: ARURF Suggestions
It needs to be 10mins to surrender. It's dumb where people have to sit in a game 20 mins at the minimum spending most of their time dead because some champs *cough* {{champion:114}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:62}} *cough* are EXTREMELY strong in URF.
: Feedback I've seen In-Game from players regarding AR:URF
I think they should just nerf the problem champs like they did when URF first came back so champs didn't have to be disabled. It's pretty dumb when one champ can completely rape a team with little no counter play
: I'm one of those people, but even if its not that "ARURF" testing its just something different, but I don't think URF would die within a week on pbe, the last time urf came around on pbe for testing, the servers crashed multiple times from the amount of people trying to log in. I highly doubt URF would die in a week or less.
URF doesn't die but it get's extremely boring after the first day because it's nothing but the same champs over and over which is why now champs are picked at random but now people will just dodge when they get champs they don't want.
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
The current client is built on Adobe Air so what is the new client built on?
: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
The store doesn't need a VU. It need a complete rework.
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