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: SKING BUG - DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm kinda scared that might happen to me, cause i have almost all the buyable skins and i'm not really into losing them
: Please check my collection. skins disappearred
god i really wish it doesnt happen to me, i have almost all the skins ;~;
: This happened a lot before, and looks like its still happening. I dont know to be honest (Maybe because it can't be unlocked?) Its not the only one, the "Meowcon" icon also makes this happen.
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: emote bug (again)
Same thing :/ I found a blank icon too, it can be used
: As skins
Oi! Em primeiro lugar, é melhor que você falem em inglês aqui no Community, já foi falado sobre isso, fica melhor das outras pessoas entenderem. Em segundo lugar, o Community é focado em um feedback mais específico, principalmente do conteúdo lançado **apenas** no pbe! _With Love, TsuNami_ {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: A question on new content
: PBE Store, new products not showing?
Same thing! I can't find the new emotes and the chromas
: I feel like her colors are a little bit too dark. I understand the need to not make her and Rakan confusing, but this went a bit much, to the point where it's hard to notice that this is a Sweetheart skin unless you look at her cape. I feel like there should be more red/pink, maybe on her skirt(Rakan's pants are purple, so that's not a conflict), and specially, more details in general. The textures feel very plain and WIP, the hearts could have some color on it instead of being just being a shape on the gold parts of her outfit. And her hair could maybe have a ligther shade, even if it's not just white like Rakan. I think [that edit]( has some good changes.
The edit is awesome, but there's something missing yet
: This Skins can be better
: Xayah Cupido Mortal/ Rakan Queridinho e Nova skin para a Lux/ Warwick/Nasus
Olá! Por favor, postem em inglês galera, o PBE é um servidor do NA, e já foi avisado sobre isso. Sei que é difícil, principalmente pra quem não fala inglês, mas é preciso <3 GL HF!
: [Loot Tab] Blank Emote From Normal Hextech Chest
same :v now i have a blank emote and a blank icon too
: Can't/disabled practice tool
Read the Service Status please <3
: Can't buy/gift any skin released after Freljord Taliyah
Same error :/ And I do not know if it's just me, but I can't buy most of the emotes, I can only get them in the boxes

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