: Hey! Really really appreciate the time you put into this. I outlined our strategy a bit in another comment, but basically what it comes down to is from the players we brought in for testing (who had never played league), this was about the limit of stuff we could teach in these tutorials before they became pretty overhwelmed. It's crazy how different the experience is for a first time player. One of the things we learned a while back is that within about 5 - 7 games, players will almost totally forget the things they struggled most with as a level 1 player.
Thanks for the response! I obviously was just working off my personal impression and I'm sure you guys have loads of data that knows better than me on the "what to include" stuff. The main issue I had that wasn't "stuff you should include" which I touched on in the original post was that the bots need some tuning. The bots in game 3 were basically demonstrating reportable behavior had they been real humans and could lead players to fundamentally not understand the game. They were running past me as I was fighting them, randomly leaving lanes open, tower diving with 20% health, stealing CS, and recalling like 2 yordles away. Not like they should be good of course, but they should probably at least play within the generally accepted parameters of the game. As someone who played primarily shooters like Call of Duty before coming to LoL, I don't know that I would have understood the weight of dying in League over other games if I'd faced those bots that basically feed.
: New Tutorials are live on PBE!
Ok I just played through them all. First of all, WAY better than they were before — by like a mile. However, I did notice a few issues: **I think the first tutorial is actually by far the best.** It is mostly intuitive and throws you into it. The first fight feels epic even if you are always going to win. However, there are a few minor improvements that could be made: 1) When you kill the sion bot it might feel unintuitive what to do next. A big "walk forward and kill the turret" message would be helfpul. 2) When you select one of the 4 champions it might be helpful to include a small 1-3 word descriptor to them so you can pick the kind of caracter you like to play in other games. Even just "The assassin" "The mage" "The tank" etc. it would be nice so the first experience is one you feel like you have a little control over and aren't guessing. **The second tutorial is the most jam-packed and informational.** I like the progression into playing a full-ish game. A few things I'd change: 1) This is the biggest issue right now in my opinion. The bots are dumb (this same issue applies to tutorial 3 maybe even moreso). Not just like normal dumb which I know they are supposed to be, but like dumb to the point that it would make me question how the game works. Multiple times they would basically int into turrets, try to recall right in front of me, and even run past my team and down lane towards nothing. It would be very confusing expecting a fight and then having the character just run past me. 2) I'd like the lanes to be at least somewhat of an introduction to the conventional way to play the game. It may be confusing to put an annie/yi bot lane against someone only to find out that basically never happens. Just seems easy enough to change that I think "why not?" 3) You can buy items in this mode before you are taught how to. And you almost need to because your enemies buy them. **The third tutorial feels... confused.** It seems a little light on content and I think more can be fit into it without seeming overwhelming. With the current state of it, it feels too long too. Like once you buy items there's still like 10 minutes left where not that much really happens: 1) As I was saying, I think this tutorial could benefit from the addition of a brief overview of runes, maybe summoner spells and ultimates as well. I don't think items are such a bold and confusing revelation that they need their own tutorial entirely. 2) The first mission is to get 12 CS but the bots just blindly attack the minions... as an experienced player I had several CS stolen from me so it took a full 3 waves. I can see this being a major pain point for new players. 3) The semi-locked camera is confusing and doesn't work that well. Maybe just at some point saying "you can lock and unlock the camera by pressing Y, try it!" and then letting players choose what works for them would be more intuitive? 4) There is a typo in the item select screen. One of the headers says "Choose items that work well for your." I assume there was supposed to be a word after that. **The ending of the tutorials... is nonexistent.** Like you just win the game and then get spit out onto the last tutorial screen. It feels anticlimactic and jarring. I don't know if this is what it's like for an actual new player, but I even got confused how to get out of the tutorial screen. You have to click the tiny X like if you want to leave a lobby, and the top left icon does nothing which is what I would have expected as a new player. Hopefully all that made sense and is at least a little helpful.


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