: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Kingdoms Draven
We all love our Draven, do not make him a "woman." Legs with heels, fix the foot (sole). The skin will not be popular, it has this drawback. https://i.imgur.com/1WD7mjD.jpg[/img]
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Kingdoms Garen Prestige Edition!
A very ugly hole in Garen’s neck. The head "hanging" in the air and spoils the visual style of Prestige Edition. https://i.imgur.com/iNo9Uco.jpg[/img]
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Evelynn
Dear Evelynn main, you will probably agree with me that RIOT Games ignores our wishes. How many do not write on the forum! They do not listen to the public opinion. In any case, they will do it their own way, as usual. {{champion:28}} {{summoner:11}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Evelynn
I found a texture bug) In masking mode (passive ability), everything is fine. The color does not look like chocolate on screenshots, another substance (I think you understand what I meant :D). Change the color tint a bit. https://i.imgur.com/9tMVIxd.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/SbMrINL.jpg[/img] AND PLEASE make chrome look like black (Shadow Evelynn) or red caramel color (Tango Evelynn). Blue chrome is too caustic - bust (it looks like a base skin). I’m silent about the Prestige skin, it couldn’t be worse, one eye, instead of two... https://i.imgur.com/HXxvCn3.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/iUxkD7k.jpg[/img] It's already been a year since I play the League of Legends. Yes, I'm not a celebrity like Tyler, for example. So that people follow me, but only by joining forces, we will be supported on this forum. Evelynn main sisters, from all over the world, hear and help me! (Sincerely, 1 Million OTP Evelynn main, Alexander).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition!
I apologize in advance for arrogance. Designer Prestige Miss Fortune needs to "spit in the eye." One eye is open - it's not beautiful, not sexy - it's disgusting. Evelynn Prestige, which you messed up six months ago, don't do the same with MF, please. https://i.imgur.com/pF18OwK.jpg[/img]
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demacia Vice Garen!
Dear Demacia Vice Garen designers. A beautiful skin came out, but he lacks dance music on CTRL + 3 (musical themes, for example, Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams melodies) as music in the skin of Project Ashe. Make and it will be a beautiful skin!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
Dear Jhin Designers. Please make 2 eyes on the mask, as in the basic version. It is not beautiful, as it was with Prestige Evelynn earlier. Jhin is my main ADC, I want him to be beautiful! And not one-eyed. Thank you in advance. {{champion:202}} FOUR! Alexander A.A.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
If RIOT Games really acts in the interests of the players, then they should hear me: One eye is not beautiful! She looks like a Cyclops! Arrange a vote, it will be fair to all players (for one or two eyes) or make a chrome pack (color schemes) for Prestige. I hope for your understanding. https://i.imgur.com/0k1Fzto.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/qZlMGCn.jpg[/img]
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
**(KDA Prestige Evelynn) The two eyes are better than one!** Hello dear RIOT Games employees, players from around the world. I am 22 years old, I started to play regularly in the League of Legends on the RU server since October last year (6 months). I reached 500 thousand points at Evelynn for 5 months . For her, i left Dota 2 (3660 hours, 2 years). https://i.imgur.com/BVz49Jx.jpg[/img] I like everything in Prestige, except for her hair (hair cover one eye!) the usual KDA version looks better. Please, do hair restyling, then it will be worth your money (100 dollars). Prestige Evelynn deserves the best! https://i.imgur.com/a/ELsrUWA.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/a/F0wv3OJ.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/a/L6b4NpI.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/a/inweW2h.jpg[/img] I hope for your understanding, thank you in advance. Sincerely, Alexander.
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