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: Make some sort of indicator for Sona's increased (25) range when she uses her E.
Something like the extra range from {{item:3094}} ? That would help but we should wait for the last iteration of changes that they may have for Sona. There is no need to add an indicator if these changes end up not being shipped to live servers.
: I liked the Sona changes, except for the E one just now.
I agree with you on this. This iteration of E feels bad, at least for me. 25 extra range is not that much, I'm far more confortable with her MS selfish boost. Leveling up E first or second to take the extra 125 range means you sacrifice either damage or sustain, both things really needed by Sona to do her work. Leveling E last means you are stuck with just a 25 extra range auto for for a long time into the game. Champions that I'm able to catch in live servers are now way harder in the PBE. Avoiding a gank is much harder since the extra range you get dissapears when you use Tempo since you need to turn around and face whoever is chasing you to slow him/her down. Just my two cents.
: Yup, we did take those into consideration while balancing her. :3 Our goal wasn't to just make her less good, but we found that her healing and shielding COUPLED with her damage and speed are what made her particularly bad. We didn't want to nerf her damage, because that's no fun, and didn't want to nerf her speed, because that just feels bad. Her heal and shield were a good opportunity to make a skill less impactful, but keep the champ fun and impactful! I, for one, welcome our new race car Sona! d=(´▽`)=b
Thanks for taking your time answering. I said already on the Sona changes posts but gypsy is doing an awesome job by hearing all the feedback and reacting to it. It's the first time I can read the words "changes" and "Sona" and actually be excited rather than fearful. Hope she doesn't gets nerfed the next patch after the changes though :P
: Hi Alexkond, This is an answer for everyone in this thread, but since you asked specifically why Sona, I'll reply to this comment in particular. :3 Sona has had a pretty egregious winrate for the last 3 runs of URF mode (far above even "OP" levels). Before, it wasn't so bad, given that the mode was only every once in a while, but now that the mode is coming back repeatedly, we want to hone in some of the worst offenders when it comes to balance. We're not going to go on a crazy balance spree, trying to tune every champ; We picked these few because they were the worst offenders (on both ends; Sona and Galio being crazy win rate, Thresh being crazy loss rate). I hope this clarifies things :) Sona will still be a strong pick, however we don't want people to feel like they immediately lose games with her in them. In the end, we just want everyone to have fun! ∩(︶▽︶)∩
Thanks for answering! I imagined that that would be the reason (still remember when she was disabled the first time urf was around) of those changes. While it kinda sucks that your mains gets nerfed, I understand that people don't like to play a game where they feel powerless. I assume her winrate had to be crazy even compared to other champions like Heca or Ryze (just examples of 'op' urf champs). I would be curious but did the balance team have considered the changes gypsylord has been doing on her? Her new E with 80% cdr sounds like Ferrari Sona will be a thing :P
: Sona Learnings
Me again :P It's nice to see that you are sharing your thoughts with us! Makes me, Sona players and everyone else feel that our feedback matters in those changes. I'm with you in your ideas, auras can be reduced but overdo it and they feel useless. Q can have a higher cd but overdo it and you feel that you have no early game at all (considering that Sona only has her Q as a damage ability and her passive needs the use of abilities to stack up). I also felt amazing being able to dodge skillshots that would have be impossible to do in live servers due the ms increase and I think that if you poorly use your E and/or your R then you should pay the price for it (gap closers are gap closers after all, they should be more powerful than speed boosts if you are close enough to the target). I wonder if your next iteration will follow into the stepts of the last changes you made or if it will be something a bit more crazy (like a reworked spell or something). Overall, I'm pretty satisfied about V2 changes, but also want to see what you have prepared for us next!
: [Mages and You!] URF has been Enabled for Testing!
I would probably get downvoted but why Sona receives those changes? I understand that Galio can pretty much become impossible to kill but did Sona had a crazy win rate or something last time in URF? Please don't misunderstand, if you are doing those changes I assume it's for a good reason, I just want to know why.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes V2 (feedback wanted)
First of all, I will say that it's awesome to have you reading all the feedback and reacting to it. It's nice to know that someone is actually hearing us out there and not just pushing changes just for the sake of it. Edit: So! I played a few games with v2 of changes, here's my feedback (I will keep playing more games during weekend though!) **Q cooldown change:** While I will miss having 8 seconds at level 1, I understand that this change is not just because of the E ms boost but also to make the spell feel less frustrating for enemies as well. I will also add that I really appreciate that you guys didn't changed into a skillshot. Yes, I know: "no counterplay" and bla bla, but I choose Sona because I love how her kit works (either pre and post rework), so its nice to see that despite all the "change how her Q works" threads, you still try to make it work. I think that 10 seconds at level one will help a lot about the frustration that live Q creates in early game and also will add a bit of power to Sona once its maxed. **Aria of Perseverance shield revert:** Not much to say here since it's the same as live. **E ms increase:** 1st instance of E MS boost was awesome but even I will say that it was just too much. I loved being able to outrun Zed using his shadows or keep up the pace with a Shyvana but it also made me want go full assassin Sona rather than support. This 2nd instance feels quite right. You can still escape a gank (if you have vision, of course) but you can also make some crazy dodges against spells or skillshots. It's also a really good tool if used with Tempo, since you can take someone out of position, catch them really fast and slow them down for your allies (or you, since you totally need the gold for that Lichbane :P) to get the kill without being too extreme like it was before. **Auras with 300 range:** These feel much more better than 250. Of course they aren't as great as live ones but at least its something. I still feel that it's hard to shield allies sometimes, but I believe that any Sona player can get used to its new range after a couple of games. ___ Overall, I feel this iteration feels much better than the first one. Sona players now have their laning phase back (not as strong as live servers but I believe it takes away a lot of frustration from players against Sona) and the new E feels like it's worth to level up and use right now outside of Tempo. I felt awesome being able to retreat just in time for an incoming gank, or to dodge skillshots that would have landed if it were live servers. I also think that the lower values at higher levels were needed if you wanted to avoid assassin Sona everygame. ___ If it's not too much to ask, I see that your changes are rather "small". With this I mean that spells are pretty much the same but with different values. Even mana values are the same and only one of the cooldowns of her spells were changed. Is there a reason why you decided to go for these changes over something heavier or deeper? Also, have you tried something like increasing the range of auras as we rank up the spells? Or maybe the range could go up with Sona's level. Say, level 1 is 300 range and level 5 350 (just random values) I repeat, **just curious** if you tried this or even considered it, not saying you should actually do this or even answer to these two questions at all.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
I was able to play a few games as Sona (seriously, pbe queues times are way too long) and I have a bit more of info. Of course I will play more games whenever I can find more matches, but for now: **Higher Q cooldown:** Not bad but could be better At first is annoying but I was able to get used to it. Laning phase is a bit harder now since you don't deal as much damage as before. Bright side is that you save a bit of mana I guess. That said, I found myself being unable to poke champions that I'm able to in live servers. Caitlyn became way harder now with the extra 4 seconds in early game. Janna (and pretty much any champion with a shield) now always has her shield up whenever I want to poke. Tank supports now have much more time to execute minions and heal their adcs. I think 12 seconds at level 1 is way too much. It made me feel a bit useless knowing that my damage just wasn't enough to outpoke the enemy bot lane. I understand that people gets frustrated if you poke too much, but seeing how much time your target has to heal up was also frustrating for me. I believe that a starting 10 seconds cd going down to 6 (or 7 maybe so you don't just buff Sona) could achieve the feeling of "I can spam stuff at level 5 but also have a better poke and laning phase at level 1" that I'm talking about. ___ **Reduced Aura Ranges:** **Q:** I can get used to the reduced range, not a fan of it though It's hard to give the empowered auto to your ally and poke at the same time now. But to be honest most of the time your adc waste the extra damage on minions anyways so it's not the end of the world. I could get used to it but a range increase would be welcomed. **W:** Strongly dislike its range 250 units is just too short. If I apply the shield I risk a wombo combo. If I distance myself I just can't shield allies when they need it. I really think the range should be reverted or at least increased. **E:** It's okay like this. The aura was 350 units before so it's not that different imo. You could ship this change to live and I wouldn't complain. ___ **Increased MS boost to Sona:** It's nice but it had some unexpected results! I love the increase to her MS boost! It's still a one point spell and max it last in my book though. The reason is pretty simple, while is great to move around faster, if I don't have any damage or sustain to back it up then there is no reason to level it up. I won't deny that outrunning a Zed or catching up with a Shyvana feels totally awesome though! That said, once I got a decent amount of AP and leveled E up I suddenly found myself being able to chase squishies, nuke them and go back to my team before the rest of the enemy team can react to me. And while that felt great it's pretty clear that it's something an assassin does rather than a support. This also benefits full AP Sona much more than support Sona since I can deal more damage, have better sustain and move much faster than a conventional support build. I don't lie when I say I love to become an assassin with a decent ammount of sustain for my team (new Athene's does wonders on Sona). Maybe it's just me the one that sees a potential assassin Sona pattern with her new E but I think maybe it's worth to give a look into this. ___ I will keep playing more games so I get used to this changes, hope you find something useful within my wall of text!
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
I still need a few games before my final thoughts (client keeps crashing for some reason, currently repairing it). I do like the extra ms on E since live one is pretty much put one point on it to just get Power Chord faster. The idea of always moving around the battle sounds nice as always. The extra shield is nice as well, I would prefer extra healing but I think your approach here is mitigating damage instead of healing it. Aura reductions seems like a fair trade I guess. Not a fan here but I used to play with 1000 range auras so I think I can endure this. My problem is a bit more about her theme rather than gameplay. Does music in Runaterra sounds so low that you have to be pretty much in front of the musician to hear it? Now Q cd increase I have mixed feelings. I understand that Sona's poke is annoying if you are against her but increasing her cd by almost double in early game seems a bit too much. Tanky champions will have more time to heal with Relic Shield. Sure, you can reposition yourself but being squishy means that they only need to catch you once or twice to make your screen go gray. Also, I that she will struggle agains champion that she can outpoke in live. Just an example, you can win a lane vs Janna if you poke faster than she can shield her carry or herself. With this increase of her Q CD this is no longer the case. I feel that this Q CD increase will kill her early and probaby mid game. Sure, it's nice to have 6 seconds at level 5 instead of 8, but from rank 1 to 4 (so levels 1 to 9) is a lot of extra time you have in your only damage skill (outside Crescendo of course). ___ I will comment again once I have a few games on her, I really hope this feeling I have about her Q cd increase is just my imagination. Just my two cents.
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: Maybe in the case of Sona it's because her Q auto-targets her next basic attack somewhat? The most useful/most seen cases are: Leona Garen Nasus (can either stack the ward or clear it instantly with auto Q auto) Trundle (cleared a ward in lcs using this) Any champion with an auto reset can instaclear a ward/Zyra plant/Teemo shroom; I'm sure Sona is in that list if you time it right as the ward falls. It's super useful for bush control on any champ with one. Due to this I don't find it is as a bug :/
Please notice that I'm not asking for empowered autos to just don't activate while clearing wards/traps. I love fast clearing wards as Leona (and other champions) as well and I think it's something pretty unique for just a bunch of champions. What I'm asking for is for said empowered autos to just keep being up while clearing wards/traps. * In case of Sona, she can use 3/5 power chords one after another when clearing wards and Khalista's ghosts. So I don't see why Jhin's E should waste them. * * Also, her Q passive empowered auto is actually not used while clearing the mines. It's rather weird for just one passive to be used instead of both of them or neither of them (as Rito says: Clarity). * The same happens with Nami's E. Her empowered autos are not used when clearing wards (the three little bubbles are just there after destroying wards). >That said, I have NO idea at all why Leona's Q stun is used while clearing wards. I mean, stunning a ward pretty much adds nothing to clearing it, so why the effect should be used instead of just being up? As far as I remember this feature has always been like this, maybe we should ask a red.
: Personally I hope that they leave it as-is. There are many cases when using up an empowered auto is beneficial. Besides, wards use up the empowered autos as well. If this interaction is removed, many champs will lose a lot of niche abilities. The most readily available example is Leona, where a big part of her lane control is denying vision of herself through the auto-clearing of a ward with auto-Q-auto. p.s. how do you have a pbe but no live account :] ?
Last time I checked wards are not using empowered autos. I can confirm this at least in case of Sona's passive and her q aura empowered autos (can't tell for the rest since I don't use them much in my live account). I do have a live account, used to be on NA but transfered to LAS back in Season 3. While EU players can comment on NA forums, LATAM (LAN / LAS) players can't so the only place where I can write this is here.
: [BUG] Jhin's mines are using empowered autos
If anyone wants to test other champions, you are welcome! Just comment which ability is used and I will add them to the list later. If you could also take a screenshot that would be awesome!
: It's not fair, but I really wanted to vote for Teemo :))
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: * {{champion:157}} - 17/0/4 67 CS 24k gold * {{champion:420}} - 2/3/10 8 CS 68.5k gold Seems legit
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
I don't have high hopes of being selected but dang, I would really love to do so. Good luck everyone.
: User stealing passwords in pbe be careful
Hope he gets suspended soon! No matter how you look at it, it's totally a scam.
: Kk, then if that's the case I can confirm that while in the store I don't have the black borders either. I'd post this on the main boards (as Amy suggested) to see if you can get some traction.
Sadly I don't have a NA/EU account neither a reddit one. If you feel like you could post somewhere (if you have an account), it would be great!
: Legit when I'm in game my stacked items have a black outline on their numbers. Is it just in the store that yours don't have the border?
The normal inventory (outside the store) already has the black border around, it's the store one that it hasn't. Tried messing around with video/interface settings on the menu but it stays the same. Could you take a screenshoot of your store inventory and your video/interface settings?
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: Shortened new champ select timers now testing on PBE
I think this is okay, I think pick intent could be reduced to 15 seconds though since there is no risk of getting kicked and allies still know which lane you are going to be. It's nice to see this change. Assuming one play 100 games a year that's potentially 5 hours less of waiting!
: Shortened new champ select timers now testing on PBE
I think this is okay, I think pick intent could be reduced to 15 seconds though since there is no risk of getting kicked and allies still know which lane you are going to be. Resolution could also be shortened to 25 or 20 seconds for some extra time. It's nice to see this change. Assuming one play 100 games a year that's potentially 5 hours less of waiting!
: Hey ALEXKOND, Thanks for the feedback and bug reports. **1st Bug** I'm speaking with the particle artist about this to see why the inconsistency is occurring and how we can get this resolved. **2nd Bug** I've dug into this one, but have been unsuccessful in reproducing it. **Suggestion** I'd be happy to pass this along and see if this is something we'd like change for this skin. **1st Question** This skin was influenced by that piece, a well as several other Sweetheart/Heartseeeker Sona fan pieces. **2nd and totally unrelated question:** Nothing in the works for Pentakill at the moment.
Thanks for answering! I'm glad you guys are working on Stacatto and also that you were able to repro the bug and have a log of it! Too bad there are no metal sounds for Pentakill in the works but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also, would let you know guys if I found another bug.
: Jhin (Bot)- Refusing to leave base Summoners Rift.
"I will just snipe them from here" {{summoner:31}} Probably what other said already, he can't do anything since his AI is not there yet.
: Regarding the Custom Game Mode's 2-Player Requirement
I like to imagine the PBE server like a really tiny old computer, running XP and located in someone's house (pretty sure this is not the case though). And while a bit annoying everytime that a new champion pops up (thus making a lot of players connecting at the same time) it's still playable so I just wait until next patch where it normally goes to the regular amount of players.
: All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your main account!
Dang, my live account used to be on na but moved elsewhere. Oh well, happy testing for the people that can link the accounts!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Sona!
Guys, I love all of you for this skin! As I say "There are never enough Sona skins" :) That said, I think I found a couple of bugs, a little suggestion and also wanted to ask a few things: ___ **1st Bug:** Stacatto has no custom heart particles like Diminuendo and Tempo. Right now when you use her passive on her W and E little hearts will appear along her base "wave" effect on the target. This does not happen for Stacatto though, only her "wave" base effect is triggered. *(Is hard to see the hearts on Tempo but they are there, I just suck at timing screenshots)* **2nd Bug:** While I can't confirm it yet, my team said that they were able to hear my recall sounds regardless of distance (I was in top lane and bot and mid lane said they were able to hear it). I asked the enemy team if they were able to hear it as well but got ignored so I can't tell. ___ Suggestion: I really like her new yellow particle for her auto attack, it's lovely. Right now her empowered auto (Q aura) has the same exact yellow particle. While this is not the end of the world, I think it would look better for it to be blue to go along with the blue hearts on Himn of Valor (besides I think it would be more clear: Yellow for normal attacks, blue for empowered ones). That said, I absolutely love this skin (insta buy for me), I can't wait for her splash art! ___ **1st Question:** Was this skin somehow influenced by this fanart?: [I'm just curious since this art got featured on las forum]( (can't tell if it was also featured elsewhere). **2nd and totally unrelated question:** How are those metal sounds for Pentakill doing? {{summoner:31}}
: Hi Zielmann - I can help answer those questions, but I guess the heart of it is that if you have a PBE account associated with your LIVE account, it'll give us an option to provide benefits to both accounts, if the opportunity presents itself. To your questions: * The linked account is a complete different login * The credentials will be chosen by you during the approval process, so it's up to you to determine the new PBE account login * It does not automatically have the same summoner name as your LIVE * Yes, you'll have to use something different if the current PBE and LIVE are already the same Remember that this is completely optional; however, you're essentially opting out of any future PBE/LIVE interactions. Hope that answers your questions.
~~Hey chesties, I don't want to be a burden but I have a few questions.~~ ~~1) It says I need to have the same e-mail than my live account, but I already have it for both. Do I have to change my mail twice (first another email and second my email again)? ~~ ~~I also happen to forget to do the account protection part on my PBE account (I did it for my live one though and just did it now for my PBE one). Is this related in any form to linking the accounts?~~ ~~2) The email includes NA, EUW and EUNE but my live account is in LAS. Would this make it impossible for me to participate in this?~~ Nevermind I read elsewhere that I won't be able to do this since I'm from las. So I will just ask: Are there any plans to expand the link system between PBE and other regions? To be honest I think there won't be but just asking won't hurt a bit. Thanks for your time!
: {{champion:103}}
Inb4 Ahri ban rate skyrockets to 100% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Sona's picking sound
Would be cool but is even the player that choosed her a summoner? They kind of dissapeared with new lore so I wouldn't be surprised if they change her phrase later (though I must admit, I pretty much love her quote and kind of want to stay like that forever). Not sure how much difficult can be to have 2 champions select quotes (her old one and the musical notes for the rest of the players).
: Vote-kick for "Not picking the role assigned" ??
Can be abused into vote-kick for "I don't like the champion you picked"
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
My client froze when I was playing around with the roles selection screen. **What's currently on the screen:** **Describe what was happening right before the client froze -- what did you click?** I was fooling around with the selection for primary and secondary role. I clicked fill for primary, then supp for secondary and then clicked again to change my primary role. The moment I clicked the client froze. **Were you able to reconnect and play the game, or did it end in a queue dodge?** Wasn't able to reach that far. I will send the dxdiag file if it helps somehow. Just wanted to share since this bug happened outside the champion selection part.
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: I honestly hope they keep this. 'Hey, where is my gromp' 'Just borrowing it to clear bot.'
Haha, I also thought it was cool (just like dota where you pull jungle camps to lane and make minions fight them for you) but is obviously not intended (both minions and towers don't even target the jungle camps).
: I'll be trying to pin this one down - normally, this behavior can happen on live - but the leash rules override it. With the new rules - I'll have to add in a targetting filter. This crops up a lot on TT actually already - so let me do some kind of first order pass to reduce the frequency of this.
If it helps, I was able to take a few screens, didn't knew you answered before making a new post {{summoner:31}}
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: [PBE - 5.19] Adjustment to Leashing Rules
If someone could test (would love to, but the current 3 players per game limit makes it impossible for me): Yesterday I think I had a bug where I was able to bring red jungle Razorbeak to the first red mid lane turret, they lost interest in me and they actually started fighting the minions there, until they killed a few and the "patience" meter eventually reached 0 and they went back to the camp. I was with Kindred, no idea if another champ can do the same or even if somebody would be able to trigger this. I will try again, but I will wait until the traffic on PBE returns to normal (so I can start a custom by myself). If someone wants to go ahead and try to reproduce this, you are welcome.
: League of Legends NEW DESIGN
It's a cool concept, not a fan of having videos instead of still images for the champions though (both in champ select and loading screen). Not all champions have a moving splashart and would look weird to have some moving while others are still (also, my toaster pc would explode). Riot could grab some ideas from here once they decide to launch a new client, the one we have now (that uses AIR) is really outdated and bugged!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Zed
Just leaving a bug, his emotes are bugged when you recall to base
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: Cizma is right! Unfortunately this feature will not work in Custom Games. If we were to add this permanently, we will make sure it works in Custom Games, but for the time being it will not. Sorry about that. :) When I am at my actual computer I'll edit the OP to include that info!
I see, no problem, just wanted to inform that (also, old sr music was kind of nostalgic :P)
: You are now able to toggle between Bilgewater music and Updated SRU music!
I'm not sure why but I have the old SR song instead of the Bilgewater one. Happened on a custom game twice by now.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: New Chroma Packs make a splash!
I just love the Nami chroma pack, especially sunbeam! Vayne also looks really good, so far I think those two are the best chromas released until now. I would love to see some chromas for Sona (I think either base or Guquin are good for that) or for Elise, since a color swap on her spider form can represent different species of spiders
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: New Chroma Packs are Here!
I wanted Power Rangers Zed chroma but I will have to wait a bit more {{summoner:31}} IMO Bard wins this time, the meeps being coloured as well is a big plus for me. Regarding future chroma packs, I would instantly buy one for the maven! I think her base or guqin skin can be good candidates for a recolor.
: RP Granted
Awesome, at first I though it was a bug but now I'm happy to be able to buy all those chroma packs I wasn't able to. I only had 1 rp left and was saving it if you guys ever release a Sona chorma pack, but now I can start buying them again {{summoner:31}}
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