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: I'm an NA masters support main. Garen is not a juggernaut. He's misclassified. Period. I can tell you're plat anyway so you diodn't need to tell me. Anyway, keep being hardstuck, idc anymore. seeya
I see you can't read cause D4 is not plat but ok, it's not your fault you're in NA after all... I'm sure a support main knows more about Garen than anyone else... Calling someone hardstuck without knowing anything is literally the same as those people on twitter calling everyone they can't argue with a SJW.
: If you think Garen was weak and unplayable, you're bronze and have never watched streamers or OTP's play Garen into masters. I'm mad because 100% of the games I've been playing have been either with or against a Garen and 100% of the games, the team with the Garen won. They give Garen a one-shit power spike at one item as well as making him a late game monster to kill and now he has fucking true damage on his ult so there is LITERALLY NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Yet Tahm Kench is considered by literally 95% of the Tahm Kench community to be in a weak and unplayable state right now to the point where he is currently more useless and unplayable as he was when he was at the bottom of the winrates as a support, yet riot does nothing. Garen does not require skill to play. Garen shouldn't be doing high damage, period. Garen is a tank that literally runs in there, presses Q, and then presses E. Garen is the pinnacle of no-skill champion, and they just buffed him to do as much damage if not more damage than the majority of his higher skilled counterparts. With Darius, you had to manage an incredibly high cooldown E, had to manage your Q blade hitting more than one person in team fights, and have a combo you have to do perfectly in order for you to be able to get any damage off. Garen? Q, then E. Lots of skill right? You don't even have to hit a single one of his abilities on a target in order to kill them. You just stand next to them. And unlike Darius, every ability Garen has is targeted or a huge AOE. Meaning if he's faster than you, there is **no way to escape him.** And unlike Darius, he actually has in-built tankiness becaus his W gives him armor and his passive gives him full health just for walking away for a few seconds. Also unlike Darius, his ult does true damage. So you, as a tank toplane, have 0 options now against a garen. If you play any tank toplane against current garen, you auto-lose lane. He builds black cleaver and suddenly you have no armor, and his ult will one shot you from half health anyway because armor doesn't exist. This champion has been in 100% of every game I've played since its release. I have seen more Garen games than I saw both Qiyana and Pantheon Games combined, despite both being in playable states and being new champions. Why? Because current Garen is overpowered.
Garen was weak, really weak. Source : Riste, the OTP Garen that got to Challenger. He said it himself. I watch a lot of his content. I'm only D4 and it's already hard to pick him a lot (he's my champion with the most mastery), i get flamed a lot in champselect each time I pick him. He NEVER won a competitive game until the 5th August of 2019, something like 9 years after his release. But you must be gold at best to say that, and its a fact that Garen is a noobstomper so yeah in games where people play with their feet he's pretty good. No opinion on his rework though, I did not play on pbe before they deleted his on-hit stuff.
: Oh no, one of the champions have a whopping 5 Armor and MR to start scaling to maybe 15 to 20 extra armor and MR if she gets every drag, consider my point invalidated. And i said base, as in level 1, he has a higher HP value. All of my facts are just that - Facts. He doesn't do any damage, has a passive and W that are solely tank abilities as opposed to 100% of every other juggernaut in the game, peels for the carries, etc. He's a tank. Period. You can bring your silver mindset of "I don't agree with you despite the fact that all of your facts are 100% correct so I'm going to just stop talking to you now rather than provide you with more than one single example" all you want, but he does half the damage of everybody else on the list while being twice as tanky. He's a tank. Get over it. Here you are. Garen is a Juggernaut, a subclass of fighters. Riot classified him as not a tank, unlike maokai. And don't try to say something like "silver mindset" as an argument, i'm D4 55% winrate on euw.

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