: Rengar is one of the worst of the reworked assassins (even the smaller changes, just look at kha ;) ), He's not as tanky as he is on the live serveur due to the new W. The counterplay is quite simple, don't be really far from your team, or play a duelist or anyone that can kill Rengar before he kills you {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:238}} And probably many others that I missed. The issue is the same as it was before, a fed Rengar will instant kill you, and now only with the Ult crit + tiamat + auto.
> [{quoted}](name=Uriel The PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Rn2w42n7,comment-id=00510000,timestamp=2016-10-21T13:48:28.430+0000) > > Rengar is one of the worst of the reworked assassins (even the smaller changes, just look at kha ;) ), He's not as tanky as he is on the live serveur due to the new W. > The counterplay is quite simple, don't be really far from your team, or play a duelist or anyone that can kill Rengar before he kills you {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:238}} > And probably many others that I missed. > > The issue is the same as it was before, a fed Rengar will instant kill you, and now only with the Ult crit + tiamat + auto. The bad thing, is that a fed rengar is the cat with 2 items, and staying with your team will do nothing, he will jump and 2 shot you, if he is not fed, he will die, but he did his job, if he is fed, he will kill another 2 of the team ALONE before dying or the rest of his team kills the rest.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
I think people summarized rengar problems as rengar players, that is covered, now, what do you do against rengar? because i still dont know, against other assasins is more easy to get the trick: CC, defenses, QSS, zhonyas, protect the main target, etc. But what do you do against rengar, i dont know if the numbers are just too high atm, but the damage is insane. He is, by far, the most tanky of all the champions tweaked in this patch, doesnt help that a lot, A LOT of AD items have protections and defensive stats (damage reduction, MR, spell shields, magic damage health, lifesteal, movement speed), making him a damage dealind machine that have enough survivability to kill 3 or 4 on his own before dying or before the rest of his team arrives to help him. For the worst, his Q is no longer an empowered basic, so thornmail, that is supposed to be the most common counter to AA damage dealers, does nothing, and now, he building full damage, makes the build of armor on tanks useless thanks to lords dominic. I play mostly AP assasins or Fighters, so, i want rengar players to tell me what is the counterplay to have in mind against rengar, because, realistically, i dont find anyone with the current version of the cat.
: [PBE Support Itemization Notes - 6.22] Redemption, Knight's Vow, Ardent Censer, Crucible, Locket...
A question for the reds, why no new items for AP assasins? AD champs get the nights veil, that combined with banshees veil gives you a lot of anti CC, supports get redemption and knight vow, so why not a single item for ap champs? i know you tweaked some existing ap items, but i just watch the same patron during the last big patches (juggernauts, ADCs) of AD champs having more and more posibilities for builds, AP champs? the same old itemization of CDR - mana regen, rabadon, void staff. Again, why not to give AP champs new usefull items to deal with the huge amount of tanky fighters and slipery ADCs roaming the current meta?
: Why nerf akali's R?
Agree, feels so hindering those 2 seconds between jumps, and IMO they didnt balanced that nerf, because they removed power from the mark to put it in the passive, that is another nerf, because you need to hit 2 times your target to proc the damage part of your passive, enought time for them to kill you.
: Basically, Ap had their turn. Now, Ad's turn.
> [{quoted}](name=Muzikk,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dUHieJjd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-19T02:20:12.738+0000) > > Basically, Ap had their turn. Now, Ad's turn. AD already had their turn with the adc and juggernaut itemization, they even created the duskblade thanks to the zed players QQ.
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: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
My 5 Cents: A lot of these items looks pretty good, the real problem i can see, is that some items are way WAY more powerfull or usefull that the others: 1. Tried testing the AP defensive build (Zhonyas + Abyssal) that is core or is priority on some champs (Kennen, Diana, Katarina), I was surpirsed of how underwhelming this build is, the damage is so null that one single MR item on the target (even if its only null magic mantle) makes you loose the trade so hard that the only solution is that you need to choose to build one of them and then a damage item, like rabbadon or luddens, so, if youre facing a balanced AP - AD comp, youre screwed against one of them. 2. I really dont have a reason why i would not build protobelt in every single ap or hybrid champion, is a dash every 40 seconds with a damage component, that is HUGE for almost everyone, it doesnt matter if the champ already has a dash, now you can have 2 Dashes, and the only thing that can stop that is cassios new w. 3. The prices. When you did the AD champ items overhaul, almost every item got a cut in their prices, yeah, those items were cut of some of their ad, but those cuts were done in a way where the items are still optimal. Now we have mages items overhaul, just with nerfs for a lot of items and the other ones forgotten, Why is that Void staffprice is still 2650 when mortal reminder and lords dominic are 2700 (+50) and have an extra ability? Is not even like the girevous wounds of morellonomicon that are applied to targets under 35%, no, mortal reminder is to every ohysical damage, and lord dominics boost the damage against targets with more hp. Zhonyas Got nerfed in both ofensive and defensive ways, meanwhile maw of malmortious is still a thing, both offensively and defensively, just for 250 extra gold, Rabbadons deathcap is still 3800 gold as our most prominent damage item, but the AD most prominent damage item, infinity edge, cost 3600 gold, -200 from rabbadons, AND is one of the first items MArksman builds, contested only by essence reaver, that have the same AD that infinity, the same crit chanve, and gets you a LOT of CDR, thing that you dont have with mages just because you need to build at least 3 cdr specific items to get to 40% cdr, meanwhile every item a marksman gets after essence reaver is an items to boost damage, meanwhle the reacer grants them the other things they need (cdr and mana). As i just read in a thread here, i dont know what kind of math you did to get to those prices, but is not working because... Overpowered Champions. In order to compensate the mess with the items you did, you just overpowered the reworked champions: malzahar is, maybe, the best BEST jungler we had ever seen with this rework, to the already huge amount of damage brand have you add more damage in the shape of the passive proc, Cassio deals much more damage, now that she doesnt rely on landing her Q to trade (and her Q does more damage), vel koz now have the chance to deal full true damage with his ult... And everyone knows where this will end, with nerfs for everyone to make them bitting the dust, leaving only the AP carrys that we see those times (leblanc, azir, orianna), but surviving with sub par items compared to the AD ones. Where are the other mages: Kennen, Diana, Katarina, Akali, Galio, Even morde deserves to be there after the utter failure he was in the juggernaut patch, Is that they dont deserve to be actualized? or do you have something planned for them in the near future? Not everything is bad, i like what you did with items like morellonomicom and athenes to diferentiate them, the same with abyssal scepter, but for real, the nerf to zhonyas hourglass was a major in the play pattern of a lot of champions, and you really need to think again about the prices of rylays, lyandris, void staff and rabbadon. Off topic: WHERE IS THE DRAGON MASTER SWAIN SKIN YOU PROMISED TO GIVE US LIKE 4 YEARS AGO... :P
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
A bit of feedback: Q: Less damage than live but still the same utility spell. W: Very fun ability to have, but it have some inconsistences that i dont like very much: 1 -> When the voidlings are chasing a champion with malefic visions, as soon as malefic vision expire, they get back instantly to hit other targets instead of keep chasing him, or get back to malza, even if you dont point your cursor over other available targets. 2 -> The spawn of new voidlings when killing minions seems to be hindered by malzahar own spells, if malefic visions kills the target, or your Q, no new voidling will spawn. E: Damage nerfed, but still a good poke tool. R: Damage also nerfed compared to live W + R combo, but it can be matched with enough voidlings. Passive: Very usefull when fleeing or dueling, almost useless in teamfights if the other team have someone with gap closer or ranged abilities. Conclusion: For me, the champion was nerfed, his play pattern changed a lot, now it looks like your main spell is the summon voidling, less damage from their other spells tha makes them al most irrelevant without a voidling, and things that need to be solved for a bette QoL with this champ.
: Hey folks, We'll chat here about how to handle content/currency post-test, but we really encourage you to NOT try and re-buy everything immediately. We need as much interaction with the Loot system as possible, it's way more valuable than testing against older content. As normal, we'll get everything NEW in the patch set to the lowest price possible, so that you can still check it out. If you see us miss something feel free to drop a post here on the Boards and we'll take care of it ASAP. Thanks, Fei
Please give us the option to get the unavailable content that you removed, I was striped of victorious morgana, victorious sivir, order of the lotus irelia and captain gangplank, i had all that content before this test and now i'm not able to get them back.
: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
i dont undesrtand why you wiped out nonavailable content, Why i was triped of victorious morgana? how will I get again order of the lotus irelia and captain gangplank? Why didnt you checked this before jumping on a dumb excercise like this one and wiping content that isnt in the store anymore and that was never in the store to begin with
: Assassins need help BADLY
You complain about zed? look at katarina and akali, bursting an adc is a herculean task now
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: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
what about morde being invulnerable to damage as long as the ghost is alive, and the damage done to the green health (not the shield) of mordekaiser is transferred to the ghost, maybe that change could make some tanky ghosts more appealing that an adc one, and it should make him more reliable post 6
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I will say this morde changes are a complete dissapointment, i dont know why after that long long LONG discussion about hybrid champions time ago, youre suggesting a rework with hybrid scaling on his abilities. Lets see the flaws i can see in this rework: 1: morde from solo lane to duo lane (on the ADC spot): this is bad, because youre making a slow champion EVEN SLOWER to match some of the most mobile champions in the game and some of the most cc heavy champion in the game, supports and adcs, how i'm supposed to survive as mordekaiser against someone that hits harder than me, moves faster than me, have better cds than me? how will i survive the cc train of a support? how will I flee from a jungler gank? oh i know you will say "you can throw your W to your support to give you mov speed", then, should my support play always at my back to just try to give me a small chance to survive a gank? then what about the thing that both my metal spiral and my support metal spiral needs to touch to do damage, i need to say NO to that play just to keep me safe? the entire idea of making hima replacement for an adc is very bad unless you give him some hitting power against towers, something to retaliate ranged harass, and something to survive ganks. 2: Hybrid scaling: in the discussion about hybrid champions and hybrid items, that, it seems you werent with us yet CertainlyT, rioters made clear his position about not supporting hybrid items to hybrid champions like jax, kayle, akali... so, then, why are you trying to make morde an hybrid champion? AD tank? ok, its a big giant armor, Ap tank? ap carry?, ok is an undead in a full plate, but a hybrid champion? c'mon dude, youre better thatn this, is not that being hybrid is a bad idea, is that is a bad idea RIGTH NOW, thanks to riot not wanting to invest in hybrid itemization for the past 4 years, and just making the current hybrid items almost useless due to its low efficience. 3: bad design interactions: like i wrote in point 1 about his W problem, how will I land 3 strikes from mi Q to the target i want dead, to the target i should focus on, i f i had 0 ways to follow? no slows, no CC, no reliable mov speed boost , BASE MOV SPEED NERF. What if if my team is contesting dragon, so, if i want the dragon ghost, do i need to not use my ult in the fight? or if i want the ghost in a fight with the dragon still alive, do i need to stop helping my team dealing damage to dragon in order to keep the ghost i earned and not to be replaced by the dragon ghost? Maybe if the dragon ghost where more powerfull or gave buffs to morde we should think about it, but not even that, so, what should be the correct thought process there, because i cant realize it. 4: undefined role: we know what the role of an adc is, to deal damage safe and fast, to take down objectives quickly. So, what will be the role of mordekaiser as an adc replacement? its supposed to be in the "juggernauts" time of revamp, so why not making him a solid top laner?, a solid mid laner? even a solid jungler, but no, an adc replacement?, how will i replace the attack speed, the low cooldowns, the mobility and the damage an adc can bring to a team late game? i dont say we should make morde competitive, but please, think about his role on the game with this joke of a rework. well that is what i can see. My suggestions: 1. give him compensations on the base damage of his abilities if you want to keep the hybrid morde. 2. make his Q boost his mov speed with each hit. 3. make him able to cast his W on himself, so he can farm from a safe distance. 4. if you want to make him a replacement for an adc, give him hitting power on objectives. Give him something to retaliate ranged attacks, and something reliable to survive ganks if you dont want to use the suggestion 3.. 5. Clarify what boons you get with your ult either with a dragon ghost or an enemy champion ghost, also clean the way of getting dragon ghost in order to make the right choice and not to do something we dont want to like replacing ghosts by accident. 6. Define his role in the game.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Katarina!
i'll just say, i'm dissapointed with this skin, we come from dragon blade riven, panda annie, and lunar goddes diana, and you just show us a change of clothes for kata? Were is the common "we want to explore" that so much designers tells to us and that achieve great results, i cant stop myself of thinking that this skin was just another clothes for kata, a light change in her swords, and just for the skin to not become very simplistic and old styled, add some flowers when she cast a skill, I was hoping for a change of particles during this time before lunar revel, but now i see that will not came, there is so much that can be made with katas particles, even if their lifespan is shorter than other skills. This will sound a bit aggressive, but it seems like the team that designed this skin got lazy and just slack off designing the skin after finishing the other ones.
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: My Account got banned after a "Riot Employee" was threatening me with banning my account.
dude, this is pbe, here are no tribunal nor process, here is riot directly, if they find you toxic, its the endon the road for you here, sorry bro
: >A 50% increase to the CD of her most important spell is a death sentence. This is a joke, right? Even with nothing but 10% CDR (say from Fiendish Codex) that's 81/54/40.5, and that's ignoring the flat 15 second reduction from Voracity. One kill and 10% CDR turns "a death sentence" into **66/39/25.5**. That's nothing.
> >A 50% increase to the CD of her most important spell is a death sentence. > > This is a joke, right? Even with nothing but 10% CDR (say from Fiendish Codex) that's 81/54/40.5, and that's ignoring the flat 15 second reduction from Voracity. One kill and 10% CDR turns "a death sentence" into **66/39/25.5**. That's nothing. the main point is that, the thing we kat players enjoy the most is, aside the champs with ults based on charges, she is the only champ that can ult 2 times in a teamfight. they set up lotus cd to be 4 kills to a reset at lvl 1 and 3 kills at level 3, with 10% cdr at lvl 1 you could kill/assist 3 times and wait a few seconds to have ult again. Now, you cant reset your lotus at lvl 1 even if you have an ace, they are just severing one of the things that we love from kat, and we dont know why, i dont see anyone on the forums crying about how op kat is like they did when she was buffed after her rework.
: The Katarina nerfs are absolutely unnecessary and here's why:
they at least should give her a way to impact the lane post 6 to compensate this nerf.
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: The cost isn't going to change with the current numbers, and she's not going to get to heal herself. Current health eventually becomes cheaper than 10% maximum.
no matter what we suggest here, riot will never do it, until 2 or 3 months in the future when they realize that this rework is too damn overpowered or an olaf style failure
: Issues with multiple champion abilities not working or causing crashes
minions just ignore wukongs clone and is doing no damage
: Soraka Rework Feedback
I dont agree with her W, if you have an spammable ability, i dont think dying by spamming it should be something players will enjoy, a good example: mordekaiser. I tested one game where i was always below 50% just by healing comrades, even then, when youre in a teamfight, you will want to keep alive your carries, sacrificing your own health in the proces and letting your opponents kill you easily (and getting reset partys for them). thats why i think the tax should be lower, or soraka should be able to heal herself, cuz lets be honest, starcalls heal is not enough to keep her alive. talking about her E, i know about tryng to land it where the opponents will be, still is not enough, even bots walked away with a perfect land to where they will walk, and the only way they were rooted was in the situations where they were immobile attacking me. I think that increasing the range by 50 or 75 per level should be enough to have a good aoe CC, also having in mind that it deals no damage. i still think they should give her a tresh E like passive to not make her another zilean.
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: Soraka Feedback Thread request
well, i know riot will not read what we post here (or they dont care), but here is my feedback: passive, very interesting, i like the mov speed she gets, and the buff to her heals is nice. Q: i like it as it is. W: it have 2 big, BIG problems, the first one is that the heal is not instant, it takes like 0.5 - 0.75 seconds to reach the wounded target, that is enough time to the target to die even after we pointed him to be healed. The second one is the 10% max health cost, its an spammable ability (1.5 seconds with 25% cdr) so you will kill yourself trying to heal your team. E: the area is too small, even bots just walk away before getting rooted, EVEN after being slowed by starcall, is just frustrating. R: its ok, but needs lower cooldowns at 2 and 3 level. General: she needs another source of damage, i dont know why they make a rework of a champ with a single damaging skill, having real problems with one that does the same thing (zilean) and that will be reworked soon. My suggestions: Passive: keep it. Q: keep it W: fix that annoying animation to make the heal instant, and one of three, reduce the heal tax to 5% max health, make it 10% "current" health, or let soraka heal herself with this skill, maybe without her passive bonus. E: add something like tresh empowered attack, its frustrating to have only one thing that really do damage, and if youre support, not being able to kill something below 5% health and ending dying agaisnt that opponent for that lack of damage is one of the worst feelings in the game, and make the area grow bigger with each level, not too much, but enough to ensure you really need to spend something like flash or a dash or a mov speed buff to not get rooted, if she lands it properly. R: lower the cds at second and third levels.
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: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
i'm very worried about all those buffs to attack speed and the nerf to the only viable defense (randuin) against ad hyper carries like kog maw, twitch, vayne or tristana, as i see, randuin will be dropped and everyone will welcome back the league of warmogs followed by the league of thornmails. what will you do stop that, and please dont tell me frozen hearth works, because it doesnt work unless you have a lot, A LOT of health.
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: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
i really cant agree with the buff to flash range with that distortion enchantment, there is literally no reason for purchasing the other ones with something that reduces 20% flash cd AND increases his range to the s2 flash range
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: Oracle is only good against champions that disengage with a stealth.
: [Suggestion] Xerath current Ultimate
i know what do you mean, i also like the 3 basic spells, and i know the type of problems that getting instagibbed without knowing from where can bring to the game, but the thing is that ascencion just dont feel like xerath. Look at karma, she is pretty decent right now, but all the old main karma players i know still remember all the rioters mothers when we start speaking about the old and new karma. i dont want xerath to be like that, to be another meh champion reworked just to be viable instead to be fun, i remember xelnaths post showing the chages on xerats ultimate, and was really promising, but when xerat was released on pbe to be tested, i was instantly dissapointed with his ult, and i was not the only one feeling the same, after that date, the only thing they are doing is tuning the numbers on that ult, ignoring all the people that wrote about not liking it, about wanting something different. my suggestions can change, but i still say, the fun part of xerath, was getting the extra range of his spells while in locus, not only his ultimate, fusing his live version ult and locus is just a bad approach of what a rework should do for this champion (my personal thought), its like an easy scape of something that just was to big for the rework team to think and implement.
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: How Kass Feels
in my opinion, they are urgothizing kass, there was a game where, in mid game, with zhonyas and RoA completed, a full round of REQW even didnt hit an adc kog maw to half health, that is BAD for an assasin like kass, and that happened like 2 weeks ago, now the numbers are even smaller those of that game, i really dont like the numbers on kass right now.
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: Xerath Rework V9
i feel his QWE are amazing, but his ult is not like part of him; arcanopulse, locus of destruction and stasis orb have a nice synergy, but his ult have 0 counterplay, 0 synergy, yes, it adds A LOT of power with that vision range, but it feels like if one person was designing his 3 primary abilities, but a different person was designing his ult.
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: [Kassasin] Upon death, his W isn't applying the passive damage, nor is the active working.
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: Unable to see Endgame Stats affecting Reporting
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
First glance at new masteries: Offense: Very nice all the changes, but i dont like the fact that 2 masteries are focused on champions that uses both AA's and spells to deal their full damage output like akali{{champion:84}} , riven{{champion:92}} , fizz{{champion:105}} , jax{{champion:24}} , and not a single one to bursters and nukers like brand{{champion:63}} , annie{{champion:1}} , malzahar{{champion:90}} . That means, these first type champs can have a 3% damage advantage on both aas and spells over the second ones with a similar 21/9/0 or 21/0/9 set, i dont think that is fair, considering the high burst these first type champs have. Even if you argue that the second type can have the 5% ap boost mastery to her AA's, the first type can have it too. Defense: Excellent tree excep for 2 things: 1) 3 masteries have logistic problems as i can see: enchanted armor: increase your Bonus armor and mr by 2.5/5%, that is less than NOTHING, you need 100 armor to get 5 more armor and with 200 armor the bonus is only 10 more armor, same to mr, that mastery is just not worth to get in any situation. you can say it synergizes well with lvl 4 tenacious, but that mastery works very well alone without enchanted armor, no need to combo it. oppresion: i think it doesnt work, when a target have impaired movement, usually he tries to escape, not to duel, even then, when youre stunned, snared, feared, suppresed, charmed... you cant do any damage, then its a mastery that only works on slowed and taunted targets, not worth to be a tier 3 mastery. Runic shield: its a great mastery, but to be a tier 5, i think is a bit lame that it only regenerates when you die and respawn, should be everytime you go to base. still, its a very interesting mastery. 2) when you set 21 points either in offense or utility, and you want to take the other 9 in the defense tree, you have only 5 masteries worth to get: block, unyielding, recovery, veteran scars and juggernaut, because the other masteries dont work for lane minions and/or dont grant you a real defensive bonus you can notice (enchanted armor case) Utility: very good tree, i still think vampirism should be in offense, and another mastery should be in utility replacing vampirism, but still, good job in this tree. Very interesting the mastery that allows summoned units to have increased duration. sorry for my engrish.
: PBE is unplayable!
: To the new PBE players
1 year+ old PBE tester here, welcome to the new ones


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