: It's not cancelled, but it seems to be bugged to a point where it's unplayable
I saw a video, it was playable until you reach the final boss stage and the laggs make it impossible to win... but i dont belive that this is the only reason they dont give the PBE the mode... maybe they uprading theyr servers? i hope so
: Winning is fun too, a lot more people play to win and have fun.
Yeah, but thats not even a little bit fun for me. Also how does it sound for you "it only makes fun if i can win" ? In urf i just want to juke and troll the heck out of anyone. Maybe even spawntrapp the enemys with anivia XD Just to try that is funny enough ^^ I want to play any champ with a mobility spell and just run around and try to survive. But then when 3-5 people chase me and try to bring me down, all equipd with dusblade, it just makes absolutly no fun. 5 duskblades just deal about 1000 bonus damage.. thats most of the time 80% if the maximum health.. How can this be fun just to instant destroy your enemy and end the game as quickly as possible... Atleast let me have my fun and chase me around a bit ^^ I sometimes go just full tank and run around xD
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: Hey buddy :) i agree in some points, but the community wont really change (it also isnt changing on normal or aram game modes for years already, despite all of riots effort with the honor system and so on. Maybe just do your thing and ignore the haters? :)
Yeah, but the only way i can enjoy the game at the moment is not playing it at all....
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: random urf( issues
1. {{champion:17}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:35}} already have a limited amount of traps.. If you played them once or against one you could just read it. Shaco has 6, Teemo has 15. Maokai (I dont know but i think its about 10 or so) 2. Zed, Fiora, Blitz, Rumble, Vayne and Maokai arent that broken... they are quite strong against many champs but also they have their counters. You still could outplay them if your good enought. 3. There are far worse Characters and the rank 1 place of the stupits broken champ goes to evelyn. You just cant beat her. She gets early game fed and then stomps anyone... Penta after Penta.... She should get a remove for the mode. The rest isnt that strong. Ok yeah there are a lot of tier 1 champs, but still nothing is unbeatable. A lot are anyoing but not to strong. the ones that are to strong are just to fed for you to beat... The first thing that should happen is, Remove duskblade from URF. This item is even in normal games to broken. And when you see 3/5 enemys running around with these stomping you even if you have 500 armor, then its just over.... Duskblade of Draktar needs a hard nerf OR disabled in ARURF.... > Zed big problem is a mix of the way leathalty works and the fact he has insane amounts of poke(that out ranges most champs). Disable Duskblade and its fixed. > Fiora poroblem is queit simple the fact she has % health true dmg a alwasy up dash and can build pure lifesteal( and perma dash well everhit heals her back to full as well as use her w to block all burst makeing her basically unkillable unless the 1 v 5 you with a comp of pure cc. Easy to beat, Just stay out of her range. Her Q dash isnt that far, and if she didnt hit anything the cooldown is quit high. High enought to move away from her OR punish her. Yes she deals % true damage based on her AD and the heal is anoying, but did u ever thing about buying "Mortal Reminder" ?? I think not. Here the icon to find it easyer in the shop : {{item:3033}} > Blitzcrank can just build pure ap and one shot anyone with a q e r combo only made worse by the fact it also perma cc you Yes he can oneshot 1 target with his full combo and if he just misses the Q (cause you can DODGE IT) he needs to way a fair amount of time. If you can dodge it long enough he will get tilted soon and you can easly destroy him. He is full ap and not Tankl, a normal adc just destroys AP blitz if you dont let you hit. > Rumble ow this champ is on a level all his own( if the other are s tier hes sss tier) perma sheild perma flame through and a poke thats never down Simple to beat, Dont fight him close range. If he gets you, you are dead. But you just could knock him back once and he may die. Bait out his ult and he deals no damage anymore. Dont go meele if he flamethrowers. The hard problem is, he can cast any spell even if his passive kicks in. He is realy hard to beat, but still not on Evelyns Lvl... > Nautilus very simple problem if he qs you unless you get super lucky your dead it chunks you he can cc after and it can also act like mobility Just dodge his Grab... So hard? If he ults you RUN AWAY FROM YOUR TEAM. If you play it good, you dont even need to fight him. CC him like he CCs you. > Vayne also very siimple once her ults up you cant kill her all she dose is q aa q aa q aa until your dead other things that should be looked into is cc in genral becuase after the change to Yes vayne is strong, but Buy a PINK WARD..... If you can see her, you can attack her and then you can KILL HER :D I know that its all "random" *chaugh* not rly *Chaught* but its still League of Legends. Get better, get faster and you will able to win in urf more :D
: Problems I've had with the Star Guardian "Invasion" Game mode
Geez.. This is a hardocre gamemode if you cant beat this, how can you think of beating darksouls? darksouls may be even harder then this mode xD If you are a true gamer then you have to deal with this problems the right way. And no making it easyer is the fuking wrong way... Solve it hardcore :D The only way to get better is to solve harder problems. ^^ I wasnt able to play it, but i would like to play something even harder just to get better ^^
: Yes, let Riot snap their fingers and implement your new system on PBE. Riot rarely ever replies to *any* threads on the PBE Boards, especially ones that aren't relevant. The only replies you are likely to see are for skin feedback and bugs. I don't believe anyone from the RGM team has replied on these boards. If you want a reply from someone on the RGM Team, I would recommend you go to the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/).
ok thanks for the information then i will try redit first, cause EUW is like pbe, no one is giving you an answer. What do you think about my idea for the system?
: The only reason he was banned the first iteration of URF was because he had no cap on his shrooms. And back then his shrooms lasted 10 minutes, instead of the 5 minutes they are after his updates. He could literally cover the entire map in shrooms, as Shaco could with his boxes, so they were both banned along with other champions.
the good old times with teemo in urf, you had vision everywere, and for the enemy team death waited everywere :D
: Make URF Great Again.
I think we all know, Riot and RNG never has turned out great. remeber dodge chance? Now you understand :D
: Garen in URF mode
You could get zed with Trinity and a bit of crit, and he oneshots also everyone.... The hell on this mode is if someone gets eve... ever palyed and won against her?
: Urf Change Ideas
Push. Riot pls try my system at least once. You will see this works far better then ARURF. And yeah i am not sorry for my name, cause it is the truth, ask every PBE player. a lot already told me they like my name cause its true.
Teemo isnt the hell.. He is easy beatable.. Just get any champ who does not have an auto attack spell, and spamm him to death. if there should be a champion banned, then only one. The number 1 of disgusting gameplay creater, Evelynn... She is unbeatable. She casts 3 Q´s per secound, she triggers Ludens echo 4 times in 2-3 seconds. She bursts down anything like nothing. She easyle can 1vs5 and still get the baron at the end of the day, and that all solo. She plays jungle and is able to also play all 3 lanes. PLS bann this monster. I tryied it with many ways, im unable to hit her with skillshots cause her W makes her so fast. I cant kill her fast enought with auto attacks. I tryed fulltank, but even that is useless against her. You just cant build anything against her. If she gets a Gunblade, its over. She heals to much, she deals to much damage, she is able to tank the whole team and get penta after penta. Even a unskilled player like me was able to get like 5 pentas in 1 whole game and won cause i broke the spirit of my opponent and they surrendert at 25 mins. Just to say it again how horrible eve is, PLS BANN HER! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Urf Change Ideas
*Push Answer from Riot would be nice.
: One of the big problems with URF is the fact everyone plays the same champion. Almost everyone will play one of the top 10 champions. So obviously these champions are OP and the solution is to ban them, and then everyone will play more varied picks, right? With the 6 ban system, people would then shift from the top picks 1-10, to the top picks 7-16. Extend this concept to 10 bans, and people would shift from top picks 1-10, to top picks 11-20. There is always going be an objectively better champion in any game. And in URF, that difference can be drastic quite easily.
Could you look into my thread? I already worked a system out that should balance it so far that the mode becomes fun to play again :D
: Now you are saying they don't need to input the 10 ban system, they just have to make an entirely new ban system.
They just should fuse the old ban system with the new 10 ban system. So first we ban. 1 on "Team A" then 2 on "Team B" then again 2 on "Team A" and so on until 5 Champions are banned, after it, just pick like you have banned.
: I actually dont think this is a bad idea at all tbh. I def can agree with this almost 100% and they do that to almost any post that isnt with everyone else. They did that to all the post regarding urf.
Yeah, but then they should just leave the forum when they do not understand for what that forum is xD Its the PBE u.u And now every time i ask someone in costum game to test a new champion, he just plays a normal game with me and gives me no time to test or doesnt even listen to anything i ask u.u Sometimes i wish those player just get removed from PBE. But still thanks for your answer :D Greetings {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Urf Change Ideas
Wow just striaght up disliking without any explanation shows me how you think and who you are.. Thats sad that you arent opend for new things, and even disliking maybe good changes. Just cause you get in your games what you wanted, doesnt mean that my idea isnt bad overall. I mean what could happen? More people playing urf, lesser Broken OP champs will get picked, more variations will come out. Player get rewards for playing the gamemode. Presents are impactfull. The mode could become more fun. Yeah you need to grind for the tickets each day. But you could grind this URF, just to get next URF only broken champions :D Maybe change the system a little for better decision wich champion gets marked as "OP". Champion in Tier 3 are limited to 20 Champions who got the most kills alone, who get picked far more then others. Champion on Tier 2 are limited to 35. Same algorythm. Champion on Tier 1 are the rest. How it should work? At first all champions are on Tier 1. So everyone has acces to any champion. After 10 Hours, the most played Champions got placed into Tier 2. From Tier 2 the champions wich get the most picked and have the highest winrate get placed into Tier 3. It should get Refreshed each few hours. So all 5 Hours the Most Played Champions with the Highest winrate got shoved into Tier 3, Followed by the Favorite ones in Tier 2, and the rest on Tier 1. This could make a Great Balance. If the most OP dont get played much in their Tier, they will Drop 1 Tier down until they are Tier 1 again or they get played to often with a to high winrate. And yes, all this ideas came into my mind in under 5 mins. :D I would appriciate an answer from someone who is more then a "normal" User :D Also all "normal " user are welcomed to answer to this, and share their interets with my idea. Greetings {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: I think is be cool to see a Ban feature where we get to ban, say 2 champ per team, where we can then ban out the crazy op champs.
Nah, lets jump directly to the 10 ban system for it o.o
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: the no ult idea isnt good as the ult allows you to get your form faster
yeah, its just an idea ^^ It doesnt need to be all changed, but he feels booring after 2 games already u.u i never got bored so fast of an character o.o Its all the same, only the form of the damage change, and thats it? Sry pretty lame in my eyes.. I know that he can be strong, but is this realy enought to keep him?
: Kayn's name in chat should change to Rhaast if you pick Darkin form.
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: Bad feedback. - Lack of information. > I dont know if the Q can crit, but if it can, remove it pls. - No context. Explain why do you find him ''broken''. You just said ''change Q and E'' - ''Yorick is completely broken and toxic''.. ''I like it..'' - ''He will be played much often now, cause everyone thinks he is a new champion.'' **????**
Im not answering to this. Im only let an letter here.
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: I agree with you .. however you might want to remember that you can't change the Q's destination :P meaning that you have to either be EXTREMELY lucky and have the enemy team grouped up at one place (i.e. bronze & silvers 24/7 mid lane after 15:00 xD) Even on kind of early game you can simply Q+E and just go to mid and destroy everyone.. (I really love that Q goddamit) However there might have to be a limit (Cries internally Q.Q)
Yeah, i dont want a limit too, but its still op. Even highelo can use it pretty good. I mean just bait someone into an trap, and then out of nowhere an Aurelio Sol appears with an Q that is charged from the base and stuns anyone no matter how fast they move. So all need to waste flash or all enemys die XD I think faker will do pretty shure some penta kills with it xD
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: Maybe wait for the next patch, I guess. That's what fixes it for some people as well. Maybe check firewall/antivirus settings.
ok the firewall was the problem im thankfull ^^
: Maybe wait for the next patch, I guess. That's what fixes it for some people as well. Maybe check firewall/antivirus settings.
thanks, firewall was that was i didnt checked :D that was it last time ^^ hope it works. Thanks otherwise ^^
: Repair or reinstall
reinstall doesnt work, i try to repairing it. I have this problem each time a new patch comes out. But each time its a different problem u.u
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: Aurelion Sol Bug E?
Its normal, even with an blink u travle a distance ^^ I didnt play Aurelion Sol right know, but if he needs to travel a distance to get stacks, flash is the right spell for traveling distance in an short amout of time ^^
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: Disable 360 Internet security. I use it as well and once disabled the starting and updating works fine.
Thanks <3 :D It worked :D
: Scroll through your entire task manager (and all the background processes) to kill everything, then reboot your pc, then try again. Otherwise reinstall PBE with a newly downloaded folder.
Already did all what u told me, but nothing works u.u
: Kill all LoL related programs via task manager (or reboot your pc) and use the admin launcher. Also, make sure that all you're PBE files are in the same folder (make shortcuts for the launchers, but don't move them out of the folder).
I think a video says more then a thousand words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG0pjmprFu4&feature=youtu.be
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: Evelyn Needs A Buff
Eve is strong. But the only problem is, she is a hybride. Remove her ad, in ad she is totaly overpowerd when she gots fed, and give her more basic damage on her q make a flat ability power scale and give her more range. Im not able to outrun someone if he can see me. I mean, u need to hit enemys to get faster to let them lose the vision over you, but how u can outran an enemy, if u need to get to close to him to land her q to outran him? I tryed it on many ways, but i found 2 problems. 1. she deals only with her e damage, and the DoT from her q with other items is so small, i cant burst an AD Carry. 2. She is to slow cause of her short q range. Double the q range or make her passive better. Make a shorter ranged area to get visible. If riot removes the AD from her Q and makes the Base Damage higher and her range bigger, it is easyer to run faster then an enemy. Give her more armor and Magic resistanc or health regen while she is stealth. So she can regenerate her mana and health even faster in stealh or she gets more buffy while she is in stealh. Riot pls do good tho her (not like veigar or akssadin....) Thanks, dear greetings Dragwar Sry for my bad english, im learning it momently ^^"


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