: because I can just force a farm lane on both of those useless champions and now they have no health scaling, or I can take an actual good rune and stomp your shit in again and again because you took grasp (LOL)
It really all depends on how you use the rune rather than the rune itself in that case. People could just freeze the lane and make you trade or lose exp and gold.
: like grasp which is shit???
Grasp works extremely well with many health stacking tanks (Sion/Tahm), giving them infinite stacking on health and more damage/healing. As long as you can stay in combat for the duration and proc the rune often, it's pretty strong. Why do you think it's a "shit" rune?
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: PBE Sign-Ups are OPEN
So, I got the RP and BE, but my level is still 1. Do I need to play a game for it to update or should I just wait? Also, I can buy something from the store, but it won't show up (still takes the BE off as if i actually got it). Anybody else having this issue?


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