: Alistar Bug
It is fun to play but cancer to fight since u get one shot as soon as he finishes any ap item.
: Shop Not Available AND Hextech Chests/Keys
I can access the shop but cant really buy anything because when i do, it says i own whatever i just purchased then it says i dont have it :/
: after i spend 2 hour buying everything feelsbadman
: In game chat delay (at least on japanese language)
Yeah I noticed that too, thought it was lag at first.
: Haha, still sad they can see us :( It would be fun having hide and seek with them
: This is with any champ. Its something to do with Clicking on a location to move to. Click to a far location and the animation will be ok (most of the time) if you click-click-click a few steps in front of your champ you will see the glitch.
Oh ok thanks. I noticed that too after a while.
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: Baron Eats Herald :D
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