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: > in sense to make possible to get the skin through like hextech crafting or something This wouldn't be fair to the players that owned them. "other skins that do not need testing *are* available" is not a valid reason for King Rammus to be available. We are need to focus on content that is new. Should Riot decide to rework Rammus and/or its skins, their (new) versions will become available. Until them, don't count on it. While we do have a fair share of legacy skins available, most limited skins are unavailable even on PBE.
Well was just suggestion riot can take into mind. Yes would be nice to see that skin in use pbe and live server wise. Im not complaining on it just saying the past skins that u cant buy on live are available still through hextech. I mean of course dont put it in regular hextech chests that are easy to get. but maybe put shard in something like the premium chests when they get released on live or next token event put skin shard chance the more expensive orb like the mega arcade event orb. i opened a ton of those on live server just to get the morg and nida lee halloween skins. Riot is company they care about their players yes but doesnt mean they wouldnt do that idea to earn some extra money for the slim chance for one of the rarest skins. And thats where the original players that had king rammus can be happy that they got him for certain price and now people have to spend tons of rp just for a slim chance to get him. id gladly buy 50+ of those orbs just to try for that skin actually made mistake they got rammus at end of closed beta so free but my suggestion still stands.
: > Why is 'x' skin missing? We want to keep the focus on the new content, which needs the majority of testing. Some skins and content will be missing for this reason. The skin doesn't need testing, thus doesn't need to be available to us. Riot is currently investing their resources into long term benefits for PBE, as well as pre-season.
there are lots of skins available that no longer need testing i was referring in sense to make possible to get the skin through like hextech crafting or something. Yes i know pbe is to test but also people like to collect skins while testing even if the skins no longer need testing. But its not currently possible to even get king rammus through any means unless u had it from when was released
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: let him more harder to get ap, with 10 minutes ingame, if you're inside his E, you're dead.
then dont get trapped inside his e
: How about a 2.5 second stun on his 3rd Q strike - that would be juicy right? Honestly, I don't know how you could make him effective in the jungle without any cc in his kit. Seems tricky!
Hey even the small things work His best part for jg besides ult is the w on ally for the speed boost. I mean its no cc but does help a little for efficient ganking, of course not as good as other jgs tho even giving him more top lane poke and escapability like xin would work But this is Riot if they wanna rework him to make him better they will always find a way ofc latest example is evelynn
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: its a fkin 3 pixel cigar that changes nothing ur all gay stfu lmao
Its more than the cigar if u played league long enough that was what set the image for Graves. Maybe seems stupid for u, but to the original players its more of principle. Riot design team had to change Grave's image just cause a part of the world complained, but other champs have just as bad skins if not worse and nothing has been changed for those champs. I feel bad for the designers that were basically forced into changing their design. If u make something that people don't agree with u honestly shouldn't change it cause thats your idea, your claim, and those people can stick it where the sun don't shine if they don't like it
: meanwhile gragas dont care about anyone xD xD
Im with u on that gragas and cho have skins that show clearly tobacco use on pbe and live servers. Howerever ,Graves who is iconic for his cigar yet in my eyes he is treated like some sort of terrible criminal to the rest of the world. Riot removed the cigar on all his skins because of a few countries.... but they never changed any of the others with tobacco use. Yes the live server has the splash with the cigar the 2 things that bug me is that they havent put rest of his skins with the cigar and its still removed from the in-game figure. The way i see it why tease us with finally changing splash art if no effort is put back into the in-game Graves look. Side note: Yes my opinion Snow Day Graves looks great with the candy cane instead but mafia graves is one for sure that looks stupid with a toothpick rather than a cigar. By that i mean when u think of mafia 99% of time its fancy dressing thugs and they have some kind of tobacco product in their mouth whether it be cigar, cigarette or a pipe.
: i have the exact same problem. I cant use them in doom bots or intermediate bots **but more importantly** i cant use emotes in Draft pick. I can see the wheel, but there are no emotes in it, in spite of my emote page being full.
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: Is loot broken again i cant open any of my capsules from leveling up ?
Same problem with me i cant open any and i cant even make my ward skin into permanent
: heya! We are actively looking into this!
In my experience i hit 500 ping for a few mins in beginning when Malzahar is in game and Teemo starts with the Giga Blind Darts. But the 500 ping lasts whole match normally when Malzahar and Amumu are in same match and Teemo starts with Giga Blind Darts or Brush is on fire


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