: If you're going to present your pov at least be complete in doing so. DCap gives you ap based on what you already have, 1st item DCap vs 3rd item DCap, it's more effective later in the game. Luden's got nerfed from the original 120 AP -> 100 ap for balance issues. Rylais in itself is not that powerful of an item, it's more defensive than offensive since you gain the utility of kiting assuming you can hit skill shots or use a point and click ability. Liandry's is a circumstantial item rather than a 1 size fits all, you need either a slow in the champion's kit, or you are further dependent on Rylais Zhonya's which is also lowered to 100 ap and has very easy counter play 50 armor to a mid laner is useless unless you're against an AD mid, or a jg that's camping you is AD Morello, which is a conditional effect, with the prerequisite of the enemy being 40% or less. Against health tanks, you have very little chance to get them to 40% unless they put themselves there (Mundo). Especially if they have a Warmog's or DMP. Lich bane is a joke, it has been since it was reworked. There's a reason why every AP mid laner that was reliant upon it got buffed when Lich was changed to hybrid bonus. (Everyone except Lux) As for Banner of Command, how many people ACTUALLY use it? Show of hands? Afronaut and who else? Furthermore, show me more than 2 items for AP Magi that is relevant to AD bruisers or ADCs. You have 2 items, with AP and armor. That's it Unless you honestly suggest stacking multiple Seeker's Arm guards. AD in general got life steal out the ears this patch on items that were already designed to mitigate magic damage. Maw, Merc Scim, are the big two.
I build banner of command all the time on support. Low elo players are bad at wave management, it's good for gold generation, and has a great aura. It's obviously a utility item and not for pure damage.
: New client crashed in Champion Select after locking in "Project: Yi" for skin.
This bug isn't specific to Project Yi, the skin lock in button occasionally crashes the client. For now, the work around is to just hover over whatever skin you plan on playing, but not lock in. The skin changes anyway.
: Warrior's bloodlust will be very difficult to balance on yasuo, pantheon, tryndamere, ashe
For Pantheon at least his early game mana issues negate a lot of the pressure it could give him. Since there are no mana potions he stays healthy but he can't really pressure with Q spam + potion chugging. It also only procs when minions are under 15% hp, it's not super reliable because it's easy to overshoot that even in the early game (you can out-damage this threshold on your first clear in the jungle as well).
: [Client] - Champion Select Crashes Masterpost
Typing during the 0 when you choose the champion you plan on playing that game crashes the game. 2:0 so far.
: I have had to wait 30 min for a game because of this alone. I think a real solution would be to add a warning tooltip at like 10 seconds left reminding people this is required now, as it didn't used to be, whitch makes it REALLY annoying.
There is a tooltip near the end of the timer, I think its 15 seconds? It warns your right next to your champion portrait.
: Loadingscreen - Icons from spells didnt match in the boxes
I've had this problem as well, the icons load slightly down and to the right.
: Teammates banning the champion you said you were going to play
Yeah it really sucks, I'm just going pick champions that are similar to what I want to play, that way people who actually want to look at the team comp can see where it's going but trolls can't ban me out. :|
: Sions Hp and why You done nerfed too hard.
Yeah, over-nerfing bases to compensate for an alternative form of scaling seems to be a new trend (happened during Azir's release as well). But in practice unless the game is verrry long you're not going to get very far ahead of other champions. It puts you at a detriment until you hit that breakpoint. I suspect that they're balancing around both his shield and passive, the problem with his shield is that he still has kind of an awkward mana pool, but 10% of your HP with additional scalings is definitely nothing to scoff at. I wouldn't mind a nerf to his passive for a little extra hp, it is pretty strong. The problem with balancing around it is that even though you have a rebirth mechanic, you still die and give your enemies gold, which can be a problem early if you can't trade kills.
: The shadows on the Summoner's Rift(Updated), have started to flicker when i get in game. This has happened 4/5 times I've played on this map today.
I'm also getting shadow flickering.
: Warmonger Sion Changes
I disagree, I've always enjoyed the warmonger skin, it's actually the first skin I really liked. I *hated* the update, it was far too dissimilar from the original skin, now it looks like a true update: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ULpauEqQ2yk/VCnvuPZehjI/AAAAAAAAaDU/1B_kzBsnhus/s1600/war23.png The skin uses the same shades as the original. http://i.imgur.com/Hcn3GEF.png But I wouldn't buy the previous version, its just far too different. EDIT: Perhaps I'd would have liked it more if it was completely new, but paying money for something and getting something completely different sucks.
: PBE Runes
I did the same thing last night, you can use the rune combiner to get rid of extras and make the ones you don't have.


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