: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Majestic Empress Morgana!
This skin is beautiful overall, but I was wondering why she doesn't have idle blue petals like on E or falling sakuras like the Nami skin does when moving? I think adding those would make this skin even better. I hope they can be added in
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko
Idk if it's being worked on or already fixed, but Neeko's hair seems to be missing it's physics/animations? It doesn't move at all and looks weird being stiff.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Irelia
Clearly the passive needs _and is most requested_ to be changed since gold does not match or go with her color scheme at all. As well as her hooded cape looking weird on the part that's supposed to be neon. Will it get a pulsating effect or at least have a small glow on it?
: Why would I buy this if I already have Infiltrator or Nightblade? I've been waiting for PROJECT: Irelia for years but with her VGU, Infiltrator costs a whopping **520 RP** and fulfills the same fantasy, if not better! This skin should have gone to another champion in more need of it - Perhaps one of the dozen or so monster champions that lack decent skins. Kalista, maybe? Vladimir, Trundle, Udyr, Kennen? From the teaser a lot of people were expecting PROJECT: Syndra. As it stands, Irelia has so many skins already and there's little (read: Zero) incentive to buy these. Especially not for 1350 RP. When will we get another 750 RP skin? I don't care about recalls of voice filters or recolored VFX, I just want cute costumes and appealing splash arts.
I hope you realized Infiltrator is a 975 skin
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
My concern is how BT is lacking and all the comments talk about good ways to improve it. (Falling leaves back onto her model, unique death added back) what i would like to see is that since her W is a decal on the floor again, maybe make it like the original black thorn where it use to move on the ground? Also how some of her 975 skins have no particles is kind of lacking since they have much more potential. Last thing is how Ghost bride lost it's ghostly trail on the dress when she moves and how Bewitching is missing her bats on her model as well.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Lissandra
The passive looks a little unfinished, maybe add the flowers in her recall to it or something. Overall a good skin though. This is off-topic, but is it possible if you could add her old passive effect (the headdress glow) back to her skins just for the visual? I kind of feel her skins look off without it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
I don't know if it's me, but it sounds like her W sound got nerfed? If it did could you revert the sound back to how it was before?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
I noticed this before, but no one has said anything about it so I will ask. Is K/DA Eve going to get her own spawn in animation and re-spawn animation? I find it odd how Shadow and Bloodmoon have spawn in and re-spawn animations, but K/DA *the higher priced skin* doesn't receive one? Will she be getting one or will it stay the same as base?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
For this skin, I feel like her passive demon form should get some more stuff. The recolor of that shadow thing trialing behind her looks too similar to base. She should get some little sparkles or diamonds trailing behind her and more highlights added to the model itself since it looks kind of bland in demon form. Will she also be getting music in demon shade like Bloodmoon eve did?
: Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback, we'll be looking at her Hair and Q.
Please don't go to far like Bloomoon Eve again
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
Evelynn looks great but some things need to be updated. First thing is can her heels be more noticeable like the splash art? The splash makes it look like the opening of the heels goes more around but in-game it stops in the middle. Her heel could use a gold color to keep the theme that they all have some gold on their shoes. I agree on the others that the lashers should look more visibly connected and textured like the splash art. Hair should be a tad darker, *like the splash* but not to much. Silly thing If possible could you give her the Riot Lambo *l0l* at the end of the recall or give her something unique like akali and ahri?
: Totally get it! And really appreciate your thoughtful response on here. :) Just wanted to provide context, but I definitely know what you mean. I took a look at this yesterday with a couple other sound designers to test out a better balance of these and there should be a newer version of his auto attacks and Q hits now, as well as a slightly heavier W on cast! Yay, glad you're liking his E standard waving! I didn't know if anyone would ever actually hear it LOL.
I know this is random, but will Superb villain get anything (color changes or something)? Or at least an E update so it doesn't look outdated?
: Just a quick question: Why not give Veigod a full VGU? he deserves an update to his models tbh... Also while you're doing this... Is it possible to recolour leprechauns Q and AA to be a bit more green? ( and give his other skins newer polished VFX? I'm grateful for Leprechaun and Santa but he has so many wonderful skins which are kind of left... lonely :( in a big need of colour-adjustment according to their skin ) Also I LOVE the Q W and E! My only concern would be about his auto attacks being too... "slim"? And his Ult seems the same at 1000AP for some reason. The new ult animation you gave him doesn't really have that OOMPH imo
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
How come Superb villain veigar didn't get any updates (other than using base particles)? I feel like it should at least get some different particles or something, but at least update the E. It still looks outdated lol
: Update: We've agreed about her feet looking quite bland and added what most wanted: small heels https://i.imgur.com/5QF5pc9.png
Will her chromas be able to change the heel design too (since base looks like Irelia stole elementalist lux shoes? Also was the homeguard animation bug fixed?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Divine Sword Irelia!
I've noticed after homeguards *or should I say riding her giant blade* after getting off it, a few seconds later the blade will re-appear for a moment then disappear bug
: Hey KiwiKid, can I ask you if the chromas will have different colors on VFX? If I remember well, Pool Party Caitlyn chromas have slight different Q colors, different cupcakes colors and her beach chair is also different in every chroma. It would be lovely if Divine Sword Irelia's dragon on her recall have different colors on each chroma.
I think you mean slightly different E net, but considering this, Her w and E/R blades might change to the chroma colors
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Divine Sword Irelia!
Hello, I wanted to know if you're working on her animations still, as you can see her scarf looking vert stiff still, is this a way to attempt to give her a rig like Janna's skin? It would be nice if you could make her scarf sleeves longer, or at least have some little trail effect on it to give it that 'blowing in the wind look'. Also could her swords be edited to not look so, plastic? Until she has her passive up, they look dull and like toys. Try adding the shine/metallic effect aviator has on her blades? Also the small flowers in her splash never appear even though most of her abilities have petals in them? Maybe try adding them to the wisp effect the blades already have on them so they don't look so dull? Hope these are taken into consideration.
: Patch notes for 8/2: **Champions:** Kalista Stats - -AD:: 62 >>> 67 -AS/lvl:: 3.5% >>> 4.5% Veigar: Passive - -Stacks per champion hit:: 2 >>> 1 -Stacks per CS remains at 2 (compared to 1 on SR) Nasus Q - -Nexus Blitz Stack Multiplier:: 3 >>> 2.5 -(He'll now get 7.5 stacks per minion kill, down from 9) --- **Runes:** Dark Harvest -Stacks on champion death:: 6 >>> 4 -Stacks on Cannon death:: 4 >>> 3 ---- **Items:** Added Zephyr - An MS and Tenacity option for AD/AS characters that need to kite better. --- **Jungle:** -Reduced health of jungle monsters by 5% -Murkwolf Explosion damage:: 33% max HP >>> 60% Max HP -Jungle camp spawn time:: 55 >>> 60 -Red and Blue spawn time:: 1:50 >>> 1:45 -Fixed a bug where junglers were getting the Monster Hunter penalties from SR and TT --- **Events:** -Increased Loot Teemo's Health -Sudden Death Nexus Armor and MR reduced by ~10% --- **Base and Minions:** -FIXED A MAJOR BUG WHERE MINIONS WEREN'T AGGRO'ING ON EACH OTHER CORRECTLY (they'd frequently ignore enemy minions) -Added particles and correct range indicators for the Fountain Laser.
I noticed zephyr got it's cd removed and attack speed lowered. Will the cd return again, or Is this a change that is being tested to see if it will come back to other game modes?
: Pool Party Caitlyn
1. Cait's model and chromas feel like they're missing a little more to them. Base could use more patterns or something. Her chroma hat's could have a little design or pattern on them. Heels need more variety, they all look too similar. 2. Also change one of the ones with the that connect her top piece with that ribbon that's on almost all of them to something more like this (most likely for rose quartz one imo) https://imgur.com/PfJeEml or this https://imgur.com/zuGakLB 3. And maybe use this kind of floral design for herself or one of her chromas https://imgur.com/UHeNIa8
: Since it looks like we aren't getting a thread for akali's skin feedback, I'm going to crosspost some here. First off, most of them are done extremely well and I have little to no complaints. The splash arts for ALL of them are gorgeous. However: *The Shroud on all of them is underwhelming. I understand this is for gameplay "clarity" and probably will not be changed. *Mask toggle please and thank you! *Bloodmoon Akali's kimono is bright ketchup red and throws off the whole color theme, making it look very cartoon-ish. The red should match her hair and the kimono in her splash art. Along with this, her kimono sleeves seem kind of glued to her arms with makes them look very odd. The old bloodmoon akali actually had a little bit of flowing sleeves that fixed this problem. *INFERNAL AKALI I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. But in her splash art, her skin is a redish pink and the oranges in the splash art all have a red hue to them. The redish-pink skin continues in a gradient onto her face and then goes to black near her hair. In-game as it currently is, there's no red hues or pink hues at all, and her face is just straight up black with no texture. I'm assuming this is a bug, but if it isn't please make it match the splash art, the reds, pinks, and oranges are absolutely beautiful. **TL;DR** Mask toggle please, underwhelming VFX on all shrouds, Bloodmoon's sleeves should be longer, kimono should match splash art more, Infernal might be bugged? But should also match splash art more and add in the colors we see there. Thank you for reading! <3
Yes on bloodmoon and infernal. I think an issue to fix blood moon kimono is to make her have that smoke going on as she does in the splash art
: Akali Bug Thread
Is there a feed back thread for her skins?
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Ombu5f0O-blood-moon-evelynn-edit?comment=0008 Another thread explaining how to fix the skin if you guys are against the revert. https://orig00.deviantart.net/9258/f/2018/111/4/4/bmeve_edit_by_lilbearstudios-dc9f7nf.jpg And a picture here in the thread of the edit. Please just fix it or revert it lol
If they say a kimono and long hair can't happen, then this is our last hope to save this skin. If they don't make these changes this edit has, all hope is lost. (yes i know it was said but i still feel like a kimono should happen l0l delay the skin! but this edit would fix the current skin so i like it too)
: Are you kidding me? Not to offend but I'm pretty sure the opinion of the people who are going to buy this skin matter more than that of who creates it. We wanted longer hair. I won't be buying this skin, even if I get it in a chest I'll disenchant it.
Not trying to hate or anything but this skin needs to be delayed/scrapped for next patch cause it's getting bad to the point of the forgotten blitz and amumu skins we had a year ago
: Blood Moon Evelynn
With all these color issues and model issues, this skin should just be revamped or delayed to cover everything again imo. With all these color issues, it's like this skin is begging in need of chromas since the colors arent working
: Kimono sleeves please.
: Hey friends, sorry I'm late, I didn't mean the changes to blindside anybody, here to explain why: About the horn changes we agreed on what most of you guys said about it clicking too lunar wraith-y and felt having a more gold would not only reduce that vibe, but give it higher Blood Moon resemblance. Thanks for letting us know! About the white/off-pink hair, we considered this but like I said yesterday, it blends in with Blood Moon Eve's paler skin too much at game height. About adding kimono sleeves, we also considered this but admire her current short kimono: Japanese-style wrap with obi sash and back ribbon. Also adding kimono sleeves would takeaway from her demon hands/claws -- too much going on. Thank you so much for all the feedback and really sorry not all of you are happy. I promise we tried our best, we took a whole day's worth of dev time if not more mulling over feedback, including trying them out. We really like how she looks now and fits into the Blood Moon thematic.
I don't want to be mean but i don't understand the kimono issue. You act like it would take away from her claws but you could just stop it at her wrist or her forearm. This skin just feels really incomplete without a kimono with long sleeves and this "ribbon" that is barely noticeable, doesn't even help with it.
: Okay I just saw the splash art, it is gorgeous. The splash art team knocked it out of the park with this one, please listen to the community with the actual model and revert those colors. I honestly regret ever giving feedback in the first place because I feel like I'm partially to blame for the change and due to this I don't think I'll ever work as hard to give feedback again. Please fix and revert it Riot.
At least add the kimono sleeves
: thanks Bleikopf, will let my team know! :)
Not sure if you would see this but, i feel like a kimono **must** happen on this skin. It would make the skin better and give her the kimono sleeves she needs that are long. I feel like the Erai Violett kimono concept is the way it should go, but if it can't happen a kimono in general with long sleeves would be nice and promising to the skin. Thank you for reading this and i hope it is taken into consideration
: https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/009/548/621/large/erai-violett-blood-moon-evelynn-paircloseup-eraiviolett.jpg?1519620092 yeah like this, this fam concept seems much more faithful to the line of blood moon skins
I feel like they should edit her hair and horns to look more like this
: I'm really glad others share this sentiment.
yeah, i feel like if they added kimono sleeves it would look more beautiful/graceful to the theme
: I really like it in general! The outfit is gorgeous, the concept is well thought out, and Eve has been a great candidate for the Bloodmoon skinline for a long time. The SFX and VFX is great, and I like the price point it's been put at, I feel like it's fair. However, it doesn't feel like a Blood Moon skin compared to the others. It feels a lot more in line with the Lunar Wraith skins released during the Lunar Revel. I feel like this is mostly due to the color palette (mostly the hair and the horns). The other female Blood Moon skins are very distinct, only having 1 or 2 outliers when it comes to the general theme which is: * White Hair. Almost every Blood Moon skin has it, whether it's more grey toned like Diana or more blue toned like Elise. The exception is Akali, but she's supposed to be a human disguised as one of the demons, so it makes sense for her to not have it. * Red Horns. Jhin, Kalista, Elise (not really horns, but the points of the spider on her mask), Diana, Shen, Thresh, and Zilean (I could be missing some) all have red horns, whether it's apart of the mask or not. This is a key element. If they are missing the red horns, they have a completely white mask/horn combo, but a shock of red hair to keep the red/offwhite theme present. I feel that this is very important in distinguishing the blood moon theme from other skin lines, and I also feel that it's especially important to Evelynn because she is THE demon. * Kimono Sleeves To be honest this is more of a personal nitpick so feel free to completely disregard it, but I always loved the idea of having the long kimono sleeves on Evelynn because of her animations and movements. I feel like it would flow very nicely and keep things entrancingly graceful, without losing any of her "sexyness" because of the low cut top. But again, this one is just me I think. To make the skin read more like Blood Moon and align better with the theme, I feel like Evelynn definitely needs staple off-pink hair to preserve the red feel you guys have going on, and also to keep it feminine and to not disappoint the people who like the red-toned hair, or the staple white hair, and red horns instead of the blue. This would definitely keep it away from the Lunar Wraith skin line and immediately have it recognized as Blood Moon, while still preserving a lot of the feel you have in the rest of the skin. Even a small palette switch can change everything. The outfit is very gorgeous though overall, I like the darker uses of colors as she is a demon, and I'm extremely excited to see what the splash art looks like. Thanks for reading my feedback <3 **TL;DR** Eve should have either off-pink hair to preserve the red tone or staple white hair, and red horns. It keeps it in line with the Blood Moon skin line and reads a lot better especially from in game height.
Kimono sleeves need to happen it is a must imo
: So... You're saying that Order of the Lotus has an issue with the model. Seeing the SkinSpotlights video I need to ask: There will be no VFX/SFX for the skin? This skin has much more potential than Infiltrator (Reason why Shadown Evelynn recived 975 skin's treatmant) and had the same type of changes before the rework... I really hope you'll say that it will.
I don't think infiltrator should be mentioned, since it's a 975 skin to begin with, so they were gonna give it particles regardless
: I am a bit disappointed that neither Aviator or Order of the Lotus got new particles, they had a lot of potential for new particles even if it was just a re-coloring of the base ones. Also, her face on the Order of the Lotus feels a bit weird for me, maybe it's the nose or something, but she doesn't look like the other splashes at all.
I agree that both or at least one of them should get particles
: Well, i tried it, the gameplay if very smooth now, is more interactive but, is a Little too strong as i can see in visuals, the new effects are good, specially with the base skin but there are things i dont like: - the pieces of fabric in her bracelets are a Little short in game, in comparison with the spalsh, so they dont look graceful in the model, the same thing happen with the front and back fabric in the lower part of her body. - The base model has enormous eyeballs (close to no White part of eye) - the face of aviator splash looks more like jinx, i think is only a thing of how is painted, but is what i think - i hate frostblade splash, her posture looks weird, her hair doesn't fit and her face is ugly in comparison other splashes. Also has problems in the model with the hair (doesn't look like the same of spalsh), she seems to be chubbier than she is and the furry neck is too long and fluffy, i feel this skin now as a drunk Winter wonderr karma, more than frostblade irelia. I think that longer bluish hair (like the old one) and some tweaks on her face and legs (they are too thick, dont let us appreciate the most important part of the skin, you know what i'm talking), willmake it look better. This skin update Its very dissapointing - inflitrator vfx sometimes looks extreamly pink, ibhooe was only screen problems - Order of the lotus has no new vfx and the old one had golden colored ones, if this is an update, why it lose thing? these are my first impressions, i know is not ready, but, if you can fix or improve this things, it will be very aprecciated I'm close to love this new irelia, so i will be on the line to see what will you do
I agree with her wrist decorations, or fabric on her bracelets being way too short in-comparison to the splashes. They also dont seem to fade out like they do in the splashes. They should look more like the light Lux "cape" on how it fades imo.
: Irelia Bug Discussion
I know this may not get read, but it's worth putting it here since we were told we could. I know aviator Irelia is a 520 skin, but there is potential in it. Like making her ultimate blades blink like they were a airplane runway or something. I also feel like even if you don't want to make particles, you could add sound effects to Aviator Irelia. Like airplane sounds, like someone said W could make a propeller sound, and so on to give Aviator Irelia some more love. It would also be nice if we could toggle her to wear her goggles. I feel like her hair should be brighten just a little bit and smoothed out, especially towards the ends to give it a more wavy feel like her splash. Also I feel like it would be a very missed opportunity to give a beautiful skin, like Order of the Lotus Irelia particles.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune!
I feel like the green and the purple concept arts were the direction that should had been taken. And if you can't make models for it since it's so late in the stage, at least incorporate some of the features they had onto the current ones (like the hat on green and the eye covers on purple). I also feel like she should have hair behind her on her back since it would look better imo and match how the teaser had looked
Rioter Comments
: One For All enabled for testing!
Did OFA get removed cause I don't see it s:
: Ah, I just went back to double check. Someone else had already posted that we are still working on her so I didn't post, but I did see it! I passed along the feedback already along with the one above. :)
I can't wait to see it!! C:
: This is AWESOME feedback, thank you so much Rhino for taking the time to write this!! I'll pass this feedback along to the FX artist on Katarina. She'll be updated more on the PBE so always feel free to post back here after those updates with feedback, it really helps. :)
Did you happen to get my feedback as well? It's some where here and his seems similar to mine (might have gotten some ideas from me since he commented on what I said) but have different ideas as well! C:
: I feel like more snow is needed too. Like her Q and her W placements could use it. Like her blade placements could have falling snow, her q bounces and the placement. And like when the blade is about to vanish it could like wrap up in a small present. Her E needs the snowflakes it has on live and more green. And her ult needs some more sizzle to it. Make it a blizzard l0l. I also miss the old sounds too it.
I wonder if they'll take this into consideration o:
: I agree, as a Slay Belle owner on Live (It's probably my favourite skin for her cuz you can spam the candy cane recall) I am really disappointed that the only hint of the old green is on her blade pickup. This could all be a misunderstanding, and the new VFX is just being finished up, but I would hate to see Katarina's skins (especially the older ones) lose out on VFX, whereas Leblanc's skins all got redone with it.
I feel like more snow is needed too. Like her Q and her W placements could use it. Like her blade placements could have falling snow, her q bounces and the placement. And like when the blade is about to vanish it could like wrap up in a small present. Her E needs the snowflakes it has on live and more green. And her ult needs some more sizzle to it. Make it a blizzard l0l. I also miss the old sounds too it.
: [Assassins] Artistic Feedback Thread
Are the skins with different blades going to have a unique W when they hit the ground?
: [Assassins] Artistic Feedback Thread
I feel like slay Belle Kat isn't as great as before. It's like it's missing visuals and effects and the sounds on the ult don't give that feel like the old one. It has so much potential and so does sandstorm too.
: Doom Bots of Doom going live soon on PBE for the RGM queue
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Miss Fortune!
I don't know if it's been asked but, will MF receive a w particle change to active?


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