: Zac/Maokai Feedback Threads
Ok, I'm gonna smack this thread to the top. We need some interaction. I think everyone that likes Zac/Maokai is pretty angry that they're getting ignored. Although props to Solcrushed for the constant updates, it seems like everyone's getting almost what they want (for once!) If anyone on the teams for the other 2 tanks sees this, please leave us SOMETHING so we don't feel so hopeless, just 5 minutes of your time to hear what we have to say and maybe consider helping us. Or alternatively, if I can get a reply from someone working on Sejuani, that would be great too.
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: Practice tool selects champion at random
: To be fair, they also often build {{item:3053}} and {{item:3071}} also often with {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} and {{item:3143}}
BC seems really really good on Xayah, so does Hurricane and BORK. Is it just me?
: About Galio after sadness and playing (Day five)
I've played old Galio a little bit and thematically he's still kept the protection and sadness vibe but I just got PBE lol so I don't know about the gameplay. I've gone through the VO and it's a lot more friendly to old Galio if you read the lore before you play the champ. It's not the same and I'm going to miss being able to rush SV/Abyssal against a mage or being able to laugh at a Cassio, but I think new Galio has potential. As much as I liked old Galio as a character and elements of his kit, it was relatively unhealthy and not at all synchronized. I can see the thought but Q and W having such long range on such a short-ranged character wasn't good. His passive was uninteractive for players and was invisible, just grab MR. Overall I'd like to like the rework but it doesn't fit the thematic feel or capture the magic-eating portion of Galio. He's a statue now, not a gargoyle, and that's really a loss. The kit has the ability to be very good but the E feels forced and rushed. I feel like the rework could've taken a few more months in exchange for a product on the level of Warwick. I know it's a VGU and everything's supposed to change, but seriously, scrap the dumbass "Justice Punch" and give Galio back Bulwark. And change his ult, bleh.


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