: [issue on Tuesday, 11/7] High ping spikes, practice tool disabled, slow game starts
in the custom game, can the 2 summoners be in different teams?
: It works if you wait a while, probably too many players trying to play ATM.
how many time did u have waited? xD im waiting for like 7 minutes and this didnt started yet
: It works for me, it does take like 2 minutes after countdown reaching 0 but it opens eventually :3
i leaved it open for five minutes and it didnt started :c
: Can't enter in any matches after the maintenance
it isnt working to me as well but one friend of mine was playing in the practice tool a few minutes ago
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: Who is Zoe?
idk why she looks like poppy, i mean, she has well animated facial expression and this stuffs xD
: Coop vs. A.I. unavailable
I was complaining about that too :c I really enjoy play this mode, cause i meet really nice people and dont have to be tryhard (and my ping in coop vs ai is 150/200 :v)
: Picking ornn disconnects and ghosts games at 20 to 30 minutes.
It happend to me too, i had a Ornn on my team and when reached 25 minutes the game just crashed.
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