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: Revert URF to ARURF again
then stop playing URF then? easy like that
: Edit: it's been fixed, its now regular URF.
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: Unusually high ping
lol riot is forgetting about pbe and focusing on event now
: ARURF - Item Nerf
AP item needs a nerf, like a lot
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: Of course they don't care, is that a real question? :D
they're too focusing on the 10 year birthday and let PBE become shit by everyday
: The only champ I feel is OP atm is Aatrox. I have come across a few who are unkillable even against 5 because they heal so much per swipe that even other OP champs cant handle him.
I think that the item makes him become OP, an example is an infinity-edge which is the most broken item in URF
: Login issues
same for me, but i able to sign in it just took forever to load
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: ARURF Available for Testing!
please nerf infinity edge, this item is just too damn broken in ARURF
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: Because it probably isn't. [This happened a few weeks ago]( and it's likely the same reason now.
lmao how this is not a bugs? are u try to say it our connection?
: Games not starting
: 5 out of 10 game i play that having a high ping issue
: Toxic players, inters, trollers...etc
Riot won't give a single fuck, because this is testing not live server
: Massive Ping?
same for me, forever 100ms
: Yeah i agree same here, every other match is super high ping
i play 5 games today and 4 of them have super annoying high ping and really ain't playable
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: Additionally they can't just increase the automatic penalties for being afk. Just in the last month or so there were two diferent issues on pbe where people couldn't connect to the game at all.
yeah but not now
: Unfortunately AFK's make a large portion of the PBE community, so they are going to downvote and slander you for this post. Even prominent members of this community are avid afkers. It's sad..
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: MS problem.
used have 30-40ms and after the update my ping stuck at 115-120ms
: Ping spikes?
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: They won't listen. because it didn't hurt them in their pockets. At this rate they are setting an example of how trash they are
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: Suggestions for new content should be posted in their respective locations on the Live Boards or [Reddit.]( The PBE is for content currently in testing. Also, yes, Riot does ban and punish people. I've seen leaverbuster occur on PBE firsthand for connection issues.
connection issues are not the excuses if they can't get a job and get better internet connection
: > [{quoted}](name=JustAGods,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=1g3KJBh8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-09T01:45:14.569+0000) > > yeah thank too Riot for changing Private to Public so all the noob and afker around the world join this server and making the most cancer server ever Looking at your account history your account is at least two years old, so you also thank your account to the fact that PBE is public. It's called *public* beta environment and it has such since at least season 2.
i does't need pbe to changing to Public so i can be here because i legit enough on Live Server, and why you are here? does _rito _paid you for every commend defending them?
: SO MANY AFKS it's unbelievable
yeah thank too Riot for changing Private to Public so all the noob and afker around the world join this server and making the most cancer server ever
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: RIOT please FIX the live server load screen ERROR problem / autofilled in ranking promotion game
3000 rp moi ngay sau khi hoan thanh niem vu la choi 1 game mode bat ki tru TFT ra
: Add back Daily PBE RP Bonus to TFT
TFT suck why they bother to bring rp for it
: PBE server
shame on you kiddo
: The new "RP is back" thing
i mean they could play few more they until they have enough rp
: Honestly they should raise the income to 6000 or 5000
who tho? you could saving your rp and keep playing few more day and you will have more than enough to buy the new project skin
: d/c'd in a game during the last server close. Can't rejoin. :(
Riot need to announce that when they going to decide to shut down server for maintenance, kinda annoying when they just randomly shut it down and don't give warning for it
you got free 3k (3000) rp for everyday, so why you don't use it then?
: RP doesnt refresh anymore
you playing 1 game everyday to earn 3000 rp on your account, it not resetting anymore
: So when they add new content to the PBE that I can't immediately purchase because BE is pretty much meaningless due to this, I should just not say anything? For all intents and purposes, they have the test server to allow people to get the latest additions to League -- seems counter-intuitive to have to wait. You have no idea how many people here actually care about testing, especially for bugs. You can literally just scroll down the front page of the PBE boards; I guarantee that you'll always find at least one person complaining about having to deal with said bugs in-game or in the client. If that doesn't say anything to you about either the player base or the lack of responsiveness when it comes to new content, I don't know what will. I certainly know you don't care, either, considering you've been mostly playing ARAM on the PBE, which is pretty much always available on every other server
ARAM are better testing on every champ, and stop crying over the RP
: TFT Latency affects skill cast?
: Will all new content on the PBE only cost RP now?
stop complaining about the rp, you come to pbe for testing not for free RP and riot very kind when you you 3000 rp by just playing 1 match of game everyday and you can save it up like since i already have 31000 rp by just playing and not spending
: In the same boat {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} . When did it start for you? I *today clicked on the Riot client to "remember me" at login, and trying to play the first game of the day did it. I played games yesterday with the new Riot client and it was fine
Im not sure but after the 3rd match of the day this happen to me
: Launcher black screen
i was able to connect to the server but not the game match
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