: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Katarina, Tryndamere, and Master Yi!
Quick feedback becaouse im in school lol: 1. It feels too noisy 2. One of the two horns is almost invisible and it covers the face of katarina which is bad...Maybe adding two same color horns and fix the horn face hiding could improve 3. Compared to every other blood moon skin, she has a lot of purple color...I love it but adding a little bit of lighter purple/pink and more red could improve a lot 4. Compared to every other blood moon skin, her body skin is very very weird compared to everyone else, maybe adding there brighter color could improve way way better than the outfit... (Personally i would make her body skin brighter,that would be enough to make her atractive) 5. Lastly , if she's a demon in this skin,and i think it would be better that she is...Adding two same horns would fit better OR making that you can equip her mask when you want like kai'sa toggle helmet could be cool aswell Nevertheless, I love the skin but yeah it need some improvement
: Summoner icons are being removed from my collection.
It's happening for me as well and for other people too,but riot doesn't really care about icons ...
Yeah it's broken It should be atleast nerfed if not removed
: IP prices and Eternals
Sadly yeah Eternals received already ton of negativity for being only able to get by RP 850 rp or like 20 BAM (10 Euro) in my country to be able to buy them is...a little too much
: Icons lost
Well,you're not the only one I lost them already 5 times... And...Skin Border's as well... I reported to riot couple of times,but they didn't fix it
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: > As part of this [RP is back] effort, we are undoing the special BE pricing in PBE. All content in the store will be set to live prices over the course of the next weeks. Also, new content will not have special pricing. This includes: > > * All champions > * All upcoming and recently released skins > * All skins for champions getting a champion update > * All chroma [RP on PBE, it's back!](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/3AEB3uHA-rp-on-pbe-itos-back) You have an RP income, so you can purchase and test the skins.
> [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=BgufxiXH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-17T10:44:57.007+0000) > > [RP on PBE, it's back!](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/3AEB3uHA-rp-on-pbe-itos-back) You have an RP income, so you can purchase and test the skins. Still it's a little bit unfair,for instance the new project skins With 3000 rp you can buy like 1/2 skins and it's hard to get these champs to test cuz there's everybody else who wants as well
: just take out ranked solo/duo
Oh god Are you new to pbe or what ? Game modes like aram,nexus blitz,arurf don't last long in pbe They stay sometimes a week or two When they remove that modes the only mode to play is solo/duo It's not about ranked nor anything but if they added the normal blind mode people would spam mid mid mid,insta lock champs like yasuo and later flame or the 2 guys on mid yust feed
: We need to give a punishment for leaving a lobby
Actually it doesn't work,knew to leave the lobby for 5 times just to TEST and nope,if it gets to work,the timer is usually 3/5 minutes
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: cant buy pajama skins
Idk about that,when they came right away on pbe i bought them with pbe...and i have all sg skins aswell soo i don't think that is the problem ....
: That looks pretty balanced to me
: I've never experienced her R NOT do dmg. You probably missed or someone healed/shielded/shen ulted/etc to mitigate that damage. As for the execute portion, the X does not indicate that the champion will be executed because its there. The X indicidates that if you ult them, you will do double damage because they're below 30% help. This will typically execute many squishes, but perhaps not someone who has build MR or is a strong tank/bruiser. "Enemies caught in her reveal are devastated, taking magic damage, doubled against enemies below 30% of their maximum health."
Bruh the same bug happened to me today and im sure i could deal dmg
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: Bug When kill Someone and he Shutdown take 0 Gold.
How i know riot made changes releated to shutdown gold Soo maybe thats the case
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: ***
Bloody hell They fixed the mistake and even this is enough Making every champ 1 BE and some newer skins,ward,icons etc low cost is trully enough to test things Anywase why would you still want some rp ? to buy yasuo skins or older skins ?
: Do riot still give us rp cuz i havent received any in past couple months
Couple of months ? Bro Why are you lyin It's been 1 month and some days. Next time you post something try not to lie and see others discussions about it
: Em, dude, im new on the pbe and i can tell u we cant test anything. I only have 50 EB (thanks to the daily mission). I cant have more EB (or i have to play again and again to level up and get a capsule, then i have to pray to get EB) and RP are broken. The only champ i can buy is Pyke because he cost 1 EB. Amazing.
Then bruh wait like riot can fix this easily... Go to live servers play some games... Later come when they fix it test things,It ain't the end of the world... AND BE THANKFUL THAT RIOT MADE RECEIVING PBE ACC EASILY LIKE THIS Bcz in the old system it was hard as hell but got one
: Make Nunu skins 1 Blue Essence
i agree...riot should do that for every new skin,champ that is reworked
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Lucian!
this would be silly but nice... bcz hes a half demon making his white gun/normal gun shot you know normal like in his classic skin while his demonic side/gun would shoot darker/flaming like And his demonic form should last atleast one second before the ult is done or making it not dissapear fast,make it realistic something like aatrox ult when it's done it dissapears nice/realistic not fast
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Thresh!
Only problem i see is The abillities and the champ are too bright
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Urgot!
my opinion: * His hat is soo small it's unoticable,should be bigger/wider/longer * He looks small compared to other urgot skins * The minigun is small,should be bigger * The legs are small...rly small * skin is looking to much same as battlecast urgot,maybe adding more orange/yellow would make a difference
: Why is there no ban phase
why ? becaouse when a new skin/champ is released there are d**k heads who ban these champions and well...you can't test them properly
: Nunu & Willump Ultimate Ability Suggestion
true...now you only are quessing and if you are not true well...thats a problem
: Still no RP or BE after weeks of waiting
Bruh...Riot already mention it... It's a serious problem which is hard to fix soo they gotta think about something else... giving 1000000 rp would crash the game constantly,have lag,store would be slow as hell as it was before... Yust wait bro,have patience :///
: Is the new Nunu too weak?
Hmm...Thats true...The new q is good but it's the only thing that can help you in a teamfight...and with an 13 cd well...you are screwed then... The passive feels kinda weak...Maybe adding someting like akali passive (hitting q and leaving the circle you can aa again to deal some damage) that for instance on his e would be nice... the w is nice,long range,good scaling His e is bad...a 5% ap scalling is trully screwed up...the slow is kinda not even noticable...the only thing thats good is the stun but the circle feels small and hard to hit that stun... The ult is op...the cd on the ult is kinda to much but the scalling and the 3 sec waiting to fully explode makes him a beast...
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: [Nunu W] - possibly a bug with hitbox?
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: New Chromas
They are added few days after the update
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: You are right, I get the part of Wild west stories and the ghost rider vibes. But the infernal part of the skins kinda ruined it for me!
i get it...they look like deathbringer theme like yasuo's...
: The problem is that new players don't have the Champs so they can't buy the skin for 1 be and try it
thats why you buy first champions then skins :)
: Why call them High Noon when they are clearly Infernal/Nightbringer Skins?
You are half right half not... High noon ressembless wild west... If you ever watched movies,read books sometimes there are people on fire,like ghost rider. But the urgot skin looks like battlecast urgot for me...
: RP/BE Grant Bug
Oh god.... So much people complain about rp bug like it is the end of the world... All they say is "We can't test stuff without rp"... What are you gonna test ? old skins ? like yasuo's skins ? Riot made it easier,when new skins,emotes,icons etc release they have their full rp price and a 1 BE Price... IF you still didn't buy at the start every champ then idk whats wrong with you people
: [Nexus Blitz] Spamming snowball will sometimes fire two snowballs in a single cast.
: I hope we're revoking PBE access for players with who often AFK
Pbe knows sometimes to bug with a reconnect error.I hope they will fix that bec im getting that error now a lot and can't reconect.
: Unable to connect to the server
Same hapens to me a lot :( One game i play normally next ame that error,my internet is fine everything is fine but still can't reconnect. I hope they fix that soon. :/
: Bug in Loot
Same Problem...


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