: cant launch a game
Same, here is a link to a zip folder with my crash dump (file is too big to share): [Link.](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EUd8UcYXkn4GVSJ55iV2hpaSFiDyK3l9) For a workaround, if you have a second monitor, click on it, then hit Windows + Tab. Move the League Client to the top and put it on a second desktop so it goes away. Now you can handle everything else and close it with the task manager.
: [Yuumi] - Infinite shied stacking
I think it is jungle monsters in general, I saw one do it with wolves. I was in the same team, but they didn't tell me how it works. You need to be a high level I think?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Downvotes are very harsh on this one, but I still think you made a great skin. Looking forward to trying it, Katey!
: I don't know why people are downvoting this. It's a real problem.
It's still posting names, which moderators really don't like. The problem exists, but it won't help to post here. Just report them with an accurate description.
: System error
Same error. Dump for the developers: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OfPWaE_xsCzTIMkxodL3BZK_j-ldLBGW https://drive.google.com/open?id=1trFkOHZefEN2PTyfrL6CKDJBphnV00s2
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSG Skins
Hey Katey, I see you are active in this thread right now {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Hope you had a nice vacation. Now for feedback, I only played Rakan (because why would you play any other champion when you can play Rakan?). The skin is really well done, the VFX are on point. I like the Q, because it looks way more swift and exciting compared to base, where it looks kinda boring. Also, the "smack" sound on his ranged auto-attack animation is really cool. One of the few things that could be improved is Rakan in the duo recall, as I already mentioned in another [post](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/qZUMFWlF-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-ssg-skins?comment=0004000000000000). Intro and Outro are just fine, but for the middle part: They just won worlds, but he is just standing there, and I don't think this is how Rakan, the CHARMER, would behave. He simply can't stand still, and he would definitely want all eyes on him, now that they are on stage. I understand you can not put in extreme poses or make a completely new recall, but it still would be nice to see some more action from his side, maybe a grin (like in his taunt, with his white teeth flashing) or something else that says "Hey, we won! LOOK at me! I want to be admired!" {{champion:497}} All in all, this is a skin really well done, congratulations to all of the team!
: Hi! Love your guys' work with the SSG skins. Rakan looks really good, VFX, SFX, model, and all. Thank you for making my handsome bird man even more handsome. <3 With all of the above considered, I feel like a part of the awkwardness in Xayah and Rakan's recall is that Rakan, who's normally a REALLY active and expressive character, is kinda... standing there doing nothing? during the middle part of their recall while Xayah is looking around and waving. If this moment is supposed to be Xayah and Rakan standing on a stage receiving their prize in front of an audience, it'd make more sense personality-wise for Rakan to be calling the attention to himself 'cause that's just how he be as a person. I don't know if there's time to change it or if the recall is already set in stone, but perhaps with a small-ish (?) change, like if he flourished his cape a bit or looked around as well and cracked a killer smile for the camera, it'd feel nicer. (It would be understandable if there isn't. The recall looks fine on a shorter timer, which will usually be the case - it just feels weird when it's fully played out.)
Logged in just to comment on this. Rakan looks absolutely gorgeous, but in the duo recall he is just standing there. Even if they can't bring in extreme poses, a little more movement and self-admiration would be really cool. He is the charmer, after all. My suggestion would be something like his taunt, where he grins and leans backward (before flipping and laying down, but that can not and should not be included in the recall).
: hey igreat work you did. But that you already can get items in second mode while it gets "introduced" 3rd mode i kinda feel strange. Also was it just my imagination or could you hear normal comentary on multi kills in second mode but not in third? What i think is missing is a more direct introduction to your base stat window as well as to more specific abilitys like passive and Ult. Especialy passive kidna important as you can not feel it at first by pressing a button most times. And starting with mf to play i believe her passive is kinda important to know why she sometimes hit hard and why sometimes not. Also an Introduction to Summoner Spells and Runes. Both you select even before the game (even if at the start runes are static) and i think it would be nice to see the effects in a way how it was possible to switch champions in tutorial 1. Seeing Summonerspells and at least keystones could be realy helpful.
Damn, I wrote a wall of text but I know I forgot something. Yeah, an introduction to ult and passive would be important.
: New Tutorials are live on PBE!
I played all of the new tutorials once, here are my first impressions: **_New Style_** I really liked the new tutorial style, the game does not freeze and lecture you anymore. It's more like hints popping up on the quest panel. I'd suggest to rename it though, because "secondary quests" does not really describe what you are putting there. Also, it's SR which is what makes up around 90% of the games. Limiting it to mid only in the first game basically gives you the howling abyss which makes it easier to explain the progression to the nexus. I especially like that you replaced the hint "your minions are low". It was stupid to get that message every time there were 2 minions on the turret left. EVERY TIME! Now it triggers on a tower hit. Not "Care, this might happen", but "Yeah, that happened, dont do that." Learning by doing. And it has a cooldown. Thank fucking god. It doesn't trigger everytime you get a hit, but rather with every new action / dive. Switching champions in game is awesome - any chance we'll see that for practice tool? **_Bots_** The bots recall right behind a tower and generally behave weird: If that nasus I had in the 3rd game was a player, I'd say he was running it down mid. Went straight past my team while I shot him. Also, they don't really respect turrets, I had 3 or 4 executes in one game. They do not need to be good or behave like a real player, but they should be able to handle the basic rules of the game. I think it would be better if they were more careful, and when they actually finish a recall (after the player hurt them), inform the player. "Your enemy was hurt, he had to retreat. Use that opportunity to push and damage the tower") The bots I played as, with and against (I think its a pool you chose from to randomly put together a team?) are beginner-friendly. No complex champions, no assassins. Enemies standing in the fountain and joining later (or not at all) is a good way to make it easier without the player noticing (unless he can count lol). If you want to go the full route, make the afk-bot invisible - or have it not load in at all. **_Progression_** The tutorials do a good job of getting you from "click to move" to "lasthit and spend gold to get stronger" (without explaining how to lasthit - that is something you have to figure out by yourself!). Did you turn up global gold for the second game? The shop is there, but it does not tell you about it until the third game. This would be a cool discovery if you found it in the second game by yourself, but what I didn't like about the second game is that it just added 3 items to my inventory. I did not buy them, I did not do _anything_. At least add a hint: "look, there is an inventory, you can buy 6 items, here, have 3". Also, I found that my team gets progressively weaker over the course of the three games. That is a good idea in itself, but they should start out a little weaker. They basically finished the game without me. I think you stopped them from hitting the nexus, which should force YOU to destroy it, but they just ran on the enemy, blew all ults and aced them. You also added some base stats / base damage to the player, which is fine, but then the game should revolve around YOU more, not your team killing the enemy champions. I also understand it must be possible for new players to finish this game and balancing this will be very hard, but right now I think your team starts out too strong. What it does not tell you about: * Vision and Warding: What is the fog of war, why is it important to ward, what is the difference between normal wards and pinks ("control wards"). * Summoner Spells: You just get Ghost/Heal and it shows you how to use them, but there is not even mentioned there are more spells. * Basic Tactics / Meta: I know this is a very advanced topic and bots are not able to jungle, but at least explain it is usually 2 Top, 1 Mid, 2 Bot. (And make the bots act accordingly - not like the Taric that decided "fuck mid, lets go bot so we can 3 man the tower"). Also, explain the roles. Not your subclass system that most of the actual players don't even get (where is the difference between a bruiser and a diver?), but just tank, mage, ADC. * Stats and Scalings: Also an advanced topic, but how do I know what items to buy, except from them being recommended to me? Why can I build AD OR HP so my spells get stronger, and why does AP help on one champ but does not do anything on Garen? I know most of these are not easy to understand and should not be in the first 3 games you ever play, but right now they are _not covered at all_. I think a champ select tutorial would help. There you can show * Positions * Different Champs / Different Classes (like you did with Ryze, Ashe and Garen, although Ryze should probably be changed for Annie or something) * Runes and Summoner Spells **_Bugs_** I have had bots not knowing which lane to take - 3 went mid while one came bot with me. Then one of them recalled and we played 1-2-2. Which is basically fine, but it should be that bots match up so you have equal lanes on either side and it would be great if you made it 2-1-2 only. I don't think it is good to learn wrong lane assignments. There are red circles around enemy champions, indicating that they pose a threat to you. Strangely, they were not present for all champions, is that a bug? Also, I had some text cropping issues (see [screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/yRTlC6R) .) although that might be related to the german localization only. Finally, it seems like these games wiped my matchhistory - at least I can not access it in the client. On the website it works. (edit: format, fixed link)
: Odd, we haven't encountered that yet, is it happening regularly? Or it just happened once?
Sorry for not replying, I should read my PBE notifications more regularly ;) I think it happened constantly, but now you changed the whole selection system and it works fine.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Profile Background Picker!
Also, regarding that Rakan + Xayah offset sitiuation. I get that they are kind of special, but the general problem these splashes have is that they are not really centered. However, other skins probably have the same problem too! My suggestion is that you define an offset for every skin (like you did with champion portraits) so each skin gets centered properly. That can be 0/0 for splashes which are fine, and it would not only help with Xayah and Rakan, but also with other off-center splashes. If that's too much work for every skin, you could also put more control into the users hands - just a slider for zoom, X and Y would be enough {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Profile Background Picker!
I think there is a small bug right now, when I try to select any skin it doesn't change the background right away, it just adds the skin as shallow overlay. Then when you close the selector, it displays the skin you just selected. Probably a bug with some alpha value animation.
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: Audio Engine Update Thread (Expect a large patch size and possibly some bugs)
Does that include the champ select? I think I heard the normal selection music twice with a little offset, but that may be because I now listen very carefully and it always has been in the theme.
: [Ticket] Extremely negative attitude, intentional feeding, trolling, 3 rage quitters, all in 1 game.
I agree with most of your issues ("pbe reports dont matter" etc, also I suspect toxicity has gone up since it opened up to everyone - although I have to admit I also joined with that wave) but this is not really what the boards are for. Yes, there are bad games. I had one game where my teammates disconnected one by one and I was the only one left playing. But the rules here are the same as live - if not harder. Reporting them is really the only thing you can do, the boards are not for shaming anyone (also I am glad that you followed the "no names" rule).
: Can see new Rakan's abilities through unwarded areas, on his new skin
That also happens when you have vision of the ability cast and then lose vision. For example when spectating LCS around baron and the casters switch the displayed vision. Then you see some abilities with long animation / particles / whatever hitting it because you saw them being cast. (Gragas Q or something). So I don't think that is a Rakan-specific bug but you were just unlucky that it happened here.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
Pretty much the only thing to complain about is the textures. SFX, VFX and especially particles are really cool. For textures: a) His hair. I know there are many ideas to fix it, but the problem seems like it looks too flat. You can't see where it goes over into his face. Some more contrast or adding depth in the textures would be cool. Also, it is a little too bright. b) Feathers or textures as a whole. Same problem, there are some parts that were just put in the color bucket without thinking of textures. You can see that on the back of his feathers, which are simply purple / pink in the middle. I would suggest more outlines, so it looks like there are more. Right now, it seems like he has lost many feathers in regards to his base skin, which has more of them, and they reach up higher. If there could be some texture in the middle to make it more voluminous or add some detail, that would be great. I have not seen the double recall yet. I really hope there is music, and maybe more particles (I didn't see them in the preview?)
: I'm gonna make a little list with the things I don't like about it, which is maybe or not a lot. 1 - The colors. I understand that he and Xayah got different color schemes so they don't look confusing in-game, but I think it is a bit much. The very light purple/blue/lavender colors seem a bit out of the Sweetheart theme and... Just not that good. The top of his cape is pretty much the same color as his hair. Since the pants are already purple, maybe do more on the red/pink and gold side on the top. Those pastel tones don't fit with the overall Sweetheart line. 2 - The textures. They look really... Plain? There isn't much detail, and is specially noticeable on his cape/feathers. Looking at the image they even seem low quality or something. Maybe make it a liiittle bit darker and more defined. Feels like it was done with the Paint bucket. 3 - I know that's more personal, but the overall concept is not very appealing to me, and I saw some people who agree. Rakan doesn't feel very handsome, charming or sexy on this skin, he just feels very cartoonish and feminine, or as some people would say, like a "clown".
Yeah, some more detail in the textures would be nice. The middle part of his feathers is just ... pink. Edit: more specifically, I mean the part where the pink end part merges with the plain white.
: Why is not it called Heartseeker Rakan? Also I'm not a big fan of the big heart on his chest, it looks very out of place, even for a cartoonish skin like this.
She already answered that on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/950783391288377349): > We wanted to keep their named paired, and Sweetheart felt better for them as a couple.
: For a 1350 skin, I believe the b animation when recalling along with Xayah could include maybe a humming of a song, just for the two of them, to give a little romantic touch! Its all about the details! The animation is a bit flat as it is now, but with a little touch like that the story completly filps, in my opinion. Also, while the explanation of why Rakan's palette is light vs Xayah's dark is completely understandable, this wasnt the case with their Cosmic skins. Both Rakan's _and_ Xayah's main/base colors were dark, but the _accent colors_ were what differentiated them from the other. I believe he is based on a dove perhaps? But even so, Rakan's signature flashiness is lost in this skin. Even so, the textures are phenomenal, you can see a big improvement from past year's skins! I'll keep an eye on PBE to hop in a game with him as soon as the manteinance ends, so I might be back if I notice more things! I hope you have a lovely nice day!
I definitely support the song for the recall. Everything else, we'll see when it goes live.
: Wanna test some stuff when the maintenance finishes? I really want to take it deeper.
Sorry, I am going to sleep now. Really late where I live.
: No, there were no Jhin players/bots in the game, it was just our Annie and Annie bot who had extra bar stuff. Couldn't remember about our Annie btw.
Damn, I thought I was smart and had it all figured out... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I just thought it happened because the jhin, but thats just correlation not causation :D There are just many Project Jhins, so it appeared it caused the bug, It still affects only some players, because I know of a Xayah, her feathers looked normal to her, but offset to me.
: Good thing i saw that post. Same stuff also applies to Annie passive indicator: https://i.imgur.com/qoZu37d.png I think this is about new health bars, not just Jhin.
Was there a Jhin in your game? I had the same bug, which a Project Jhin in the game, which caused all ammo bars to be offset. (Xayah and Ryze in my case)
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: [Rakan] Ultimate "charges"
Yeah it has been like that since release, same for his Q. I guess it is coded as 2-instance spell, even though the second part is passive. That's why it has it's own cooldown running down while you can't do anything, this is used to indicate the duration of both Q and ult. So it seems intended and it works just as you would expect when ult is on CD. However, it seems weird if you ping it that it doesn't state "ready" instead of "2 charges"
: Zoe's W upgrade
Yeah, was just about to post this. I think I also have seen it with active items, but I don't have a screenshot.
: Lack of a cooldown is the most fun part of the ability. If it really needs a nerf (doing well on the PBE with a snowball mastery doesn't mean much because game quality is trash-tier) then just nerf either the base damage or how well it scales.
Don't think so. Part of its strength is infinitely stacking, so why would you nerf the scaling? The base damage is not really high, so I guess it would be the best to make it have a cooldown.
: > [{quoted}](name=LordRedStone Nr2,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=zqqAH30X,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-28T13:42:21.250+0000) > > Part of this problem is that it has a fairly high CD compared to other runes, there are even keystones with lower CD. > An indicator of any kind would probably help a lot, but I think we need a lower cooldown or a way to reduce it (5 seconds per unique spell hit?) I disagree. That'd be far too strong on certain champs (Ryze). I like it the way it is. I just need some indication of when my full combo will be available or even just for timing my high-mana spells (don't want my Morg W on CD when Manaflow comes back, lest I risk end up wasting it on E or Q).
Yeah Ryze and other low-CD champs would probably break it. I only used it on Nami for her W, but one free W every MINUTE is still not good enough.
: Could Manaflow Band have a visual timer?
Part of this problem is that it has a fairly high CD compared to other runes, there are even keystones with lower CD. An indicator of any kind would probably help a lot, but I think we need a lower cooldown or a way to reduce it (5 seconds per unique spell hit?)
: Mana regen after removal of Meditation
Agreed. There should be lower CD on Manaflow Band or at least a way to lower it, like with spell hits lowering the CD 5 seconds.
: The walking animation needs to be changed Full stop. Kills the theme of the skins, especially when Homeguard activates SFX between the 2 should be more differentiated
I doubt they change the walking animation as a whole, from what I have seen as a reply to feedback. However, we could still get at least a new homeguard, similar to W.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lancer Rogue & Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank!
Hey, I am not really an artist, so most of my feedback will be gameplay-related. There are a few things about Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank that seem a little off to me, especially when compared to his base skin. At first, his ult. The passive part feels underwhelming, maybe pump up the SFX on it, add some particles. or make them visible a little longer. The active, on the other hand has too much visual noise, when compared to his base. Also, it feels bigger? (Not sure about that, didn't play blitz for some time) Walking. Many people have complained about his walking animation, and I can see both sides. It looks stupid that he "walks" in his characteristic, hip-swinging way while missing both of his legs, but I understand that it is one of the things used to distinguish the champions. If it is possible in any way, it would really be great if we could get a new walking animation. If it turns out you just can't do that, please consider changing at least his homeguard to his W animation or something similar (without the flames or something). The bright glow on his right shoulder looks similar to the indicator of {{item:3302}} stacks (which you should be buying, unless coin is OP again xD). What's worse is that these little bubbles float around you, and get lost under his right arm too. You simply can't see it when it is in one unlucky position facing the player. For clarity, these effects should always be in front of the champion. Sometimes, his W and E effects seem to overlap some VFX. When using W, there is sometimes an electric field around his hand (or whatever you turned that hand into xD). This happens when it's spinning, from what I noticed towards the end of W and only when moving. This looks just like his E indicator and should be removed from W, considering his W is already well-telegraphed with his whole model tilting and the engine animations. Overall, this skin (LPB) looked very good to me, there are just some clarity issues, mostly in interaction with the Relic Shield line. I have not played the other skin (yet).
: Greetings! This shouldn't include BE; 20k was a one time thing but it could be that they forgot to turn it off. Enjoy while you've got it :>
It's gone now, I am back to 5 BE. Guess I should not have posted that on an official thread xD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: 10/23 - Monday - PBE Status and FAQ
> [{quoted}](name=Riot skiteacher2,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=evfEmpOW,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-23T15:49:17.553+0000) > * You will refresh to 8000RP every day at 11:30am PDT (https://time.is/es/PT to find current PDT time). Does that also include BE? I just logged in and got 20k BE again, it seems like this one is missing in your list.
: 10/23 - Monday - PBE Status and FAQ
[GER] ---------------------------------- Bitte lesen, bevor ihr kommentiert ---------------------------------- **PBE STATUS UPDATE** [Hier](https://time.is/de/PT) kannst du nachsehen, wie spät es bei Riot ist. (9 Stunden früher) ** Heutige Bekannte Fehler ** * Meisterschaften können manchmal nicht gespeichert werden. Wir wissen von diesem Fehler, und er wird wahrscheinlich bis morgen nicht behoben werden, wenn die neuen Runen wieder freigeschaltet werden. * Es gibt viele doppelte Bug-Threads in den Foren. Dies macht es sehr schwer, neue Fehler zu finden. Wenn ihr etwas findet, sucht zuerst nach Threads über diesen Bug und kommentiert dort. So werden neue Fehler schneller erkannt. * Viele Spieler werden in den Foren gemeldet. Das ist **kein** geduldetes Verhalten, und solche Threads werden gelöscht. Bitte benutzt den [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/de/requests/new), um andere Spieler zu melden. Außerdem gibt es [hier](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/c/hilfe-support-de/NAoZxZxA-allgemeine-regeln) allgemeine Regeln für das Verhalten im Forum von unseren Freunden auf EUW. ** PBE-Informationen ** * Die neuen Runen werden am Dienstag, den 24. Oktober 2017, eine triumphale Rückkehr feiern. * Patchen kann unter Umständen sehr lange dauern. Das Problem liegt bei uns, und wir müssen erst Tech schreiben und einsetzen, die das Patchen beschleunigt. Es wird eine Weile dauern, bis dieses Problem gelöst wurde. * Aufgrund der Distanz zum Server können Spieler außerhalb von NA hohen Ping haben. Es gibt keine Pläne, einen PBE-Server außerhalb von NA zu öffnen. * Wenn ihr Lag melden wollt, bitte gebt auch den Ort an, von wo ihr spielt. * Stürzt das Spiel während dem Ladebildschirm ab? Hier geht es zur [Fehlerbehebung bei Verbindungsproblemen](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/de/articles/201752664-Fehlerbehebung-bei-Verbindungsproblemen). * Du erhältst jeden Tag um 11:30 PDT 8000 RP. (In Deutschland sollte es 20:30 sein) * "Warum kann ich den Skin XY nicht kaufen?" Wir wollen den Fokus auf die neuen Inhalte legen, die den Großteil der Tests beanspruchen. Manche Skins und Inhalte werden aus diesem Grund fehlen. * Es gibt keine Pläne, das PBE in naher Zukunft wieder auf unendlich RP umzustellen. ** Hast du einen Bug gefunden? ** * Super! Bitte folge [diesen Anweisungen](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/de/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe), um ihn zu melden. Riot Banfhammer macht heute eine Pause, Riot skiteacher2 wird sein bestes tun, um ihn zu ersetzen. ** Zusatzinformationen zu neuen Runen: ** Für mehr Informationen zu den neuen Runen, schaut euch diesen Thread an: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/aKjTkBmH-runes-reforged-and-rune-page-limits-testing. > On 10/19, we’ll be turning off Preseason changes again to ship 7.21. > ~10/24 - This will be the final cycle of Preseason change will on PBE. Rune pages will no longer be restricted and your editable pages will reflect the amount of pages you own. Some time during this cycle we’ll add 15 seconds to the finalization phase (this is after champion selection and when the client says “choose your loadout”) on every queue. > > Am 19.10 werden die Vorsaison-Änderungen zurückgenommen, um Patch 7.21 zu übertragen. > Am 24.10 wird der letzte PBE-Durchlauf vor der Vorsaison beginnen. Runenseiten werden nicht mehr begrenzt, sondern tatsächlich die Anzahl der Seiten wiederspiegeln, die dir gehören. In diesem Patchzyklus werden wir auch 15 Sekunden zu der letzten Auswahlphase (nachdem alle Champions eingeloggt sind) in jeder Warteschlange hinzufügen. _This is not a direct translation, but I tried to include your message in well-written sentences. I also linked the german version, whenever possible. I think the language problem with us Germans is not as strong as with others (BR), but there surely are people who'd rather read the translated version of this post._
: Spellthief's Edge Doesn't Feel Like a Fair Item
Spellthiefs has just a different focus and rewards for poking. (The damage on hit even procs Aery). However the gold generation from Coin is still too strong, I'd suggest nerfing the G/sec and maybe buffing the gold per coin pickup
: Can Daily RIOTER Updates Be Pushed Out to PBE Client
Yeah that would also help with testing focus. Like do they still need Runes Feedback, or did they move on to Base Stars? "We recently changed the way XY works - go check it out"
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