: Getting Champion Shards While Owning All Champions
They should just remove the two different types of essences so you can disenchat champion shards so they still matter. The worse problem is that when you combine to unlock a champion permenant it can get champions you already own, AKA burning all 3 shards for nothing.
: I think maybe the item should simply give more HP. The price seems like it is trying to be consistent with {{item:3191}} .
The difference here is that Armgaurd gives AP AND armor with the stacks and not just one of them.
: Doesn't make up for the rework cutting her aura range in half; her heal is also one of the costliest in the game making it one of the least efficient since it only heals one ally. The shield is pitiful and only works if you're piggy-backing your teammates or acting as a front liner, both of which are terrible ideas since she has no cc other than her ult, and already a low health pool. Alistar can heal all of his allies just by being in the vicinity, soraka can heal her ally for a huge amout with negligible cost, janna can shield for 3 times what a fed sona can heal. Soraka can do literally everything better, and this patch appears to make this season drive conventional supports even farther into the dirt.
Sona's W actually heals up to 2 ally champions and herself with each cast. The shield also applies to all ally within the Snuggle Zone (this is actually what it is called). The idea is she keeps close to her teammates but right behind them, piggybacking as you said. I agree the range is slightly too small, but the purpose of this is to create a weakness to what can be a powerful clump of buffed champs, which is exposing them to AOE wombo-combo. I do agree with you that sona needs some quality of life buffs, but riot is really cautious with her since he design effectively makes her play as a ball of stats for her team which makes counter play difficult if those stats are potent enough. Obviously her shields/heals cant be janna/soraka level, because doing that as an AOE to her entire/herself+2 team would be rediculous to deal with. Maybe a mana cost and cooldown reduction to her W to put it in line with Q/E and let her be able to rotate her passive more often and actually make use of the passive + W would be good. In the mean time im going to be happy she at least has a small niche.
: Stuck with "Please wait"
IVe been having this problem since the new draft was added. I got to play ONE game where everything worked just fine but since then it has not worked. I even tried repair install twice and deleted my PBE folder and re-downloaded and patched the entire thing with no results. Submitted my bug report for it with logs hopefully the rest of you have as well.
: Sona's picking sound
"Only you can hear me summoner." as heard by all 10 players in champ select.
: Picking Champion at Last Second in New Queue
Personally I'm against the forced lock-in as it takes away from time to pick runes/masteries after selecting your champion, especially if you're using a toaster and lag in champ select or are the last pick of the draft.
: Runic Affinity & Secret Stash - mastery talk
To me the problem is opposite with Secret Stash being simply too much of a no-brainer to not take it on anyone going into the Cunning tree. The potion buff early game provides a significant bit of extra health in the first two recall phases of the game while also scaling well into later in the game once you buy an elixir, while the situational aspect of Runic Affinity makes it a less ideal use of a point except on the jungler that has a guaranteed application of it at all points in the game. It's definitely fair to take it on mid laners for when you get a blue buff (and this used to be a far more common practice before the blue buff duration reduction last season) and now on top laners for further pushing if you get the rift herald buff, but generally a top laner would prefer the laning sustain for the stat check victory it provides over the opponent (giving you more effective HP if you have biscuits and they do not). That being said, I dont see a problem with them being early in such an accessible tree, other than a slight concern over it becoming too standard to take biscuits for early lane sustain across the board similar to how it's already been mandatory for supports to take biscuits for proper trading. If anything providing some more power to the runic affinity mastery to make it a more appealing pickup for non-junglers would be a good direction to go with it. Perhaps have the extended time increased if the champion does not have smite, or receiving a bonus if its on a buff that was stolen for more interactivity. Also the tooltip used to say it would increase the duration of scuttle crab shrine, but apparently that never made it to being an actual thing.
: Question
All shields and heals means all shields and heals. yes it works with self cast ones, rev up those sona, lux, diana, etc shields.
: [Bug] Ferocity Mastery Visual Error
This bug seems to be occuring with all 3 key masteries at the end of whatever tree is on the right side of the window. It was doing so with the ferocity masteries last patch before the position change and now is doing so with the incorrectly named resolve masteries.
: Looks like sona is never going to get played again.
Sona actually synergizes very well with Windspeaker due to it buffing both her shield and heal by 10% and letting you give the defensive boost to your entire team in an AoE. It's like a miniature maokai ult that doesnt apply to yourself.
: Are there any rune changes in the works? Specifically, CDR runes.
Could we get scaling CDR buffed to a set of blues giving 20% cdr/18 and flat CDR blue set giving 10%? and then Flat CDR Quint changed to 3.33% for 10% off a set and scaling CDR quint made to 0.37%/level for a set to make 20% at 18? would make them much more worthwhile and align better with the new CDR itemization/mastery. Additionally I think the new Intellgence mastery is too subpar for how deep into the cunning tree it is... you're basically never going to take it unless you're a support going for the Heal/Shield buff.
: I have a similar problem. Cull does not start with 100 stacks either and instead I start with 99 Stacks, which probably affects if I get 300 gold or not
I noticed this too starting with the current patch. When it was first added it had the 100 stacks but i never noted if i gained the 300 gold or not. Its currently always starting 99 stacks instead.
: Bigger picture here. Item cost 450 gold, but you only get 400 gold when you're done with the gold generation. (You even lose 50 gold) For an item that only gives 5ad as well as taking up a slot permanently.
The point of it is that you sell it after the gold generation is used for 180 gold (meaning in total you got 580 gold for a 450 gold item, a 130 gold profit!) Additionally, the +3 hp on hit provides you with more sustain than Doran's Blade in the early points of the game, as your attacks would need to be doing 100 damage to get 3 HP off of 3% lifesteal. It's a strong item for early game sustain and for champions that want to just farm (such as nasus, vayne, or kog'maw) and even pays for itself with a bit of profit once sold... once they fix the passive that is.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Yi
I really want to like this skin, but there is a major glaring flaw that is hugely detrimental towards Master Yi's identity as the most skilled champion in the game that completely ruins it for me. A missing piece of Master Yi's core identity as a champion, in both his personality and how he is viewed by all his enemies that I cannot possibly overlook and will prevent me and I'm sure many others from ever purchasing what would otherwise be one of the greatest pieces of art of all league skins. I am of course, talking about how his taunts do not include his ancient key phrase that is core to the very heart of every Yi player: YOUR SKILLS ARE INFERIOR

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