a charge for every camp you clear.
: Hey Alioth, Do you happen to have your game logs from the match when you were losing voice lines? If so can you please post them?
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
In two games with Vandal Twitch, all of his SFX are fine at the beginning of the match, but as time goes on, he loses all voice lines and some skill sounds, including stealth in/out. Venom Cask sounds (throw and explosion) seem unaffected.
: [Critical Minion/Monster Bug] Some Jungle Camps Do Not Attack or Regenerate.
I also noticed this when attacking purple side wolves with MF and Vel'Koz. One of the small wolves froze outside the camp and remained visible in fog of war.
: Our fix is in, and bots seem to be back to normal. Please let us know if there are any further issues.
Just played a Co-Op game, and it seemed fine in the beginning of the game, 2 top, 1 mid, and 2 bot, but after bot tower went down, all 5 bots just headed straight down bot lane every time they spawned. They would completely ignore players attacking top and mid inhibitor turrets while running bot. However, if they got within range of a player, they would chase normally. Also the chat/chat history bugged out and stopped updating from time to time. Sending a chat seemed to fix it.
: Some suggestions for Vel'koz
You can reactivate the ability to split it before max range.


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