: Working as intended minions/monsters hit by sion's E are unable to be slain until the end of the skill duration/reaches its end range.
But surely the feast should still kill the minion at the end of its range, not just leave it at 1/4 health? It should still die when the skill finishes.
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: Sion gameplay
I had this bug as well, while playing Cho'gath in a game with Sion jungle. The sion e'd a melee minion just as I feasted it, which should have done 1000 true damage, but only took the minion down to 1/4 health. This was on the live servers by the way. **HOW TO REPRODUCE** 1. Use Sion's E "Roar of the Slayer" on a minion 2. Simultaneously use Cho'Gath's Ult 3. The minion will survive the 1000 true damage from Cho'Gath's ult, with about 1/4 of its health remaining. Conclusion: Sion's E does wierd things to Minions.
: Bard Ultimate and Morgana Shield
Having the Black Shield blocking the ult, may prevent you from being saved. For example, if you have the shield on you from a teamfight, but are about to die, surely you would want the bard ult?
: When I try to open PBE it opens up the live client instead
I had this problem, and it occured when I tried to rename a shortcut for the PBE client on my Desktop. I planned to name it "League of Legends PBE", but as soon as I had typed "League of Legends -" the shortcut for the client kind of 'merged' with the shortcut of the main client, so that whenever I double clicked on it, it would open the main client, not the PBE. To fix this, I just created a shortcut in the folder where the "lol.launcher.admin.exe" first, and named it "League of Legends PBE" before moving it my desktop, and I have not had this problem again. Hope this helps!
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: Blue screen on jungler's buff
I have also had this bug. The boxes display '(Name of Jungle Camp) tracking' and if hovered over give information such as how many times you have taken that certain camp.


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