: It doesn't feel like it fits with any of the bloodstone skins thematically. It's a dark mess with little contrast. It wouldn't even take much to make it look really nice, but from just below the shoulders and down is all one indistinct tone.
Correct me if im wrong but isnt it only taric and lissandra? Either way i get it, a few more gems in a more bloodstone color around the torso legs would get it over the top, its true
: As someone who already has this skin, I'm more than disappointed. I want a refund. Firstly the skin isn't just bland and dull, it's most certainly the ugliest and most boring 975 skin in the game. Please, prove me wrong, but even if you find something uglier and less deserving of this price point (I'd accept it at 750 even though that's still pushing it) it will be at least 3 years old, guaranteed.
and here's proof you cant please everyone, i loved the skin and its execution, he's badass, and it fits really well with the new direction the whole taric rework had i miss some skulls but we all know skulls cant be a thing... i would like more of a "blood" on the gems and mace, more purple-ish but i totally get your idea
: Let's Talk about Armor of the 5th Age taric
i thought this was going to be a SJW thing when i started reading but after all you want a more sexualized taric ingame xD let it stay as it is, getting a new texture to change so little would be petty of us to ask
: Zero IP and RP
play one game, they will probably award you 1KK of each after 1 game (48h lee-way) but yeh, try ascencion, fast paced and you might get what you need
: And DJ Sona is 3250 Huh, spouting out irrelevant garbage is pretty fun
and infernal nasus is 1820 ...wich is also irrelevant but less so
: What if I have unlocked lvl 7 for all champions (Ofc anytime soon)? What then?
according to my calculations by opening 48 cases to see my "year wins" i assume that (if the ip champion boxes rotate in a yearly manner) you will probably need a full year to do it, they'll just have to think of something and untill then you'll hoard them like you hoard ip right now
: this goes against the "mastery" aspect of the Champion Mastery system, you raise the level by playing the champion, and thus gaining or proving your experience with said champion, but using shard to raise the level goes against that concept entirely, its not experience/play based, it turns into a luck based thing where you have to pray to the RNG gods that you get a shard for your favourite champion to raise its level cap makes no sense {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
you dont level up, you raise the max level champion mastery is now 6 at 21600 points lets assume you have 22000 on jinx (mastery 5) and 1 jinx shard by spending that shard you'll be able to get you max level raised by 1, making it 6 but your XP is still the same so you wont be mastery 6, you'll remain at 5 but with the possibility to get 6
: At that point I feel like the icon wouldn't be enough of a reward. Like I'm going to have to unlock a chest to unlock a mastery level, and then grind mastery points to unlock...an icon? An icon would be a good reward for chests. it's easy for Riot since those squares of art already exist, and it's easy for us since we just have to get a few shards. Riot has to look at the effort they're putting in, and the effort players have to put in to make sure reward systems like this are worth it for both them and us.
i never find "free stuff" not to be enough... its not something theyre asking money for and lets face it, its not for us theyre doing this, theyre doing it to grab more people to the game... we are already "infected", they dont need to keep us here, the game does that already .-.
: Yes, but in order to **_use_** the XP you've earned, you have to **_also_** unlock the level separately with shards.
yeh, its "sucks" but if it can be done with IP then its just another "ip sink" for people who have too much ip for people who dont, i see it the same way i see "buying champs with RP". yeh unlocking a champ would be nice, but if i save it and buy the champ with ip i can instantly upgrade the mastery cap! i know i'm a glass half full guy but hey, its something and theyre trying! its FREE content, i'm always up for it
: If this is the design you guys are ultimately going for, I like that you've planned to make champion shards available for IP in at least one way. However, I don't entirely agree with the design choice of being able to _**purchase**_ champion mastery levels (albeit indirectly). When the champion mastery system first debuted, and client/video assets for levels 6 & 7 were added to the PBE shortly after, I was really pumped to be able to show just how much experience I had on my favorite champions. What made the system so uniquely **_cool_** in my mind was that in order to obtain that shiny level 5 badge (or beyond), you had to **_earn_** it by playing enough games and putting in the time. Whenever you see someone flash their emote in game, you know for certain that they at least put in the time, effort, and experience necessary to level up that champion. Seeing four badges next to your teammates in a loading screen is one of the most reassuring things in the game, because it lets you know that your teammates probably know what they're doing. Though one might argue that purchasing champion mastery levels for shards simply "allows players to earn rewards through a different method," in reality it detracts from what makes the champion mastery system so special, by changing it from an absolute measurement of experience on a champion to something purchasable. In my opinion, if a player has enough mastery points to fulfill the requirements for level 6 or 7, then they've earned it. They shouldn't have to unlock the level separately just in order to be able to _use_ it. I can't think of an alternative rewards system for players that have unlocked all champions right now, but I hope this post makes some sense.
"This will increase the level cap, but won’t increase your actual Champion Mastery experience or unlock any associated rewards" if you want level 1-7 you have to play, you just up the level cap! so if you havent played him enough, you wont get level 6/7
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
I shouldnt be posting this late, i feel like i might make little sense My 2 cents tho Sounds better than nothing... does it? well no, if you dont care about mastery and just like playing a champion because you like it then this will just be "another emote you dont even use" well yes, if you actually get something worthwhile from mastery 6-7 my suggestions? (the too good to be true)- picking a skin shard (from the champion) at your choice (maybe block legendaries/ultimates) (still good but not amazing)- getting a random skin shard for that champion (+ maybe some visual dust, cant remember the name) (Even better and "doable")- using the ingame portraits for icons for that champ (i believe this would be player favorite) (meh, its something)- more boxes+new emote (i know its there but something bigger)- Loading screen bling (chromas ruined this one but maybe?) - chroma like recolor skins, just 1, and for those who have it already, a new color (i know this is pratically impossible especially since so many visual reworks incoming, but a man can dream okay?) and these are my 2 cents... i believe people get paid to get better ideas than me, so get to work you thinkythinkers.... (also milestones for total mastery points and this has to be an evolving icon of awesomeness....dooooo iiiittt, ddooooooo ittttt) EDIT 1: 2 am typo cleaning
: Unlocking new mastery levels sounds like a pain in the butt. I would honestly prefer if champion shards unlocked the champ portrait as a summoner icon or something. Unlocking mastery levels isn't very interesting and probably isn't something I would bother working towards. I would only be interesting in working towards things that are worth working towards. Champs, skins, icons, etc. Mastery level is one of the least interesting things possible for a system like this. More stuff for IP is always great, love to see it and would love to see some IP options for the crafting system. So great work on that one. EDIT: I also don't like how this system makes people that actually care about mastery level choose between unlocking champs and unlocking mastery levels. EDIT2: After further thought I feel like this system is worse than nothing. Like, I have every champ. So initially I was a little bugged by not being able to use champ shards in crafting. But as I further thought of it I settled at, "Well I guess I don't have to bother with that part of it then, np." With this mastery system I would be forced to use the champion portion of the crafting system in order to unlock something incredibly uninteresting. For the first time I would much prefer you do the Riot standard, "Release with an incomplete system and flesh it out over time."
what if you got the icon of the champ by reaching mastery 7? i think this will all be either really nice or really crappy, it just depends on what mastery 6 and 7 give me... new emotes? blerg, icons? woohoo farm all the xp!
: I feel like using champion shards to increase the mastery level cap is not really exciting, I rather just keep going up mastery tiers than to try and earn shards to increase the cap. I think it would be better to be able to earn something that feels rewarding and proud of all the hard work. To be honest here, I would LOVE to increase the mastery levels, but I rather earn the increase of mastery cap by playing games.
well you'll only increase the cap, if you dont have the XP you still only get mastery 5... so you need to play the games
: Have you guys tried just having a regular teamfight mode (non-random, all mid) so players can practice teamfighting with their champs/comps of choice in a more rapid fashion?
: If it were to be %MaxHP, there is potential for suicide as well as trolls, none the less on the support role which seems to be the most commonly unwanted role and so used to troll. So I don't think you have to worry about that. :P EDIT: Unless if they were to add a limit to how low she can go (%MaxHP) but if she were still allowed to heal even then, that could be interesting.
If allowed to heal at a low hp lvl with a minimum cap, sounds interesting, but max hp costs are like flat hp costs, you have them, you use them, you dont have it you dont use it
: > soraka could never initiate Soraka has probably the second best hidden passive taunt in the game (second only to Teemo). Pretending to be a poor helpless Soraka who "accidentally" found herself in a compromising position, only to heal through multiple enemies worth of burst was one of the best things about playing Soraka. I did that as support all the time, and I didn't need to specifically build tanky to do it. You just need to have a bit of AP so that your heals were strong enough. But thats all besides the point. They aren't going to let her heal be as detrimental to herself as you are making it sound. It all comes down to what the interaction between Q and W is. As implied by Riot, Q will provide some way for her to heal more efficiently/mitigate the Hp costs of W. The problem there is that currently, Q requires you to be in the middle of fights. If they want her to be a back-line healer, and Q is supposed to help her do that more efficiently, then the core gameplay of Q *has* to change. Like I said, I'll be sad to see the gameplay of Q changed too drastically, but at the same time I'm excited to see what Riot does to make her the type of character they want her to be.
Q meant little to nothing gameplay wise in my opinion, i always been the backline healer so i'm actually happy x) I was in the Na forums and it seemed her heals would make her pretty liable for around 20 seconds, then normal again, and not thinking of teamfights, but laning phase, it seemed "scary" But i get what youre saying thanks ;) (still think a Q staking scenario where the stacks help heal would be awesome)
: >youre squishy and get targeted first As it should be. Heres [the thing](http://www.comicbookmovie.com/images/users/uploads/22262/thingrs2.gif) - Riot doesn't want Soraka to be a mage. They want her to be a back line healer/utility support. Being a high prioity squishy target is a key disadvantage to that kind of character. As for defensive skills, it might be her Q, but I doubt it. I've read that they are doing something with her E to give it more utility. Thats likely to be a more defensive skill for her, but then again I have no idea what they have planned for Q, so there might be some protection there as well. The real problem I see is that Starcall is such a great skill. Especially thematically it is really cool, but even gameplay wise it can be quite fun and satisfying. With her ability to play as a middle-of-the-fight-aoe-threat being (probably) completely removed, I am curious, and a little worried about what they are doing to Starcall to keep it fun and interesting with her new playstyle. I want to have faith in Riot, and generally I do. I give them the benefit of the doubt on just about everything they do, even given their track record (mostly because I am confident that they can't mess *everything* up :P) It's just that, personally, Soraka means quite a bit to me. She was one of the first champs that I main'd when I started playing back in season two, and I've always really liked her character and playstyle. I'll be sad to see her change as drastically as it sounds she might.
I dont care for starcall to be honest, i love to be in the back, squishy and healing, the problem is using your own hp to do it means you cant really get tanky if needed... soraka could never initiate, and her damage as a tank was pitifull at best (i mean as a sup)...so i would tank to just peel... wich i couldnt do great at, but i could keep my carry alive, without being a threat to the enemy.... now either you pay little to no HP by healing wich begs the question "why bother" or you have to trade off a lot of HP to heal, wich sucks that you can heal someone in lane and in a moment youre the less than half champion theyre targetting.... i like dying for my adc, but that's being a martyr...
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: Thoughts on Mao
Well for sup Mao E changes help him a lot, havent tried it on the jungle so im not sure, and i agree, W is just to short right now, although its way faster now...
: Change ward skin during the pick
Nice like skin and ward skin select


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