: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition!
Hello, I have seen the skin spotlights and playtested the skin. Here is the feedback I want to give. In general, I feel it is a good quality skin. However, some details here and there bug my attention. 1.**Sound design.** Sound design needs a bit more oomph, and the gong sound on Q3 feels completely out of place to me. The rest is alright, though the sounds on Q "swiping" could be improved. 2. **R2 - Wind Slash.** This looks gorgeous. However, there's an issue where sometimes the skin displays a weird particle which seems to be the Model's Texture. Picture can be found [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rivenmains/comments/d2ycmn/a_particle_on_prestige_rivens_windslash_is_bugged/?ref=share&ref_source=link). 3. **Issues with R1 sword.** There's two issues with the ult-empowered blade. First, it doesn't look the same color when you're standing still and when you're moving, which is even more obvious on the non-prestige version of this skin. Second, Why does Riven's hand get completely hidden by the blade? She's supposed to hold it, but it looks as if it's just floating there. That is all I had to bring up, I feel like other points that have been brought up aren't worthy of being changed. I am excited for this skin to hit Live Servers.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Riven
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=iSiPdopMxFo Riven's ultimate glow disappears and behaves weirdly during Wind Slash and idle animations. I haven't tested emotes but it is to watch out for as well. EDIT: also, the more subtle glow doesn't match the shape and position of the blade.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Riven
I played the skin on PBE within hours of its release on this cycle and here is my feedback. * the Q particles on Q1 and Q2 are a bit boring. I think they could take with more complexity in the sword trail design. * model is too saturated in color and therefore lacks readability. In my opinion, Riven should contrast more with her weapon. Maybe color the arm that holds the weapon with darker tones or something, I don't know * the ulted sword is a bit small compared to the regular one, specifically it looks very wide but a bit short. Also, why does her sword look MUCH bigger during her recall animation than during the ultimate? * sounds don't feel satisfying, and I know that can be a big deal for Riven players. The W sound is so low when it should be feel like a detonation, especially with those particles it should feel more satisfying. The volume of E sounds is low too ... * Activating ulti NEEDS to be more readable for the enemy. It is quite delayed and lacks a loud enough sound effect to quickly notify the enemy that Riven is going in big boi damage mode * regarding comments on the hairstyle, I think it's fine personnaly it's a direction taken by the art team I suppose, I don't really mind * the sword glow during ult that has an animated texture is VERY NICE, however I think that it could take a little more contrast to be a tad more noticeable Ah and also, fix her sword doing weird things when you E, it's always kinda silly. It rotates or clip through her hands or something. While we're talking about Riven particles and effects, could we fix the particles that have been missing on ALL her skins except Dragonblade (and now Pulsefire?). The file Riven_SkinXX_Q_01_detonate_ult.troybin has been missing for months, and when Riven was packaged into .wad this issue was not adressed. I have a lot more Riven visual QoL change suggestions if you're interested as well. Overall I like the skin more than I expected, it felt nice to use even on 100 ms.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Badlands Baron Rumble!
I have a couple problems with that skin 1. Change the Idle animation. If you change the walking so that it makes sense, great, but change the Idle too else it's just too weird. Right now I feel more like Rumble has put a disguise over his mech than actually build a mech from an extra-custom ride. 2. The E particle is nice BUT it feels off. Having a chain follow the missile makes the E feel like a Grab ability. I seriously feel like my E is going to pull my enemies lol. I mean I know the champion but that's the feel that comes out of it. 3. The Q particles are wrong. The way they are made is that they are attached to the model and move along with it. However, Flamespitter are flames (and some gunfire too looks like?) and so it should linger in the air, not move around with the model. The fact it is attached to the model make them feel wrong and very wonky, because the model is animated in a way that shakes around a lot (which makes sense here, big engine going vroom vroom), and so it causes the flames to shake a lot as well for no reason. Make them be emitted from one position and linger there instead. Apart from that I'm quite fine with the skin as a whole. I could have appreciated some Processing on the VO, given he is wearing a face mask thingy, but whatever.
: > IMPORTANT NOTE: This bug isn't PBE only, so post it on the live boards > but bugfixing gets a lot more attention on PBE Boards it gets seen on the live boards/reddit as well
it gets seen indeed, however the texture I link in the post that I signaled too didn't get any attention whatsoever when I posted it on boards, nor on the bug megathread on reddit, however it got fixed a handful of weeks after I signaled it on PBE. I signaled it initially in S5 btw. lol By the way I also signaled this missing particle on the corresponding bug megathread also, when you think about it, this bug should have been signaled when it was on PBE before it hit live servers, but not enough people have eyes keen enough
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: hey this has been posted on riven mains reddit 3 months ago as a custom skin, i tried it and it looks way better with the updated textures. thanks for making this post and hope that riot fix that.
hey there, I'm the one who made the custom skin, glad you enjoy it!
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