: Regarding Swain's Dragonmaster Splash
up you go my friend this would be really funny for live and pbe server xD
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: Many champions are currently experiencing a bug where they can't use abilities, currently there is no fix to this bug. I'd say test various champions out in custom games to see who is and who isn't affected by this bug. So far here is what I'm currently aware of: Katarina: E won't cast at all. R can be cast even when no enemy champions are nearby. Rakan: Cannot E to anything. Xin Zhao: Cannot E to anything. Tahm Kench: Cannot cast W. R is buggy and does not work. I also noticed these bugged abilities stack Spellbound Orb, so you can solo stack to 100 stacks in a matter of seconds.
also Swain is affected as his passive "Ravenous Flock" doesnt work. You can't rightclick the enemys when immobilized which makes his Ultimate much more difficult to charge.
: We're looking into this. Thank you for the reports When you encounter this issue, can you all link me some client logs, please? ----------------------------------------------- Instructions: * Go to your LoL install folder * Logs * LeagueClient Logs * Choose the most recent log that ends with, "LeagueClient.log" (/not the UX or Launcher one please/) * Copy and paste the contents of the log into https://pastebin.com/ and send me the link please! ----------------------------------------------- TYSM {{item:3133}}
: This video was extremely helpful to us. Thank you so much for taking it and posting.
after that downtime some minutes ago for maintenance it still doesnt work :/ Sorry for my bad english btw
: This video was extremely helpful to us. Thank you so much for taking it and posting.
no problem hope it will help for a solution to this.
: [Client] – Can't click in anything when logged in
same Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRDcx0yJRlY&feature=youtu.be
: Please next time when you are posting a bug, add as well a proof to that. Before posting a bug try several times and post it with a video /screenshot as proof
actually i encountered the same bug since a couple of days. he is right lol
: FPS drops tremendously as game time extends
so i also run into this issue. someone mentioned that also rengar can be a cause of this bug. and i clearly see its since the latest patch that whenever swain or rengar is in a game (either our or enemy team) the game starts to drop the FPS down to unplayable 20 fps or less. i mean okay i run the lowest piece of computer you ever saw but on live server i still get my stable 60 fps all game long Just to mention it: GPU: GeForce GT 220 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 RAM: 4 GB DDR2 Single Channel HDD: 2x Samsung 1 TB (dont know the names but they are the most expenisive things on my Pc)


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