: Glad you like it! Please test it when it's up on PBE and share your feels. :)
Sorry It took me a while to come back to this post with some feedback. 1. The K/DA logo drowns completely in white. Personally I would like to have it stand out in the same orange as its non shroud version so it really POPS out when in shroud. 2. Would like to see that same pop on her weapons so it still matches the rest but does not blend in so much. 3. while maybe in a somewhat different intensity her hair could stand out a bit more. maybe a brighter version of the non shroud form. These will keep it in theme but at the same time make some key elements (namely K/DA logo, Weapons, and Hair) stand out. The K/DA logo one I somewhat see as required though as its detail that is lost now.
: Hi everyone! Following your feedback, I just committed a change to her neon form to better fit with the Prestige skin. https://imgur.com/a/Kb8X4bL (corrected with the mask in her recall: https://imgur.com/5uaN5Dw) It should hit PBE tomorrow. Let me know if you have any feedback! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
That looks stunning. Thank you for the update.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
Personally I feel like her hair could have just a tad bit less pop. To bring it more in line with the rest of the skin. not by much. just a bit. Like in her splash for example. Overall though nice looking skin from the little bits of info out now next to the turns and splash. Though I do agree with some that the tails should be more visibly connected.
: For right now, I only have a few comments, as I haven't gotten my hands on the skin yet (Not on the PBE yet) **EDIT: I have officially used the skin multiple times and my sentiments are the same. First off I will say that on my main account I am currently grinding out the tokens to be able to purchase her, along with the other content I'd like as well, I've already spent $150 in orb bundles for the extra tokens, to assure that not only will I be able to get this skin, but other fun content as well. So not to sound entitled, because that's stupid and I don't want to come across that way, I just want to share my thoughts and opinions in hopes that they may be helpful and affect the outcome of this super great skin! 1. The difference in detail on her wing (thingies?) compared to the K/DA version is strange. The prestige version is very simple and plain looking in comparison. K/DA has the ivory overlaying piece that looks great with her coloring and really pops, and the actual shape and form of the wing things looks much more detailed than the Prestige version, ie: the cutout, overall shape and layers of material, the jewel looks more massive and you can see it's shape/facets, while in prestige it looks like it was sanded off. I would just like some more detail on her wing things, the color/shape is too one dimensional. 2. This next comment is completely due to a combination of the wing problem from above, and her model it'self being very 2-tone white/gold. She looks a lot less interesting color-wise than K/DA Kai'Sa since her hair is blonde (aka gold) and she has gold in her outfit, and white as well. The only color you get out of her model that pops are the gems in her wings, although as mentioned above they look a lot less gem-y than K/DA version. My suggestions would be to add in some more structure or form to her wing things to make them not look so blah, and perhaps purple-ify the gem a bit to distinguish it more from the K/DA version, because as it looks now it is a slightly blander K/DA version. The skin should be great vfx/sfx aside, the actual skin/model should be PRESTIGE. Thank you for your great work! I've also added some mockups I've created from my very very expensive program called Micrösoft Paínt: Better wings: https://imgur.com/Zpyjhd7 Better wings touch of purple-ify: https://imgur.com/iXIfkJf
I very much agree with you here. A friend and I were talking over the skin releases and this was a pretty big point we both had. Its just weird how the skins greatest setpieces are so dull on the prestige version of all things.
: Should wolf be able to hit towers while lamb isn't in range? Feels like it shouldn't be that way. All you have to do is place his zone so he is in the towers range and he gets free hits on it.
Wolf can attack anything inside the area as long as lamb stays inside of it as well. Range to the target does not matter.
: Can we get a tool tip telling you that you've maxed your passive stacks, disable the selection aspect of the passive when you get to 8, or change it so it's got infinite scaling?
: Ah, seems like I derped.
Nah, There is no description of it and no other champion who has anything like it. so that is quite normal to not know about.
: I don't suppose that the bar for enemy champions you can mark with your passive could be changed to just slide away when it's on cooldown? Because since you have your target's champion portrait by your health and all, I don't really see the point of having the "passive bar" being displayed constantly even when you currently can't mark a new target.
You can press a button under the passive icon in your UI to hide the bar.
: Hey, this might sound a little dumb, but for a non native speaker the passive reads a bit confusing. When Iread it first I thought... 1,25% of the targets current health? But its death! Yaaaay, zero damage buff... Wut? But after that I understood that it's like a Bork. Maybe you can change the description so it's more clear. Visually I LOVE Kindred, the kit is aweseome and I dont think that his ultimate will be used for trolling. If you want to troll, go feed. In fact I think that it has even more tactical possibilities than Bards Ultimate. I'm excited :)
It is 1.25% current health like Bork. But it -stacks- on death not -calculates- on death. You start with 0 stacks. So 0 extra damage. Once you get one stack (Killing a hunted target gets you a stack) you have 1.25% Bork effect, 2 stacks 2.5%, 3 stacks 3.75% and so on. So a Bork effect that gets stronger the more stacks you have. The tooltip is confusing but that has already been noted by Riot and is likely going to change. {{item:3153}} !
: Trying to make a custom game to play kindren with inermidiate bots fails to load the game past champion select
It takes a while. But it will enter the game if you wait a bit.
: ^ Witnessed this as well playing Them, enemy kindred wolf camp markers would spawn but He never went above 4 stacks. I ended up with 9 and noticed around 5-6 stacks that i was no longer spawning wolfs marker. Additional info, had a 2nd wolf glitched behind me, I believe triggered by death during the returning animation from W duration expiring. Will attempt to recreate, but not the point of my post. seeking clarification as to if wolf is supposed to slow down or stop marking camps after X point or if it is in fact a bug.
Wolf stops marking camps when Kindred reaches 6 stacks. At this point it is seen as mid- to late-game where the jungle is seen as too easily accessible when ahead.
: I really love the champion, but sometimes Q prioritizes minions over champions, is this intended? Edit: Also the wolfs movements can be somewhat buggy, he seems to randomly teleport.
Q prioritizes based on 3 rules 1. the first is your last AA'd target. the first bolt goes to that target IF in range of Q 2. the other 2 bolts prioritize based on proximity. closest target gets it. 3. If 1 does not apply because the target is out of range the first bolt will instead follow rule 2 So no actual champion prioritization.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
A small thing I have is the actions of wolf out side of W. And my idea is to, instead of wolf doing nothing, have wolf do 50% of the auto attacks when W is not active (and maybe both on crit). I Do not know if this is possible during the normal attack cycle with AS playing a role and all, But it would make them feel more like a single champion. (Already posted this as a reply but also posting as as a single post and slightly changed)
: Alright, so having spent a few more games with Kindred, both watching others and trying out builds myself, my opinions and thoughts on the champion have changed slightly. One of the disconnects that I'm having is that the champion reveal says this: "In full-scale fights, Kindred fights best behind their team’s frontline, pouncing around inside Wolf's Frenzy with as many Dance of Arrows attacks as possible," But trying to actually play that way is unoptimal. The reason is that Q scales very poorly, has a long animation relative to Kindred's AA with a bunch of attack speed (which Kindred is going to build, for that on-hit effect), and forces Kindred into almost-melee range without any escape. There are two ways to deal with this. Either the champion reveal is wrong (quite possible) and this is the way that the champion is supposed to play: as a normal-old ADC who wants to stick in one zone and AA someone, kiting with Q if someone tries to jump on their face, or the gameplay is off and Q needs to be reworked a bit. If the former, I wouldn't change Q much. All it needs is for the attack range to increase so that Kindred can kite better with it. If the latter, Q needs to be changed to make it have significant DPS implications. Two ways of doing this: 1) Allow Kindred to continue AAing while using Q (which is actually a reasonable change without adding a huge bunch of power) 2) Change Kindred's scalings to encourage AD builds over AS builds, and give Q a significant AD ratio. This could be helped along by making Q apply on-hit effects (so that AS isn't the only option for utilizing the passive effectively). Understanding how Q is intended to work and that one gimps oneself by focusing on it late game, I have a better appreciation for Kindred's power than previously. Kindred still has some cohesion problems, though. Kindred's damage is very front-loaded: % current HP damage and a one-time attack that deals a burst of damage at the start of the fight. This in turn causes Kindred to be the worst recipient of their own ult. With very low on-demand burst, Kindred will almost always get destroyed by the enemy if both of them get down to 10% HP and get the heal from Kindred's ult. I haven't yet found a way to play around this, and I suspect that it's actually a design flaw rather than me not knowing what I'm doing with the champion. This one, I'm not so certain how I would change. That makes Kindred really bad at 1v1s. If Kindred has to use their ult, as above, Kindred loses. But if Kindred quickly gets ahead in the fight, Kindred's front-loaded damage and lack of any closing damage or CC or strong chase (the dash isn't good enough, since it's only effective mobility in a small (W) zone) means that the enemy can just walk away. And THAT, combined with the Passive, is a real issue. It would be alright if Kindred didn't have closing power or 1v1 power if Kindred's passive didn't require them to 1v1. How does it do so? Consider. I have to go into the enemy jungle to get Wolf's passive stacks; there, I'm likely to 1v1. I also want to hunt down single targets while they're alone to stack Lamb's passive stacks. Teamfights aren't a great place to get stacks because they're highly inefficient; I can only get one stack at most, even if I get a penta kill, and big teamfights don't tend to happen every 90 seconds so that I can change targets that often. To fix that, I feel like the passive needs some changes. Altogether, having given it more thought, I would make these changes: **Passive**: **Wolf: This needs to be fixed to work properly with jungle camps.** At the moment, Wolf finds a new jungle target if (passive stacks < 6). So if you get 6 kills on marked enemy champions, you never get to use Wolf's marks. Instead, Wolf needs his own counter so that you can get 6 stacks from the jungle regardless. **Lamb: Lamb should randomly choose a new target to hunt upon killing her target.** So if I kill Darius top, it could mark the ADC in bot lane, and I don't need to wait 90 seconds to choose someone before I can get another stack. If I don't like the randomly-selected target, I can wait for the cooldown, but having the option to get another stack quickly to capitalize on my power is necessary. There should be some delay on this so that Kindred doesn't get 5 stacks every acing teamfight, but I feel that ~2 stacks per acing teamfight is a reasonable reward. **Dance of Arrows**: **Q's attack range should be increased.** The dash range is fine, but when I dash away from someone, I want to shoot them at the same time. **Q should not interrupt AAs.** Right now, taking the time to Q severely lowers my DPS, meaning that it's better for me to just stand still in teamfights, just like a Cait or Urgot or Kog'Maw. If I wanted to just stand still in teamfights, I'd take one of them. Q is the interesting, flashy, fun, risky part of Kindred's attack pattern, so it shouldn't make Kindred play worse when used. **Wolf's Frenzy**: **Wolf should be able to apply the first two stacks of Mounting Dread.** Mounting Dread is the power of Lamb and Wolf working together; why should it all rest on Lamb to do the hard work? This build synergy between W and E, makes Wolf feel more impactful, and removes some of the clunkiness from E. **Mounting Dread** See above **Wolf's Frenzy** **E should not interrupt AAs.** This is another case where using an ability makes Kindred feel slow and like they are losing DPS. The delay before E applies is fine, but causing it to make Lamb stand around awkwardly for a moment as if confused by her partner doesn't feel right. **E's damage needs to be changed:** **Remove the 5% max HP damage.** This is unnecessary, unbalancing power. It causes E to be useful against neither squishies (flat damage instead of the 5% would be better) nor against tanks (5% is a very small reward for three AAs, even before resistances), and doesn't fit the kit. It neither helps Kindred close nor synergizes with anything else in the kit. **Change the damage to "The third attack deals an additional (??/??/??/??/??) + 1.0 total AD and applies on-hit effects twice."** With the % max HP out of the way, that clears room for the third hit to deal damage more in line with an extra AA. There are a couple of reasons to do that: 1, the damage is a lot easier to anticipate (the Kindred knows roughly how much damage an AA does, so knows roughly how much damage E is going to do), and 2, applying on-hit effects creates synergy with the passive. **Change the animation to have Wolf and Lamb attack at the same time.** The idea of this ability should be that it is Wolf and Lamb working together. Q is all Lamb, W is all Wolf, E should be the both of them. It will also make it feel less clunky (presently the third attack feels much slower than an AA) and makes Lamb do something during the attack instead of, once again, standing around being unhelpful. **Lamb's Respite** **INCREASE cooldown to make room for more ADC power.** R is an interesting part of Kindred's kit, yes, but it's also the most trolly, frustrating part. I would like it to shy away from the problem that Kayle's ult or Tryn's ult have (it feels like it's up every single time that you attack them), so that Kindred can have more power that isn't tied to what is mostly a supportive ability that supports the enemy team, too. Maybe change the ult to heal Kindred a bit more, to help with the problems enumerated above? **Base stats** **Increase movement speed to 350.** A big change, I know, but presently Kindred is bad at chasing. Kindred is supposed to be GOOD at chasing! This is a better change than increasing the frequency or duration of the E slow, and it combines with the W passive to provide her with heals slightly more often. It helps them counterjungle (can get in and out fast). And right now, Kindred is just slow, even for a marksman. It doesn't give that feel of an agile, wild hunter. **Increase base AD.** Kindred's clear right now is very slow. Combined with very weak early damage and no innate tankiness, it means that Kindred really isn't going to be making those risky plays to get into the enemy jungle for Wolf stacks. Kindred's going to be busy clearing their own jungle and going back to base to heal up. And increase in base AD would help clear speed, therefore helping with health after clear, and letting Kindred fend for themselves a bit better in the enemy jungle. That's all for now! I'll keep playing, and keep reevaluating, and keep posting my thoughts. I'm super psyched for this champ, and want Kindred to come out perfect!
Very nice post. A lot of issues I have with the champion would be addressed with most of these changes. Another small thing I have is along the line of your E change. But to have wolf do 50% of the auto attacks when W is not active (and maybe both on crit). I Do not know if this is possible during the normal attack cycle with AS playing a role and all, But it would make them feel more like a single champion.
: Is it possible to make wolf's mask look more like the splash by giving him the white ears?
Well if it would go that far I would also like to see the blue mouth glow and shadow like teeth instead of actual teeth, mouth and tongue. I like the Splash more overall as it is more spirit like. And the splash and in-game wolf design are a bit too far apart imo.
: This is waaay better than the dance we have right now! But i don't think Riot would change it.. Would they?
Depends. would take a lot of animation work though for 2 weeks
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Fiora!
The splash art just came out and it's very nice. Great work on that. But then there is the obvious question. could her hair really not be changed to a style more similar to the splash. Her hair flowing more from the lines of the mask gives a really nice feel in the splash. Its not much in terms of feedback. But the splash just makes it look so good.
: Maybe have the visor on only when vitals are available to strike? ^_^
I think combat in general would be better. but thats just my opinion on it :p
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Zed
Great work on the looks of this skin. Unlike the other skins i really have nothing big to report on this one appearance wise. Will be a great addition to my skins once it goes live. GJ on Project Zed.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Yi
Need to really test it yet but from what i see till now the top light colored armor could use some shading. Looks really flat at the moment.
: All of the PROJECT skins are great, but honestly i dont see why the skin for Yi is legendary, please explain
The Ultimate effect combined with new animations, effects and VO
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Fiora!
Mostly the skin looks really good. Most disappointment to me is the gray skin color that is unlike the other skins that retained their natural skin color. The hair is also not really Fiora like but looks good on the skin. But maybe it would be a idea to add a pink highlight to it or add a bit of color to it in another way. But really. Great work on the skin overall.


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