: This is really interesting. I'm playing LoL about 5 years and I have never heard of it. Does it happening only on PBE or in any other server?
Hi there Chyumgo, thanks for answering! It happened to me many times both in PBE yesterday and in EUW servers some time ago. It's not a common thing to happen, but when it happens it's normally frustrating! :D I don't know if there is more people expeciencing this, probably yes, but I'm not sure why this happens randomly! {{item:3151}}
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: I think they should do something that makes melee champions playable
That's a good point. For example, I've been trying playing Singed and it works more or less, but other melee champions are just instakilled before they even reach the lane. They should maybe buff more melee champs in this gamemode. For example with extra mr and armour, maybe ^^
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