: We're intending to allow players to write a custom message for the end of game gift as well. We struggled with whether this should be bundled with honor or not and decided against it. A quick note - This allows you to gift your friends as well. Finally add someone to your friend's list but don't want to wait two weeks? This gives you a mechanism to squeeze in a gift a little earlier.
Or to hack an account and steal RP.
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
This is a terrible idea. Hack account, go into a game on 2 computers, steal 1500 rp, repeat till all rp is gone.
: It basically forces her to build a revolver/cutlass just to make it out of the base jungling stage.
I put my money on "You'll die to the third camp". on a custom game test run i had to burn heal to stay alive as Aatrox. Yes. As AATROX.
: Some champs that have sustain won't either. Hecarim's sustain is garbage and I'd compare his clearing power and ability to stay in the jungle similarly to Shyvana. They can't clear more than once first clear and that actually makes their second clear really hard.
It's not his sustain that's garbage (W Smite combo heals him for a fair bit), it's more about his early levels damage (read: Lack of damage) that makes him unable to jungle now.
: I just tried all the new jungle items out, in a custom. and i noticed that these new items don't really give you good sustain in the jungle, i think that the removal of spirit stone lowers the number of junglers that can be played for example champions like Jarvan 4 who has no built in sustain will juts get out jungled by say champion like Nocturne or Khazix that have built in sustain, since the Jarvan would have to back constantly to heal up. Maybe putting in some more sustain in the new items would make the jungle more diverse, if left this like only champions with built in sustain will be able to effectively jungle.{{item:3206}} {{item:3209}} {{item:3207}} {{item:1080}}
Yeah, the current changes pretty much kick every sustainless jungler out of it, even ones that can't really lane (Eve for example).
: i know that edge cases like this are rare, and saying, "it's not rare, i do that!" is stupid. But i actually do use this tactic as Support Nunu when i DuoQ with a Jungler. we end up taking dragon by level 3-4, as close as we think we can get to the spawn time. This gives me a reason to get Stalker's Blade + Magus as an item on him, and then take dragon + a couple wight/golems to get another exhaust. i tell you because this might become an issue with team games like lower end LCS....not necessarily exactly like me, but 3 camps is pretty easy to get in the mid game. i see minor balance changes because when i am TriQ with the mid laner as well, we take dragon on spawn directly after a 4 man fight at bottom.
You need to run Smite to be able to buy the jungle items though, so I don't think that's gonna work. Also, low rank Dragon Buffs are trash.
: I think he looks way better myself. Never understood why part of his body was blacked out in that. Even if you look at the splash art it's much brighter like the new update is. Only thing that could maybe be changed are the tips, those could be darkened.
It's not really about how good or bad it looks, It's about how diffrent it is. Quality of skin is a matter of personal preference; that's why there are so many of them. If they change a skin so much it's only natural that some people will not like it at all, and those people shouldn't be stuck with a skin they don't want.
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: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
Please, give twitch's passive the skulls shown in the initial previev ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vWxqgj21lI <-thats a youtube link, dont ask me why it's a picture :0 ) instead of those rat heads. It looked so much nicer and more appropriate.
: [Suggestion/Discussion] A Mordekaiser Buff/Rework
Can't reply directily to your answer for some reason. I don't have time to get through your wall of text right now, but i want to comment on one thing "And well, maxing W first greatly hinders waveclear and reliable damage(Due to high CD and melee-reliance). " Just cast it on a cannon minion (or melee if there's no cannon around). And maxed W is on like 12s cd. Also, it has the highest dmg of all his spells and it actually gives him quite a bit of safety in lane- 30 armor and mr shield+ passive and in worst-case-scenario a defensive R are usually enough to get to tower. ;)
: No. Morde cannot burst that much damage out of nowhere.Where should he take that damage from? Q-E-R damage with 40 AP on level 6 equals to 280+12/24%. This will not burst someone from 90% to 0, this is simply a lie. Flashing? Could work. But Morde's low damage will still not score an easy kill like this. Also, you need to flash into melee range. And still, what is the reward when you cannot kill the AD carry in one combo? None, actually. I mean, each and every assassin or burst caster could do this, too - better than Morde, to be exact. ** 40% MS on level 5** And then think about this "ramp up" mechanic. A 500% MS boost would be very weak if it would only last 0.25 seconds. In case of my rework: With level 5 W, you stay half a second on 20% ms, half a second on 25, half a second on 30, half a second on 35 and half a second on 40. Overall, I balanced his W by making it initial value rather low, so I do no over-mobilify Morde. Additionally, his W has a high CD, especially on early levels. There simply is no huge movement speed buff there. 40% is quite a bit but: 1. You will not get W to level 5 before level 13, if I am correct. Usually, you'll have it on level 5 at level 18. This is something very important to note. 2. Early level MS boost of W is rather weak. 3. Due to ramp-up mechanic, you get the 40% for a whole 0,5 seconds. Your arguments fall apart. You make false statements - simple numbers can prove that to you.
Let's say you are bursting a kat that jumped on you. Just because that happened when i last played morde. Q: 96 damage W (3 ticks): 96 damage E: 184 damage, you cast it twice (flash+E lands allmost always once you have some experience with it). R: 26% target's health (in this example it is 235) Ignite: 170 true damage not counting mr, this is 965 damage. with mr it will be roughly about 820. Kat's health at lvl 6 is 905, so i admit that i overestimated it a bit- with hp pot to stop death from R it will not be enough. But if she's at 80% hp she's going down for sure. P.S. My friend who plays Morde at challenger 3v3 maxes W first 95% of the time. It actually does the most damage of all skills and also gives durability. In my maths i assumed Q1, W1, E3, R1. If you cannot kill adc with one combo, he's out of fight anyway. As long as the R mark is on him he won't risk dying when he's low.
: "Trying to get around". And what ways does he have to get to the squishies? To be exact, no real ways. His Ghost gives him a lot of damage - and that would not completely change. Currently, it gives him WAY too much damage and survivability - just look at the numbers. Taking some strength away from it in order to give him abilities that allow him to make better plays and be more threatening seems to be a nice trade-off. Also... Huge MS boost? Where, I ask? He has no Huge AS boost in my rework. His lack of mobility/cc is what keeps him away from high level play and the like. Sure, he CAN work - but he is outdated AND underpowered. I explained this in the topic already but... My rework gives Morde 3 important things: 1. The ability to successfully stick to a target through the slow on Q and ms boost or slow on W. Currently, if you get to the enemy backline, you'll just get some CC - be it a slow - thrown in your face and thats it. 2. Threat for both squishies AND tankier champions. The MR/Armor shred makes him a lot more threatening to have in your face, as he is now capable of a LOT more dps. 3. The ability to actually get to a target or escape. My rework does neither make him ungankable nor hard to gank - it just makes it so that not every single jungler in the game can gank Morde with ease if they are not stupid. Baiting into a double-kill? Only works if the enemy is really not familiar with Morde. A low health-target should never engage on Morde, this is a very very simple rule that most high-level players understand. So, to sum it up: Baiting ganks into a double kill for you? Yeah, against bad enemies. Everyone who knows Morde a little knows not to engage in a 2vs1 with low health. I do not take the whole ghost away. I do not even take a lot of it's damage away, only a bit. And I take some shield-prowess away - not too much, of course. Simply to make Morde remotely fightable when he has his Ghost. Being an immovable object is his identity... For you, correct? Explain what makes this be an engaging concept then. "HUGE MS Boost". Simply no. First off, numbers can be tinkered with, secondly - the MS boost is not huge due to ramp up time and such. He is not blowing up ADC's effortlessy, because he also has not enough damage to easily do that. He does not only needs to go into melee range to pop all of his skills, he doesn't even have high ratios. Sure, he has nice dps - but dps does not equal to "blow up". He does not get rewarded greatly for getting to the backline. One slow, and he does nothing anymore. He is a dps-orientated champions, no burst-mage - his scalings, cooldowns AND abilities make that clear. Also, you should explain how you actually can get to the enemy backline. As it is right now, Morde cannot against a decent enemy team.
40% movement speed is quite a lot. "low hp"... Morde can burst most champions from 90% to 0% at lvl 6. His lane safety comes from "if i gank him I'll probably die", since most junglers walk around with about 80% hp after some clearing. Getting to adc is most easily done by flashing over wall. W DFG Q E R ignite and adc is out of the fight, even if he's not dead.
: Nothing in that kit takes damage away o.O Base damage of Q has reduction for Total AD scaling. In the end, it will not do much lategame, but is meant to be a slight damage buff to the Q. Also, it would not strip him off his identity: Nerfs to his Ghost and shield generation from his Ghost would still leave him strong, just less overwhelming(Especially when ahead). And Morde is not defined as "immovable" - that is not his identity. And giving him a SLIGHT bit of mobility(A rather "weak" MS boost on a long CD) is definitely not "mobility creep". The way he is right now, though, he just does not work well, especially on higher levels. Giving him a bit of soft CC and a bit of mobility would help him out a lot, while the MR shred makes him very threatening if he is in your face AND allows him to build tankier without losing too much damage, as he can shred enemies MR down. Your points, so far, have been neutered.
his ghost gives him quite a lot of damage, and you want to take it away. For me his identity IS being immovable obiect. I love baiting ganks at level 6 just to score a free double kill. Giving him huge MS boost would also force dmg reductions. Currently, he's not blowing up ADCs effortlessly because of his lack of mobility/cc. And it's fine, he should be trying to get around to squishy backlane and get rewarded greatly for succeding.
: [Suggestion/Discussion] A Mordekaiser Buff/Rework
I disagree. The only change i would make to Morde is make his Q always single-target. your ideas strip him of his identity (lowiering his earlygame dmg in exchange for lategame, making his R ghost much weaker). Movement Speed creep is something i hate about LoL currently. I don't want to see any more "lets give him some ms boost!" things, you cant counter MS with anything but more MS at the moment (CCing and killing only really happens when you are ahead, so.)
: I agree in various points,but the item you propose is bad,just too OP in only on item. I agree that {{item:3181}} is a bad item,I also play dominions and ARAMS and this item tend to ruin the LS a lot,i always need to rush it for sustain but this items seems to be to be a burden,i must charge it to get damage so when i need to harras i havent got half of the item damage so i tend to do no damage and when they go of my range i lost the damage so...i must charge again a lost damage again. seriously im thinking on building {{item:3074}} on marksman cause is better at raw damage,only reason i dont do it is hydra is very expensive. The second item you propose I tend to like it. maybe for balance it the ad damage could be 55/60 and 25 armor,15LS seems good. but the pasive: Unique passive: Your basic attacks against minions and monsters have a 20% chance to deal 200 bonus magic damage is very bad,in ARAM and mostly dominion you wont have time to farm so tend to be a bad passive,i prefer to erase it to retain the other lightbringers passive and better stats as you propose. saying this {{item:3185}} vanquish should be removed of the item,is a bad passive which has no use with the LS or armor,even the trap detection,only make the item expensive cause is a %passive,or at least make it 100% chance to do magic damage,same as {{item:3091}} or something.
When i wrote the topic i started thinking about building hydra on rangeds as well. It's still cost-efficient, so even though we lose a huge part of it's power, it may be the best option atm. The second item i suggested was supposed to be reworked Lightbringer, not sure if i made it clear enough. The extra minion damage needs to be preserved because it builds from Grez's spectral lantern, i would also rather not have it there, so i decided to not buff it to make it worth no extra gold. Values are just examples, wanted to have them around hydra/unstacked bloodthirster.
: Its a not waste, when most of the time no one sweeps it.
Most of the time jumping wards aren't in good spots for vision, and when they are just sweep them (since you know they are there).
: Rengar is my favorite champion. I can say they nerfed him and the necklace. {{item:3175}} now is the same as fully stacked{{item:3171}} . The Head Of Kha'Zix should give some bonus effects because why do they give it if its the same with fully stacked necklace. They made a mistake by making the necklace not losing stacks...
Using Head of KZ as a reason for Necklace is the most stupid thing you can do. 1st, the hunt is on WILL be changed. 2nd, I played over 500 games with rengar, but four days ago on PBE was the first time i ever triggered The Hunt is On. That is because live BTN is allmost never a good buy, i bought it in less than 5% of my games (only if i had 5 kills before 10th minute). Head of KZ allmost never happened before changes to BTN. Aside from BTN, Rengar was olafed when Riot took away 3xQ. Rework buffs him back to playable state.
: Rengar fix
No. Old BTN was crap because you had to give up advantage to buy it. It's free and does not take up slot, what's your problem?
: Feedback about Rengar's last rework
Q should affect turrets. I totally agree here. His ult generates ferocity after the stealth ends, read the tooltip again. Bonetooth is better now, the effects are weaker but it being free is very good (just give back the baron/dragon jump possiblity). Head of Kha'Zix needs changes, since the BTN no longer loses stacks anyway.
: [Suggestion] Seperate Slot for Wards
No. There are already too many keys needed. League of Legends is too fast-paced to move your hand around the keyboard to get to those "ward slots". Wards in trinket slot sound cool though.
: the problem however then would be mana-champs vs non-mana-champs. Aside midlane non-mana-champs already reign supreme because they don´t have major trade-offs for being manaless while mana-champs really struggle till they finish chalice to get rid of their resource-problems. So the item right now only fixes an inherent design-problem with mana-champions.
The only manaless mid played in LCS is Zed, and he's pretty rare. The only manaless mid i ever run into is Yasuo (and he rarely does much). AP mids don't have mana problems unless they spam spells like crazy. They spam spells like crazy because with Athene's they can.
: I suspect 3 initial rockets would make Corki's level 6 advantage broken though. This would add a small and big rocket to his ammunition taking the initial magic damage if all three hit from... 100 + (30%ap+20%ad) to... 350 + (105%ap+70%ad) Very strong... I'd hate to have to nerf the rockets if it's too strong, after all I liked the strategic aspect of having to store them up, and force a shopping trip. I'd rather just nerf Lucian. xD I think that's all I'll have to say.
If i were to buff corki's lvl 6 a bit i'd just give him the Big One initially.
: Listen to how the LCS Casters talk about Nidalee - She's a problem
It's not Nidalee that's problematic, it's Athene's. This item like Black Cleaver after changes between seasons 2 and 3- Every single AP mid rushes it, because it's so good. Even when agaist Zed, where they waste about 600 gold for MR. Nidalee is currently OP only because she can have 40% cdr by 15th minute, she is supposed to be trying to find windows of opportunity, but instead she just throws spears as often as possible going by rule "eventually one will land".
: Suggestion for Executioners Calling and Grievous Wounds
The point is, if they made it into a cheap/defensive item would make Marksmans completely unable to kite mobile bruisers. I'd say it would be much better for Executoner's if it would build into a phantom dancer-tier item. unless up against a healing heavy team, i won't ever build this because i'll have to sell it later anyway.
: Suggestion - Corki Missile Charge Tweak
I don't think lucian needs a nerf. I'd say that Vayne, Ezreal, Corki need a buff. They all just got nerfed, that's why they are overshadowed by lucian, Jinx, Varus, Twitch and Sivir. gatling gun is awesome ability, gives SO much power in all-ins and turns corki into a solid tankbuster.
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: Thresh-Dominion Souls OP after buff.
His winrate in dominion went a bit above 50%, but he's far from OP. There are quite a few champions with much better scores. he just feels way more powerful, because his previous winrate was 37% (that was ABSURDLY low)
: why dont you guys make a necromancer champion?
Karthus and Yorick are thematically necromancers. Karthus's E is lore-wise a whirlwind of souls of Kaths' victims. Yorick will be reworked soon (not soon™), hopefully the raising undead theme will be highlighted more.
: Dominion is truly funny. But people really do not get what is important in dominion and most dominion matches are just kill-fests. I think the "point"-system in dominion over-values combat. For example, I often play Heimer in Dominion, making a stand at holding our turrets and pressuring enemy turrets to force them to come and stop me and make it nigh impossible for them to actually get my turret. This style is a very legit tactic, but does not yield many points.
Riot tinkers a bit with the point system, but those scores are completely irrelevant to the actual contribution. I think it should be removed or at least completely reworked. Currently, the best way to score #01 is to completely ignore defing or fighting and just uncap and cap the enemy points. Sometime ago there were so many points for CSing that botlane pusher used to be 1k points ahead, etc. Toxic players, when they are at #02 or #01, just yell at those below them. Thats why the system is terribad. For those that don't play a lot of dominions, the game mode is so chaotic they simply don't know what they should do. It takes some experience to realise how to play this gamemode.
: Sorry Haven't played rengar in a while and when I do I rarely BTN, didn't know they changed it to have permanent stacks. Seems kind OP and I also agree there should be some kind of reward for Rengar then for killing Kha. Would you think a Kha specific buff would be a fair reward for example +MS% when within X range of Kha during Ren's Ult? This way it would increase Rengar's power without punishing kha's team.
kha gets a nice buff that is not Rengar-specific, so i don't think rengar should have buff like that either.
: I play Dominion all the time(I'm quite off for Normals, I don't get why people play a boring mode like that), and I'm able to find matches in EUW regularly. Though I also would like some love on Dominion. When the latest Lunar Revel Icon was prized to a match on Dominion, my friends played a whole day of dominion by saying "Hey that dominion is actually quite fun!". They played it first time that day and they were actually playing LoL over a year! I'm not sure about IP rewards though, it can cause people farm Dominion and don't care about the mode itself. People already think no "competitiveness" of it as a reason for not playing.
Try to find a draft then :) I hate blind pick, and i only play blind dominions because i have to. Dominion has it's competitive scene, even if it's not nearly as advanced as the SR one.
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: That sounds like a bug since {{item:3166}} is supposed to lose a stack on death. {{item:3175}} gains permanent effects as a reward for killing k'z which seems like a fair lore-related trade for k'z getting a 4th evo point for killin ren. Maybe to "nerf" {{item:3166}} only kills give stacks and not assists?
It's not a bug. Riot just made Bonetooth not lose stacks. Even the description was changed.
: rengar E range.
I love the third idea. Riot had an iteration where bonetooth was a trinket that placed a nidalee-like trap that gave you a free jump on whoever would walk into it, but they decided to strip it cuz it was way weaker than reg trinkets. Would love to see that added to bola strike, it'd actually add some power to that skill (feels pretty weak to me, it does allmost no dmg and it's hard to land, decaying slows are really weak for melee champs).
: Hmm maybe then it could be a delayed silence proc almost like the silence was a void infection from getting cut by his blade? After using W, target gets silenced for X.X seconds after X second delay? Since he's not a void supporter, he's actually a victim of the void, it'd be cool if his lore affected his kit a bit more; (e.g. since he's trying to stop the void from taking over, his kit has Void influenced abilities but counters void champs) Cho has a silence Kha silences people with death Vel has a knockup & slow and face-melty-laser death Mal has a supress, silence, slow Kog has a slow
I actually really like your idea of delayed silence.
: I think that's more a testament to your mechanics as a Rengar player than anything inherently wrong with BTN. Just like other snowball items it can lose its stacks pretty harshly reducing power, but you've managed to keep yours so it feels less impactful to have HoK'Z.
No, the whole point of this thread is that you no longer lose stacks on necklace when you die.
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: I feel like if you gave the player 3 seconds to use the silence it somewhat defeats the purpose of counterplay since Kass can just rift walk around for 2 seconds of channel then dive in and back out. Why exactly does Kassadin need silence ignoring the fact that prepatch kass had it in his E? He's an extremely mobile burst mage like Leblanc and Fizz and like them Kass still has 1 form of CC (Silence became the more situational/ somewhat high impact Channel Interrupt)
The numbers are totally up for changes, i just thrown out some to make it more "visualisable". Unless kassa just runs at you while charging his blade he won't be able to get to you with just the riftwalk (assuming you're running away). I think the reason why his Q was so powerful was that he could just spam it all day long for harass in lane, while disabling any risk of return damage. Edit: As for why he needs silence... Well, maybe because silences are something that all void mages have (and afaik not too many other champs) and from what i heard kassa even has quotes about silencing? P.S. Leblanc has up to three CCs ;) )
: What Rengar gets from the hunt is a permanent {{item:3171}} the quest can be triggered when you have at least 10 stacks. So if you kill Kha quickly enough, you could get a major power spike from 10 lose-able stacks to 20 permastacks which is quite a nice reward. Adding bonus effects to the head of Kha'zix would be a bit overpowered considering the effects on it at the moment.
The quest won't trigger unless Kha has used all three evolutions. Thus, it won't happen before level 16. I was doing pretty badly (our team had half the kills of enemy team, and i participated in roughly half of the kills) and I still managed to get 18 stacks before the hunt started.
: Bonetooth necklace Passive 25 range nerf.
Yep, to be perfectly honest back when i played rengar hard (S3) i felt that the ability to jump to baron/dragon was the only reason to ever build that item.
: New Rengar and The Hunt is On Quest
I made a thread on that topic. Please upvote if you think im right. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/HAMz8AAi-the-hunt-is-on-rengar-vs-kz-quest-is-bad-with-necklace-stacks-not-decaying
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