: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
possible bug on aatrox when you die while ulted, you lose the on fire and the juggernaut buffs.
: About Championship Ashe Golden Chroma and the 2017 Golden Championship Ward
Will you guys be thinking about making these golden chromas for the other championship skins. I would enjoy it if there was one for championship thresh and Shyv to be honest.
: And what is the ratio of that large amount of people in comparison to everyone playing AR URF without complaining? People are much less likely to go out of their way to say anything when they are happy or indifferent. And a lot of people get overly negative, especially when it comes to RNG, about how bad their experience is. "I lost 20 games in a row due to RNG, this mode is horrible!" Even though more than half of those games were likely to have been fair, back and forward fights, not the complete stomp some might claim, or they could've done better by swapping lanes to counter the enemy. As Riot stated, AR URF has more people playing it and it has helped the problem they originally set out to fix. I don't want to try and argue opinions, because that is a waste of time without any winners. I am merely saying that there are plenty of people that enjoy AR URF, some more so than URF.
Those are all assumptions, there's not anything to back up your claim. Also I find it funny how on the league of legends reddit, there's a 3rd post hitting front page about wanting regular urf in the rotation/available for customs. 3rd post making it to front page in the past week or so.... hmm. :thinking:
: One queue that puts you into random urf or regular urf would be better. But without a Rito member response, i'm not even sure if that's possible. They won't put up two different queue's because of increased matchmaking time in other queue's.
Yes, lets definitely add more RNG into this shit. That's a terrible idea. I think having two separate Queue's, One for ARURF and one for URF would be a good solution to the problem of URF vs ARURF within the community.
: > ARURF has proven to be more popular than base URF + has a better champ spread. I would just like to throw in this comment by [L4T3NCY](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Yati5m3A-now-that-10-bans-is-live-can-we-please-forget-arurf-and-bring-back-the-original-urf?comment=001a). More people like AR URF than you may think. I would much rather lose a few games to RNG, than have the gamemode get boring after the first few games.
I would also like to state the fact that a large amount of people have been complaining about having AR URF instead of regular URF. Both on PBE boards and on the LoL Reddit. But I would rather lose a few games playing a champion I actually fucking want, and not play some dogshit champ I never like playing.
: Im Ok with the ARURF Mode But with bans {{champion:28}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:62}} etc... Or balance
ARURF's RNG just isn't fun at all. I'd much rather select a champion than have all random.
: Still don't see why they don't create one mode where it's a 50% chance of getting random urf and 50% of regular urf. If someone dodges during champ select they must play the mode they dodged from. Don't know about you guys, but I think that this is a pretty fair suggestion and can appeal to WAY more players than just random urf does. Is the technology not there yet or something? Literally every game is a one sided stomp and personally it's gotten way more stale than regular urf has ever been. Edit: this should also address the queue time issue as there should only be one mode that puts you either in a random urf or regular urf lobby. Edit2: at the VERY LEAST add 10 bans. that way when you're getting facerolled it won't be by that one champ you despise.
Ah yes, let's add more RNG to the table. That definitely won't be more garbage than it already is xd
: Lol. No one would play ARURF in this case, everyone would just go to Custom Games and join games from there.
Exactly, just goes to show the difference in love towards URF and ARURF. Nobody would play ARURF because everyone hates the RNG factor of URF, people would much rather play what they want. :)
: Ultra Rapid Fire No Balance with Random Champ
Really wish Riot would bring back regular URF. AR URF is just so RNG based it becomes extremely frustrating. Edit (because I forgot to add it in here): I find it really amusing at how everyone is claiming more people like ARURF over regular URF, yet on both surveys the option of "bringing back regular urf" wins by a large amount :thinking:
: ARURF Rotating game mode suggestions
I find that AR URF is very frustrating because of the random factor like you said, although it does bring a wide variety of champions into the game it really fuckin sucks. Being able to pick champions that I want to play is so much better than rolling garbage champions I just dislike playing, never want to play, or is all around really bad in URF. Really wish there would be a way to be able to enjoy regular URF and not this RNG based garbage.
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: Maybe bad connection? I think...
Nah, unfortunately it's the server ;( the hamsters that ran to keep the PBE going are taking a break from exhaustion it seems :/
: PBE Lag
You're not alone, pretty much every game is lagging I think
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
My main question is about Talon's (E), if he is able to climb over any obstacle, will he be able to jump Man-made structures such as Taliyah's wall Will Azir's Wall of soldiers still slam him backwards if he tries?
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I have been looking at the comments recently and I think that i haven't really seen any good feedback about these changes. When the changes were hinted at back a month or two ago, i was hoping it was gonna be like one of those nid/Tigernid or Elise/SpiderElise things. But completly removing a champions style and making it a tool for only movement. was a really sad decision. If you made it more like the tigernid or spiderelise things it would bring that split push and assassin style that was **_UNIQUE_** to her Marksman. I see that you really wanted to have her as a True marksman, but that's not what anyone wanted. You could have turned down the movement speed on her R, and probably remove the 2nd cast R damage in general. removed that crappy W make it something better to a assassiny marksman. You made a champion with barely any lane potential to begin with, why waste time making a champion that has even less lane potential.{{champion:133}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Malzahar!
Will this Mal Skin be using the snowboard that is on his model file?
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
New SR Crashes League Of Legends after getting to ~50%


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