: They always remove so much more than they add. 4.3 they removed a perma slow and a heal, they added a slow, and shifted some shit around with minor buffs and nerfs. 4.10 they removed Energize (the best passive) as well as most of his consistent damage, they gave a very short stun and a movement speed on Q buff. 5.16 they remove movement speed, attack speed, base shield (which was one of the minor things buffed in 4.3) and movement speed, in return they give this stupid shrine passive and wait is that actually it? I'm unsure about whether the damage is a buff or nerf yet as my PBE is still updating however aside from that. Wow. Someday Skarner will be a champion who has had everything removed, except Q with a base damage of 2/4/6/8/10
That's exactly the problem I see with these. Honestly, I think Skarner was already a pretty healthy jungler with an amazing mid-game where he kind of drops off late game in which I would compare him to Lee Sin a bit where you would use your ultimate to reposition the enemy carry into your team but now they just removed the whole getting into the team aspect and make him reliant on those shrines.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
As an avid Skarner player these changes aren't what I expected in a sort of negative way. I saw all the other changes to Garen, Darius and Mordekaiser and was hoping Skarner might have gotten something good. Now I'm not saying everything is negative but there's a good chunk of it I don't find relevant (?) Pros: -The passive is a really idea overall because it helps your jungling. -The new scaling on his W. It's good all around for the tanky Skarners. -The E isn't just some worthless slow that does 10 damage anymore. (Worthless may be much but my point still stands) Cons: (oh boy where do I start) -The movespeed nerf. I understand that with the new passive is meant to compensate for this but the crystals don't help at all during ganks/teamfights. -The removal of the AS/MS from Q. I can understand the AS removal since it was mainly used for jungle clear but the MS removal hurts him a lot more than it should. Previously you can use Q to build up some movement speed on minions and catch up to enemies but now I feel as if Skarner would be to reliant on his E for ganks pre-6. -This might contradict my first Pro but the passive itself feels useless. Of course it helps you jungle but how does that help around the game? His fighting in teamfights (wow nice one me) in the jungle will be a bit complicated. On one hand he might get pretty good bonuses from his passive but on the other hand if the enemy team manages to recapture it the bonuses are gone and he might be risking something trying to capture it back but I also see that it would be part of the whole reward thing for getting a shrine(?). -His jungling becomes significantly better but in tradeoff I can see his early game ganking be significantly weaker which honestly I don't think is any good because I've played a lot of Skarner and know for a fact that his clearing isn't hard at all. -The ult changes without the old passive seems a bit harsh. The main problem for these new Skarner changes I think is the fact that you're trying to change the wrong things or just adding too much options to the wrong abilities. The E change I think is absolutely fantastic but just the whole removal of everything else from his kit kinda makes me sad ({{item:3070}}). He used to be a fantastic jungler that had an amazing mid game with huge dueling potentiel and now I just see him as a completely team focused champion where you just focus on objectives, which isn't bad per say it just doesn't doesn't fit in with his playstyle in my opinion. Alright so it's been a long read and I thank you if you've been able to bear with my grammar (it's late and english isn't my native language). I also have some questions: What happens on different maps? How much gold does the enemy team get from capturing the spires? Do you think that 20 damage on the level 1 ultimate is a bit harsh considering that most skarners will only ever build 1 damage item? (This kind of brings back the whole dueling aspect).


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