: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
I'm so confused right now. This is overkill! So many different items, the new minions or whatever they are called. This sounds almost as complicated as calculus! I predict this mode will be a blood-fest. Why is Morellonomicon disabled though? Seeing as Grevious Wound is getting removed from Miss Fortune's W, it is interesting to hear what's going on with this mechanic.
: Unfortunately, players with internet connections DCing are still ruining the entire match for 4-9 other players in the game. Think about your own experiences with a leaver and being forced to play 4v5: do you feel better or is the game enjoyable because you know the player left due to a DC?
I actually am a lot less frustrated after a loss because someone DC'd out of their controll than after someone purposely quit (because "cancer team" or w.e). The game itself is indeed better when I'm less frustrated. That said, in my opinion people who DC frequently should also be affected by the Leaver Buster system. They should be able to realize their internet is bad and not to queue up. Still, the qestions asked by Justaco are very important.
: We're intending to allow players to write a custom message for the end of game gift as well. We struggled with whether this should be bundled with honor or not and decided against it. A quick note - This allows you to gift your friends as well. Finally add someone to your friend's list but don't want to wait two weeks? This gives you a mechanism to squeeze in a gift a little earlier.
I completely agree with you. I don't understand why someone would Gift a stranger using real life money when barely anyone cares enough to honor people after games anymore. The only way I see this working is if you want to gift a friend without having to wait 2 weeks. That brings another question into play: will other gifting restrictions be applicable here? Level requirements for example. Edit: Looks like I answered to a wrong poster, clearly ment it to be one poster higher :D SOrry orz
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Well, looks like I'm never touching junlge again. I feel like it has been the most difficult role in League and you are making it even MORE complex. I'm not even near good enough to try and judge whether it's going to be for good or bad but it sounds very intimidating.
: Thanks for the feedback. Our time frame on this promotion is only two weeks. Seven games means you have to play a game at least every other day. We know a lot of players play a lot more, but we want it to be achievable even if you are busy during the time period and cannot play as much. Feel free to continue to discuss this though, we would love and value the feedback.
So basically you want everyone to get the icons, I'm not sure if I like this. I feel like the requirements are a little bit too little. I like the fact that there is no icon for unlocking all the other icons though. I always felt forced to get it, kinda.
: How come this time has no mystery gift
I'm positive there will be mystery gifting avaiable on the live server's event.
: Hmm, very disappointed that there is no Hecarim skin. Y u break ur tradition rito. There are usually 4 skins yes? Redeem yourself!
Well, there were only 2 skins for Harrowing and 3 are comign for Snowdown. I feel liek the trend is going to settle at 3 skins per event.
: I was hoping Lunar Karma would show up since she was leaked back in July.
Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that one! I'm pretty happy with the skins they did though.
: Rune Pages and Mystery Champion come to PBE
Champion gifting? It sounds out of place. I mean, I'd rather be the one to decide which champions I own and which I don't. If someone wants to eventually own all of them, sure that's cool then. But there's still a chance of gifting Teemo to someone who hates him with a passion.
: The time increase on Relic Shield's passive is not going to help make the item a good option
I completely fail to see how increasing the cooldown would keep the item more inline with other gold income supportish things. I thought the main problem here was the double Targon abuse and the best solution to that would be exactly what OP suggested. This thing gives a lot of gold AND free sustain ;.;
: Yasuo feels broken (Not good/bad/OP/weak)
I agree - he feels incredibily clunky. His E seemed lagged out for me all the time making the EQ combo really hard to do. Then I ended up missing anyway because of the travel distance on E >< so I just decided not to use it all together. To add to that, his auto attacking really bugs me. I mean he has a godamn long sword and it looks like he's attacking with the handle ;.; Just bleh.
: Offense Feast and Dangerous game - Feel like haphazard masteries because their effect are all less potent on manaless champions. If you are going to put a mana/mana regen on a mastery it needs to be separate from health/health regen because while everybody has health no everybody has mana. Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving - seems like mastery's that only champions that have range and/or spammable spells can use to their fullest potential. I feel that it leaves a lot of champions to fiddle with their thumbs. They can probably use one or the other but not really effectively. So that leaves me feeling like i should take one or both but not feel really good about my choice. Seems too exploitable on same champions (possible ex. Jax, Lee Sin, Riven, Urgot?, Kassadin, ...) Doubled Edge Sword - (should probably be called Double Edge Blade to make it more universal) Doesn't really feel like a choice that it probably feel like. You take more damage but you deal more damage. Everyone will take this simply because why not? Even if you take increased damage the option to kill your opponent faster/trade harded is too great to pass. Also it kinda feels that if there is a lane swap this will only make the 1 that is against 2 lose harder and he kinda has to pick up this mastery to be relevant because you will balance around this mastery giving 1,5-2% more damage. I like how Brute and Mental force are at 3 that lets you choose between the 1 of the 3 1-pointers. You should make more places where that is possible so you can advance to the next tier. It feels like really good design. Defense Enchanted Armor - is a mastery that is only useful very late game on some champions. Imo it should have never existed because it does close to nothing early game and doesn't feel significant late game. It's a bad mastery and should be removed. Reinforced Armor and Evasive - These feel useless imo. I never took them and they are absolutely not a good enough incentive to put 3 points in Hardiness and/or Resistance. If you aren't jungleing this tree offers no choice like there is in offense tree for the 8th mastery point. You will always take Block, Recovery, Unyielding, Veteran Scars. Imo Veteran Scars should be at 2 points and Reinforced Armor and Evasive (you could rename it Enchanted armor if you remove the before mentioned masterie) could be placed in T1 and T2. Hardiness and Resistance - They should be 2 pointers because of the current leveling scheme it feels bad to put more points into it than the initial 1. For the first point you get 2 armor/mr and for the second 1.5 armor/mr. Even if that would be op you should saturate the tree with more points/mastery's elsewhere. Opression - Seems totally useless to me. Second Wind - This one feels a little too binary. It would be incredible champions that can exploit it and useless on others. It could be changed into something more universal like maybe: When you fall below 25% health increases your base health regen for X% lasting X seconds. Cannot occur more than once in x sec/min. (feels a bit like volibears passive but this is just a random though) Also i don't think it should be linked to Preservance since it is so high up the tree. That feels bad. Legendary Guardian (a.k.a. Defender from S3) does less with 1 point than before but if you level it up it does more. But since it is a 4 pointer in T5 it feels horrible. To max it i have to either ignore my 21 pointer or dip into 22+ which lock me out of the option to dip 9 points into other trees. That sucks ass. Feels awful. The worst thing is that maxing it maybe more important than gettiing the 21-pointer. Tenacious - People might not get this mastery often. Unlike the offense tree's Havoc which is awesome and always useful this masterie isn't. It would be good to take it against some team compositions but not against all. People sometimes doesn't even get and Tenacious stats because it depends on the opponents if you are going to even need it. This could nice 1 pointer lower in the tree but as the top mastery it feels quite out of place.
I like the points you raised about Defensive tree. It really bothers me that we have literally no choice in Tier 2. If for some reason I wanted to go 2 points in Recovery and Enchanted Armor, I still have to use 1 point in Tier 1 of this tree or I won't be able to access higher Tiers. Might just be my secret OCD kicking in but it simply seems out of place and pretty much forces you to take Block -> Unyielding, Recovery and Veteran Scars (if not jungling ofc). I looked around here and didn't find an answer as to why it was set up like this.
: Health Bar Rework Update (11/6/2013)
The health bars look aweful! They don't help anything at all. While the colouring might be a plus, the whole general look is just too clamped.


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