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: Nononono you've got it all wrong. Imagine it like this.. 1. You're paying for passives 2. You can't fit enough longswords to have enough AD in order to match a bloodthirster, metal is pretty heavy stuff! You're paying for the finished item, 1 item. 1 item with the power of other items build into it. But it takes up 1 slot. 3. Nerfing an item nerfs the role. Marksmen OP so riot says "goodbye tyler1" (except he made it back to challenger again lmfao) Basically changing gold costs changes the role's ability during different stages of the game, therefore calculating costs like that is meaningless. go play some reworked akali xd
Imagine it like this.. 1. On live server {{item:3072}} cost 3500. By my calculations of 1 AD = 35 gold, 80 AD = 2800 gold which means the passive is worth 700 gold. On the PBE server {{item:3072}} cost 3300 gold. 65 AD = 2275 gold and if the passive is 700 gold then total cost should be 2975 gold. So this is a nerf. 2. meh 3. Not only marksmen uses these items. I main master yi and i like to build crit sometimes. If they want to nerf the role then they should nerf the champs in that role. i hate building yi on hit especially now with rageblade nerfs. And yes i will play some Akali if i ever get the chance. PC old and slow.
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