: I'm getting FPS issues as well. On Both live and on PBE. Not sure if it's related to the server or my internet connection is just bad. http://i.imgur.com/Vnnoidp.jpg?2 Also would like to ask if anyone knows why the borders and everything look blurry as it does in the picture? I have my video settings set to very high and it only clears up when i hover the mouse over it.
there is a bunch of graphic issues and fps issues with the new map for me also ;3
: Preseason changes: Riot pls dont Change the health and mana regen to percentage values of the base regenaration. This is opposite to your dev-blog: Design Values: In-depth with Clarity! because the same item has a different value depending on the champ u Play. compare riven and darius. both in top lane and both buy a Rejuvenation Bead. riven has 2.5 base health regen darius has 8.25. and the difference increases with Level. every Champion gets completely different values of the same item. this makes it incomparable. stop copy dota stuff. they are reasons People Play lol. i understand that this changes may make it easier for u to Balance things out. but the regensystem works the way it is. it is much clearer to get a fix amount of additional regen based on the item one buys.
if u increase the health regen on items and not champs then we're going to have crazy health regen on some champs, and ur going to be forced to buy the same item more or less.
: I have extreme FPS drops since this patch was introduced on the new SR. Usually i play with 60-72 fps, but now im playing with 10-5, the game is unplayable for me.
: I agree on Sevenix. So far in my time of PBE, there were hardly any interactions between the testers and the Red team (Rioters) even though they had a chat called (play with rioters). I honestly say that setting up this schedule will bring in more testers and will spark their minds to further test but not just among themselves, but instead among the Rioters. The amount of success will rise even further because the rioter will be there to witness bugs and such, or bad ideas or inconsistencies between the text of the item or things which are really not intended, etc. My 2 {{item:3301}} (2 cents).
i just find it pretty bad on riot that, that in my time on pbe, i have only seen 1 riot member EVER be in a chat, and not even doing anything.. i don't mind playing and testing, and i understand they might have a life, but shit..
: Please nerf the razorbeaks (Or at least add some better sustain?)
riot said their working o n base health and mana regen for champs, so people like riven,udyr, etc could get buffed to be able to do their things. (eve is beyond lost atm, hope they fix her )
: Do you still have this issue on Live? Because the PBE has less resources devoted to it, there's some inherent lag present. The lag has increased over time as more people have joined the PBE. If this is the case, then you should notice the problem being the worst immediately after big content releases (like champions, we all know how that goes). Unfortunately there's not much Riot can do about it other that throw money at it. And the problem isn't bad enough to throw money at yet (which would force them to buy and devote a bigger server to the PBE).
: [Teleport/Trinket]
yeah its only the trinket i believe
: AAing feels clunky, Last Hitting more difficult at all levels
i felt like that yesterday, today it doesnt seem so bad but theres some pretty bad other issues now
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: End of Game Gifting on PBE
rito, you will have to give people positive motivation to why should they gift strangers, maybe they get a little bit of IP or their name pops up somewhere globally saying that so and so gifted "name", make them feel good for gifting.(sadly just gifting by itself isn't rewarding to most). just another idea.
: There are actually a lot of players who are spending their RP without much of a thought. Gifting in the first place was never for the "stingy" players (myself included since I've yet to pay a buck on this game). As for "everybody is trash"... I beg to differ. I've got at least 3-4 players on my friend list that are simply people I enjoyed playing with and that I added to chat with or play a quick Aram once in a while, and that only those that added me (I've been warned for toxicity a few times already, so not all positive players add me back *amazingly*). I think that's you're painting the portrait a bit darker than it really is. As for downvotes, I don't even remember hte last time I downvoted someone on here or Reddit, so maybe it has to do with either your post being worthless and/or not contributing to the discussion.
everyone on my friend list personally, i don't care about and would never gift them a single cent, in my experience, i tried to be nice once and give someone a skin, and they we're going to do something for me. never happened and never saw him again, so their just names that i have played with nothing more and their staying that way, i see league as community with 50% being toxic 10 year olds unfortunately, i wish a system was put in, to like "trade for something" so that friends could do it that way and there would have to be a requirement of like.. being on the friend list for 2 months or something so it wouldn't be abused maybe longer, would prevent scamming a bit., having both people trade and have to confirm it.
: That would be incredibly stupid thing for someone to do, because not only would your own team report you, but then there's no obligation for the person to gift you, and then they could turn around and report you.
people are still going to do it, there's a lot of 2 year old's on league
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: help please, don't know the cause of this exactly.
nope, haven't touched anything and its only since today i get this. so um, notice me riotpai
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: Kog'Maw Overnerfed?
riot don't make kog more useless than urgot plox.
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: Bugs Queue
yes, the queue's are currently broken still.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
Question, when Gnar is in Mega Gnar form, when he throws his boulder, and then de-transforms, Is the fact u can reduce your Q cool-down by picking up the boulder, even though its not the boomerang Intended?


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