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: Taliyah's ult needs a circle range indicator
Can we also apply this to Aurelion Sol as well? It's really annoying to be looking for the indicator only to see on your minimap that its like 2 screens ahead of where you want. (or behind)
: It is me or does his ult feel way less devastating even on researched targets. Its almost like its not doing true damage
yeah I feel this too. I don't know though because sometimes I'll physically look and see its doing true damage. But yet an E+W seems to feel more devastating than the lazor at times... Maybe there should be more vfx if the ult is hitting researched targets or something? idk
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: MYMU - Vel'koz Discussion
Could we perhaps let Vel's ult get one passive stack off? That way we can burst right away if we land e+w and there's no delay. Also it does kinda say in his passive that all abilities proc it and his ult is an ability. Right now unless you land your Q+W+E all at the same time, there's a brief delay in using your ult to its full potential. So, while it could be just me, can we give his ult one passive stack? Makes more sense and it makes his ult less situational.
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: Aurelion Sol's R idea
Nice idea, but I doubt riot'll change it. When a champs on the pbe, they just make sure all the bugs we report get fixed. They won't nerf or buff or change him at all now this patch. Still like it tho.
: [Game connection] - Cannot Connect after lobby
Anyone still having this problem? Cause I am lol.
: Can't instantly double cast Aurelion Sol's Q
To be fair, this might just be ping seeing as the PBE lags a bit sometimes. Even with 80 ping, it's still meh.
: Aurelion Sol's ultimate feels so weak visually
Yeah, they need to add something to it so it looks like "IMMA BLOW YOU AWAY WITH MY STAR BREATH" instead of "ahh...ahhh....ahchoo!" and stardust happens to fly out.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: 750s Set - Braum, Gragas, Ryze and Varus!
Where do all these names come from? They sound familiar but I can't put my finger on it...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Trainer Tristana!
Everything looks awesome. The taunts, the joke, etc all look awesome. Love the effects that went into this. I might buy it on live and start maining trist XD. But can you, like, change the death animation? FEELS TOO OP T_T. THAT POOR DRAGON Q_Q. (Did you guys take that inspiration from HTTYD3?)
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: Can't log in
same. I thought it woulda died down by now but its still at over 9k.....has ANYONE gotten in yet? and if so how? >.>


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