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: Happened on live servers ARAM, can't tell if this is a bug or the intended result (BARD GLITCH)
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: Riot please fix this bug and during the champ select it puts me back out on the home screen and I have to turn the client off and relog in and wait 15 min or play with the champ that you don't even know who it is with a random rune
That happens to me too, hopefully it gets fixed.
: Same thing happens to me but the screen instead of not showing stats after game it just shows the ARURF theme picture
That is exactly what happens to me too, it seems to be a reoccurring bug
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: Although this problem was "fixed" I am unable to log in
I am now able to login, at least for me the problem has been solved!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Client Download Insanely Slow
Issue has been fixed after 60 mins of waiting, I think it may have been a server problem.
: Client Download Insanely Slow
Also tried to restart it, when I looked closely it starts at normal download speed, then plummets instantly down.
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: Midseason Durability Feedback
I really like the idea of focusing Guardian Angel towards AD champions, especially since it has been an "adc = suicide" season. One thing that concerns me though is the removal of crit-reduction on Randuins, and the change to sunfire cape. Other than that, as a tank user, I am extremely excited for the new items!! P.S. I haven't been able to play on the PBE for a while, but am hoping to get back into testing, hopefully my account isn't suspended lol. I will have to see after maintenance.
: PBE is purely voluntary. Riot has stated they will not give rewards for it.
Not really a reward system, just a type of token thing to show off, but i guess that would be considered an award. Alright mb.
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: [Sivir] 1 level Deal too strong
Could it be a glitch in her runes? Or masteries? I'll go into a custom with Sivir and test different masteries/runes tomorrow and comment my results. Maybe it's just a glitch.
: ARURF Just perma ban some champs
All you do against zed in urf is armor and there is many champs that can counter him, such as any champ with cc. Just have fun my man :D
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: that happens, its pbe what do you expect. its not major it happens all the time the games will suddenly just quit.
No no, the thing is everyone got kicked from the game, and no one had it in their match history. I didn't just quit, it was everyone.
: I need another Xbox, and maybe a Ps4. Might as well just get another Wii U then :3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Same {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 1. Did your teammates encounter this issue as well? 2. Did a repair fix your issue?
I had this issue before playing Beta and also Live, a simple Repair fix fixed everything since it was probably just an error in the file. It could be different though for him, but I would definitely try repair fix and also starting LoL Client in admin mode.
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: Took an increase and resolution and a lot of zooming in, but I'm seeing it too. There's no lines, but the textures are slightly skewed.
Also take a look at the one where i pinged, you can see the slight black lines, and yeah that texture skew is a bit weird.
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: Stuck In A Game
Try starting LoL in admin mode, this fixes the majority of the problems. If not try deleting League and redownloading the client.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Just to be trolly mute everyone just after the game starts then they can't say anything to you.
Hahaha, that would be pretty funny, but I will only do that if its really bad
: Wish everyone would follow this.
Ikr, add me if you want to have some fun btw, I like messing around with diff comps and "gamemodes"
: No minimum. Just report what you see/find and don't be toxic~
Ok, toxicity isn't a problem with me lol, but thank you I was wondering about this for a few months
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: It's the activation of your ~~Water~~ Ocean Dragon.
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: For example, maybe one week you could put URF into ARAM/TT instead of SR, just to switch things up a bit so things don't go stale.
I agree with Ukie, I don't know about you guys but playing one for all + Urf + Hexakill on ARAM would be amazing, You could call it ONE FOR HEXAURF
: You're welcome! We do have 'Definitely Not Dominion' for now, but that doesn't mean we could do other game modes with that map in the future. Currently, we haven't announced any additional modes for that map, besides the already know Ascension. :)
I forgot about Ascension {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: If this was during a PBE update, the boards may become unavailable for a short time. :)
Oh okay, thanks. By the way are you guys planning on making featured game modes for dominion, because I feel that would bring some joy and appreciation back to that gamemode. I don't know just an idea I had. Thanks, TheDevilsPBE (Btw thanks for replying :D){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Have you changed your Summoner Name? It's not TheDevilsPBE atm so maybe that's why?
That's what I was thinking, but I think I solved the issue. Thanks though.
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: Sorry about that :) We just re-enabled Definitely Not Dominion for extra testing, but we forgot to take the URF ticker down. I'll fix this,
So although to some new players it may feel underwhelming and filled with bots, dominion is a game mode that can show you how important objectives are and how teamwork can affect the whole game. I think it is a smart idea to reintroduce Dominion like this, but I feel that it still lacks key elements. Here are some ideas I had for Dominion. -I think the new map looks pretty cool (the graphics I mean) but what if the map was tweaked a little bit to make the whole of it look more intriguing and playable (I can't draw it ((I am a horrible artist)) but I know what it looks like in my head) -I feel that having something like Ascension mixed in with it, or have featured gamemodes SPECIFICALLY for crystal scar would make it all the more playable and fun. I have more ideas so I will keep testing the map and tuning my thoughts and post it soon
: Ik im so sad, I barely got to play. Game kept disconnecting then server went down for 2 hrs and as soon as im able to play i get one game in. Feels so bad
: Not entirely sure, but pretty sure this URF was for testing and they removed it because they found out certain things were really broken. There is still hope they might bring it back dominion is just a filler gamemode atm.
I think they saw my Garen spin replay and the new vlad lol.
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: If it's inactive, then maybe. But the account then still exists and you can only have one PBE account linked to your live account so that's probably not even possible. But it's likely your account is not deactivated~
: Reapply with your live account, otherwise probably not. You can't be deactivated from inactivity anymore though, if I recall correctly, so you should be fine
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: There is a bug for me on pbe this current update and my client keeps on crashing. Has that happened to anyone else?
Try starting the client in admin mode this usually fixes the problem
: [FAQ] Public Beta Environment
Hey sorry for not being active in a while my internet is having problems. I'm only able to use LTE to send this. I will probably be able to get back on LoL in about a couple weeks. I realize that I haven't been active for a month, but will I still be able to test?
: Happy New Year
: Team builder is down on PBE
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