: Illaoi Bug Report Thread
I've experienced a couple of problems with Illaoi's Q and E vs some champions. Her E in general seems very buggy, missing champions entirely when the animation clearly shows contact (could be latency in PBE, but I doubt that entirely the case). This is very common with champions that have dashes; her E seems to miss every time even if the dash is directly in line (parallel) to the skill shot and they meet head on. Some more specifics are as follows: Talon: His Rake ability (W) can cancel and bug Illaoi if cast mid animation of Illaoi's Q or E. Illaoi is unable to move momentarily and you have to spam click to get her moving again. Quinn: Quinn's E will cause Illaoi's Q and E to either cancel completely (even after the animation has started) or cast in the opposite direction (since Quinn's E turns you around for a short amount of time). Not sure if intended, but I understand that neither her Q or E are channeled abilities, and as with any other long animation casts (Thresh Q, Blitz Q, etc..), they should still complete AND cast in the original direction. If this an intended effect, consider looking into possible counter play from Illaoi, as she has nothing in her Kit to do anything against Quinn (her only healing is from Q which can't be cast reliably). ****Also! During laning, the minions seem to target Illaoi the ENTIRE time, even when not attacking the enemy champion and when behind her own minion lines. As with any champion, you can drop minion aggro by backing off after a trade, but the minions continue to attack Illaoi LONG after the trade, causing her to take ridiculous minion damage.
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
I've been able to recreate this consistently, so I believe that this is a bug: Ekko's 1 taunt (The baby) is out of sync with the animation. Spamming the taunt causes the sounds of previous 1 taunts to pile, become louder and louder. Taunt sound always finishes, even if taunt is cancelled.
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: [Blue Minions]-Minions are totally blue, seen by entire team.


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