: Its +50% health regen and +200% when below 20% health. That almost directly counters it. < this is going to make mundo a god. There is also another one that adds 8% bonus to healing/regen at max rank. That item is a tank killer item. It seems to have a decent fit when you take into account everything else.
health regen, as in hp/5. That doesnt help with the 50% reduction on spellvamp and lifesteal in fights, or effects like mundo ult or voli passive
: Vlad bug
If its lebanc or karma chain, pool doesn't break tethers and you will still be stunned. However, pool should pop or dodge any incoming projectiles. Can you provide more information about when you were stunned?
: at level 16 when the ult does the least since you cant use that speed in fights trying to ult in a fight leaves the adc which is probably going to be the highest sustain damage on the team stuck in a 2 second channel. so no you cant use the ult before a team fight because there is no way you will ever be able to prep before hand without just getting shot out of it. how the hell you actually came here thinking you can compair movementspeed that is stopped by everything and shit damage to Paragon of Demacia which gives a good amount of movement speed that cant be stopped,up to 35 bonus ad, and up to 35 bonus armor means you don't know what your talking about. you don't even seem to know what the word invalid means.
: Just a note for making this game a bit funnier
Point of grammar: 'funnier' is more literal laugh-out-loud funny. You're looking for just 'more fun', nothing to do with comedy. Couldn't agree more though :)
: mortal reminder vlad, aatrox, mundo, soraka, swain and fiddlestick useless
When I looked it up, I couldn't believe what I was reading. "Grievous wounds for 5 seconds on any physical damage." WTF!? the next-best alternative (besides {{summoner:14}} ) is {{item:3165}}, with grievous wounds for 4 seconds under 40% hp. Thats reasonable. It forces those sustain champs to stay healthy, shuts out risky regen-plays. Unconditional decreased healing just shuts all sustain down. There's no way they can keep those full effects in... right?
: it needs to be removed not reduced its a mobility active you don't see MF having her movement speed buff costing mana which is basically the same except hers is stopped by minions not just slowed by them. champions live eve have mana costs on theirs because it not only isn't stopped by everything but it actually removes stuff like slows. Yi has one that gives attack speed and removes slows as well. there is no point to having a movement speed ult that costs mana.
It's a free aoe autoattack once you're past level 16, if you can channel before a fight. Before then it's still fairly cheap. Like a cheaper, more extreme, offensive {{champion:78}} w. Admittedly it's underwhelming for an ult, but the fact that the cost literally does become 0 renders your complaint invalid.
: Stealth Wards gains the ability to ping whenever an enemy enters its vision radius. And doing DANGER / CAUTION pings if the enemy gets too close to the ward. Maybe to tone its power done, it has like an x second cooldown on each champion so every champion has x amount of seconds to exit its vision before it pings again.
The problem with non-pink wards pinging stealthed champs is that then they almost function as stealth wards because you know which champion is in the area (providing there's only one stealth champ on the enemy team). This kinda merges with the mandrake ward idea, knowing a champion is in a specific area, but NOT knowing where they came from or where they're going. Could be an interesting mechanic... TBH I think that every ward pinging when a champ enters their vision range (so long as it's a subtle tone, and there are limitations) is a pretty good idea, make people more map-aware.
: In Game Studdering/Jittering
Yes. with locked camera it makes me feel physically ill. I really hope its just a PBE bug that'll get sorted out quickly....
: [Minor] Syndra's "satellite orbs" block her pathing
Will play syndra and edit with the results.
: Well, 5 pink wards isn't anywhere near enough to cover every major angle of approach. Hell, we could even make it so the slot becomes available, say, at thirty minutes, when inventory space becomes cramped and there's no room for pink wards.
I [tried to make a map](http://imgur.com/6WS3bSC) showing how you can lock down any half of the map (dragon/baron red/blue) with only 5 wards. It's not great, and its unlikely that there will be 5 pink wards out early game anyway, but its kinda a proof-of-concept.
: Agreed but in what ways? I think it would be nice if 'Stealth Wards' (I still call them Green) could automatically sensor the movement of invisible champions and ping (going from normal ping to 'Danger Ping' depending on how far away from the ward they are) every time they move X amount of units while in the vision like the Mandrake Ward.
I'm glad you asked, and had that proposal. I made a new post for general ideas [here,](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/WYVoO6rd-anti-stealth-ideas) if you want to post that idea (i think its good, but maybe too much as you could tell which champion was in the area if you get a ping, but don't see anyone on the minimap)
: The funny thing is, I actually figured you'd post a thread in response to mine. Still, it's nice to see that I at least managed to bring some awareness to the current situation. I mean, if Scanner kept it's live functionality, with the execution/range of the PBE version, I think it'd be pretty k. Actually, upon rereading the post, your's is actually pretty solid idea.
Yeah, I wanted a solid "ideas" post, instead of having them nested under yours.
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: We're going to need a slot dedicated to pinks wards, here's why...
There really should be better ways to deal with stealth. However, I'm going to advocate against your idea for a dedicated-pink-ward-slot, because that forces any champ with stealth as a major mechanic into irrelevance. With a dedicated slot, everyone will be able to place them, any time they have 100 gold, and end-game there will be at least 5 per team. I would support other anti-stealth measures, but not a dedicated slot.
>"go out of your way to ruin the ADC role ... for me" > "is this change to her ult your way of saying you hate me" First of all, stop, you are not the only person to ever play {{champion:133}}, these changes are not a personal offense, don't pretend they are. Second: >"I'm a simple man with simple tastes - in other words, a {{champion:133}} lover" >"cringe-inducing monsters" >"this absolute rape of Quinn" yikes. not the best way to present criticism... Third: That mana cost **is** needlessly high. Hopefully they cut it down significantly.
: Bots Using Summoner Spell Surge
Could not reproduce. I tried both basic and intermediate Kayle-bot on SR, neither time was there anything unusual, they just died. Around what level did this happen to you? I only played to level 3 each time, enough for 2 kills.
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