: Leona, Zyra and champions with sunglasses still have those iirc but they are no longer visable on your buff bar. Hidden stuff.
yeah exactly. That's what i meant.
: Ninjas don't have passives anymore. :/
Aw they don't? really? What about Plant vs Zombies or Leona and sunglasses, etc.? Either way, I still think this passive is funny.
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: [SUGGESTION] Decaying Inhibitors
In my opinion, the inhibitors should decay when being destroyed. But after destroyed, the health bar should change color (maybe green when it's alive and yellow when it's dead) and slowly regenerate. In that time, maybe have it rebuild itself. The inhibitor health bar color change will also slow how long until it respawns again.
: [Braum] - A graphical bug occurs if recalling is canceled.
Okay, I know this is a bug and everything. But you got to admit, it looks pretty cool.
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: so no matter what {{champion:17}} shrooms still better. I mean he can ward the map with it and there's no sources to clear them.
There are still {{item:2043}}, {{item:3362}}, {{item:3341}}, {{item:3351}}, and {{item:3364}}. Those can clear them.
: When I was killed first as Lee Sin, it said first blood on the screen, but no person said it. I don't know if this was specific to my game or team builder, but it happened.
idk why, but a lot of people also have this no announcer no champion voice thing
: One other suggestions : The creator is not able to choose the role but only the position of the champion. We have been surprised twice with 2 supports because only the position can be set. If you could give tha ability to select the role in addition, it would be awesome.
That will come later.
: Team Builder Bugs!
In chat in team builder, if you use the scroll wheel, you can scroll down one more than the "bottom" of the chat, giving you a blank line. Once you do this, clicking the up and down button in chat won't work
: I just played a game on teambuilder and was matched against 4 mid laners and a top...There must be some problem with the team matching. In addition, the lack of distinction between bot lane marksman and bot lane support is an issue as i have had multiple games in which i have two supports and no adc. Both of the supports had chosen to play a support role (no adc sona). I was solo for all of the above situations
The leader can decide what lane they want people to join in the spots.
: I'm not sure if this is a team builder bug or a sound engine one but it did occur during a game with the team builder. The enemy team had an effect added to their sounds (attacks, placing wards etc) that I haven't heard before. It's hard to explain but it kinda sounded like someone squeezing a rubber duck. It was especially noticeable on {{champion:36}} 's cleavers who would make the sound every time they hit something.
Were they using skins? Might sounds different?
: Wish you could specify what kind of bot lane you are looking for Marksman,or support.
You mean for team leaders? There will be an option. Next to what lane, you can see "any role." Later on, they will add an option for roles you want.
: Player (thunderbirds pbe) joined as nid supp. game said player left but they were still in chat and didnt really leave. Screen shot included.[](http://puu.sh/6sgpY.png)
that nidalee support also reported that bug here :)
: Team Builder Bugs!
In team builder, you can scroll down in chat one more time for a blank line. It's not bad, just annoy me sometimes.
: **This isn't a bug**, but I found (as I expected) that not many people want to support, and this results in extremely long wait times. This may just be because it is on the PBE and it is a small server, but I predict that patterns will be similar on actual servers. To solve this, some people may want to switch lanes/roles to reduce wait times, but they are unable to, as they have already locked in a lane/role. I think that people should be able to request a lane/role change to their captain to reduce the time that they have to wait, thus making team builder more helpful and fast. Many other people I have encountered have my same opinion. Thanks for reading and taking my idea into consideration :D **Have a great day!**
There was a "research" about roles not long ago. It turned out that the difference in the amount of players who play each different role are not that far apart. However, I did also run into the problem with waiting for one role, ADC, for more than half an hour.
: Team Builder Bugs!
For some champions while in team builder, the portrait on the map looks a bit off. I suggest an enlargement of the portrait for the entire face, or move the picture a bit. For example: {{champion:84}} portrait looks like she's hiding (I guess because she's a ninja?).


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