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: I feel like they dedicate a lot to skins to the point when a skin gets to pbe there is little to no bug to be reported, therefore maybe is enough for the ones who already have the champion, and those who actually play with that champion to test it, probably a person who never plays Jarvan and doesn't even have Jarvan in their main account who know exactly what to look for. I believe they will fix this someday, but at this moment they are focusing lots of resources in Nexus Blitz which really needs testing remember after all pbe is a tool for them to improve league, not for us to have free skins. We all like to test skins but, it makes sense after all.. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Wasnt the last updated champ, Akali, packed with some janky bugs on her skins like texture errors and appearantly a bug so big on Infernal that it had to be disabled? Dont pull the "its totally all polished by the time its on PBE" thing, the point of the pbe is to game-test and try to break shit up so that its polished by the time its on LIVE. xD
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: The top lane feels useless in this mode. Every game I do it's rotating between mid and bot lane and top gets ignored. The jungles don't touch it either. No one bothers with top turrets.
There... there is no top lane though? The fuck u on?
: It has been two, three weeks. I guess it is not a priority for them, since the items who needs testing all costs 1 ip
Champs dont though, and you cant buy a skin unless you OWN the champ. If you got all champs for free then this wouldn’t be a problem. Reworked skins dont go on 1 BE either, i couldnt test any of akalis new skins. BigOOF
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
-Guardian Angel buff is brutal op on 5 people for 90s on this gamemode -Shield seems pretty okay but could use a bit of tuning down -The blitz hooks and player cannon are cool, more of those pls! -The jungle isn’t actually that dangerous, soloing seems possible though not efficient on good waveclear champs like Kayn, Vi maybe, etc. Maybe tune it to be a LITTLE tougher but otherwise cool. I like that killing the big wolf seems to kill all the small ones too. -Ganking botlane is awful. Maybe make a secret path along the back wall, maybe throw a healthpack in the hole so it benefits the botlane players themselves a little to compensate for the buff to jungle effectiveness. Idk. Its odd that midlane can see the blue get started, making it highly contested by all unlike Red which i feel is slightly stronger buff-wise. Thats fine though, just interesting -Overall, snowballing is crazy high, but if you can stretch it to 19mins and Sudden Death comeback chance is WAY high. Maybe tune it down a little -The walking Nexus’ need to be stun immune to prevent weird shit, they should meet in the river/middle -Also, slow them down a smidge. They’re a bit too f a s t Thats all! -AA
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: New normal Akari's icon is too big
1: Akali* 2: Agreed on the zoom out 3: The splash art lighting color is fine, i dont see a problem with it.
: Easy way is, create custom game named Akali vs Akali or something. With that way you can play Akali versus people.
Mirror Matches aren't a good basis on figuring out playstyle and champ balance 1. Akali can hide in ANY akali's shroud, ally, enemy, or your own. Meaning in OFA you have entirely invisible fights in the ENTIRE lane length which is fucking hilarious 2. If you get ahead, you will stay ahead. You'll never see her strength points come and go throughout the game because a 4/0 akali will always beat an 0/4 akali, no matter what, unless you chimp out and unplug your computer by accident. 3. You wont always be in a 1v1 in real games, ganks and roams and rotations are important to learn. tl;dr draft is the best and most accurate test zone, but it's dicey to even get her..
: Unable to purchase skins, haven't gotten any RP grants

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